CLYDE, OHIO – Richie Webber, the infamous star of A&E’s Narcoland has been exposed. Richie, who went from “recovery to riches” has been linked to numerous recent purchases of drugs off of the dark web and close individuals have witnessed him snorting adderall and xanax as recently as December 15th, 2019.  It was also discovered that Webber recently had a prescription of Adderall in his name from a doctor in Ohio and re-filled again in Florida.

Webber has also taken advantage of individuals seeking treatment or actively engaged in recovery.  He’s done this with both men and women and in various facets.  There have been women whom he has taken advantage of sexually, some of which were in his own program and or seeking placement or assistance through him.  Webber has also perfected the art of maximizing profits off of exposing fellow drug addicts in perilous situations by promoting them and essentially degrading them for max profits.  He’s also a notorious body broker, one who has a girlfriend with the same agenda… Money, money & more money!

Webber’s girlfriend, Chanda Lynn, has a precarious past and present, one that sheds light on his existing front and the true nature of the beast.  Chanda Lynn abandoned her own children to be in a relationship with Richie Webber and whenever she does have her children, she drugs them.  Specifically, Chanda Lynn over-medicates her children in order to get them to sleep.  She does this by giving them doses of tylenol and melatonin nightly.  The father of her children, Johnny Tredo, has been extremely vocal about her “drugging” their children to the point that he has threatened to take her to court if she persists.

Outraged father over Chanda Lynn drugging their children.

There has also been unusual and erratic behavior presented by Chanda.  A few months ago she took to Facebook and made a video insinuating her brother died from an overdose. This wasn’t even remotely true & why it was even said in the first place is still entirely unknown.  Her brother immediately commented on it and informed individuals that he was fully alive and playing with her children. She then proceeded to block her brother, who is very much alive.

Both Richie Webber and Chanda Lynn are also involved or were previously involved in heavy body brokering.  This is when individuals profit off of placements for rehab’s as opposed to serving the best interest of the individual.  Webber has notoriously done this and even was called out by numerous advocates in the recovery system for his improper and what many deem as unlawful behavior.    Both currently work for Wavelengths of California.

“He gave me gonorrhea and took advantage of me.”

Webber also lied about having a kid in his latest video with Chanda.  In all reality he has a child with a girl in addiction.  Webber has also been known to spread STD’s with at least one woman recently coming forward stating “he gave me gonorrhea and took advantage of me during my worst point in my recovery”.

In truth, Richie Webber will only help someone if they don’t have the money or insurance and if their demise can generate a viral post. He will then help them as long as he makes alive video, in an effort to make them famous and then utilizes their fame to market. For example: Cody Bishop. Webber also recently lied about having a kid in his latest video with Chanda, but he in fact had a kid with a girl in addiction. Chanda Lynn is also another broker, one who abandoned her kids to be with him and drugs them whenever she gets them. Both work for Wavelengths of California.

Cody Bishop was used by Richie Webber for extreme profits.

Webber also worked for Surest Path Fremont while filtering private policies to Life Changes, formerly known as Reliance in Florida who was shut down. He then took a job for Indiana Center for Recovery where he worked as a Facebook famous advocate. He held this position until he landed his job in Calfironia after meeting an owner on the set of Narcoland.

COBRA Says:  Every dog has his day, look like Richie Webber’s has turned into fruition, #scum!

The Bottom Line

Richie Webber is a fake and Chanda Lynn is just as bad as he is.  Together the two are turning profits at the expense of others downfalls and despair.  As more information comes forward, this article will continue to be updated (or potential follow ups will ensue).  Any individual that has additional information that they would like to add or see featured in their own stand-a-lone article are urged to utilize the methods located below at their disposal.



  1. So good to highlight this, let’s also not forget where Chanda was also an employee prior. As they’re teaming up to double heads in the bead and leaving behind chaos and STD’s they’ve left innocent children, kate in and out of at least 3 questionable facilities for likes and shares. Clearly they’re not equipped to evaluate appropriate levels of care for even themselves let alone others. Neither can see beyond themselves to realize what a huge joke they’ve become to the whole industry, any program that would endorse these two I would definitely not recommend.

  2. When They Post Weekly Videos And CAN Afford To GIVE Away X-BOXES, Nintendo Switches, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Personalized Water-bottles and other expensive items ONLY if you “Like” “Share” “Follow” and “Comment” on BOTH their pages, so they can gather MORE unsuspecting victims with INSURANCE to broker. They don’t place the uninsured themselves, instead they will simply make online posts stating “seeking free rehab in Arizona, etc”… You will NEVER see a post that says,” I have a client with Aetna Health Insurance who needs Detox and Residential “ ( Nope, that’s where they make their profit to provide all their followers with fancy FREE blood money gifts)
    Nobody Gets RICH in this industry unless you own the business or you are doing illegal activity. I challenge anyone to call either of them stating they have Medicaid and see if they really put you into treatment themselves! They won’t because they don’t work for FREE! Try telling them you have private insurance and they will convince you California is the best place for you to find your new way of life!

    • Not true, 100%. Have you ever looked at a healthcare bill? Nobody is holier than thought, kind sir.

    • Those pages from Chanda and Richie that involved giving away money or gifts is not them and she says it every video that she starts off with. Those are just fake pages created by crazy people and I’m not even sure you could try to get any of this to go to the Head of people that she’s helped just with the influence from her poetry and songs. I was never really interested in Richie as an influencer but her on the other hand she actually really influenced me to get clean just from one of her poems and you always hear about her talking with or to her mom that she’s always there to help people with her. Honestly you can’t believe everything the internet reads I can’t believe that the ex-husband or boyfriend baby daddy whatever can openly say that she drugs the kids without any proof or hard evidence, I’m going to have to see more than a comment to believe that honestly this just proves that you can’t believe everything the internet says

  3. I showed Ritchie some screenshots of a kid who said he was suicidal on his American Addict page. I didn’t know the kid, he had just commented on a comment I made. Ritchie told me to have the kid contact him. Uh, I told Ritchie that I didn’t know the kid and couldn’t get him or his family to respond to me. Ritchie just stopped responding to the conversation and didn’t care about this kid at all. He’s a fraud. And a terrible actor.

    • Clearly Ritchie and Chanda knew exactly what this was about because now I’m banned from commenting on either page. I have no idea who this kid was or if he is dead or alive, and it wasn’t my blog page he followed. But, Ritchie gets “thousands of comments” and is way too busy and too much of a big deal to be concerned.
      I have the screenshots and I have absolutely no gains to be made here. I don’t work in the recovery field never have never will.

  4. I’m curious, is there any evidence to back up these allegations? All I’m seeing are some claims and a screencap of a Facebook post. I’m not seeing any evidence that supports the allegations.

    • Thank you. That’s all I’m seeing too. Ppl just mad and making accusations. Ppl don’t like ppl that are making it. Uplifting themselves.

    • In Florida, it’s public record to find out who has gotten retainer fees for finding insurance companies ‘meat for the rig’. Ohio has preventative medicine laws to keep records private but Florida does not. I imagine if someone wanted to know the truth, they could reacquisition M.A.D, journey pure, and beach side for their records using their names. From what I’ve heard is that some of these facilities actually comp the brokers with their own room and private chef so it’s like a casino. Shit, all you need is the addicts insurance claim, social, and written agreement to seek help and you can bank two to ten grand a HUMAN BEING. The insurance companies get forty to two hundred thousand. Yet we still ask how Epstein got away with his bullshit? Florida is without a doubt thee most fucked up profiteering off of human sadness and pain state. A&E is no exception and the entire system needs a rehaul cause this is no different than slavery. These two are minute men for the opiate trade, but it’s not their fault for being weak willed cogs in a corrupt system. Finding people who actually give a fuck is rare like a unicorn with a horn on its ass.

  5. Lol is this for real? If so there should be LOTS of evidence… I would never believe what sounds like hate and jealousy over facts. I need to see something that makes these statements plausible at the very least, OR get a life and DO something that’s helpful.

    • If you do not find this plausible simply based of actions and what’s seen on their pages, you’re guillable at best. I am going to guess your a fan and have no idea how this industry works.

  6. I can assure you all that these allegations are completely false and rise from anger and jealousy by Johnny Tredo and his family. Johnny has been working diligently to destroy Chanda Lynn and Richie Webber ever since Chanda left the impossible situation of her marriage to Johnny. His controlling manner and desire to dominate Chanda Lynn have created a situation that now includes lying to his own children to get them to turn against their own mother. He has attempted to destroy Chanda Lynn’s home life, career and peace of mind, and now is trying to turn her followers against her too. Because Richie Webber has declared his love for Chanda Lynn, he is now an object of hate and lies by Johnny Tredo and his entire family.
    This entire Scumbaggers article is full of allegations, but not one sign of any proof that these things are true. It claims illegal activities that have never happened, and not one name of anyone who can attest to the truth of said allegations. Chanda Lynn and Richie Webber have been open and honest with everyone and Johnny and family are turning these truths into the most vicious lies in their attempt to destroy two people whose whole purpose is to help others in their recovery. When Johnny accuses Chanda Lynn of “drugging their children” he fails to admit that he used Melatonin on his 3 year old daughter many times when she was in the midst of nightly tantrums. He is the one who drove to the drugstore to buy it.
    Johnny is also known to drink and drive with the children in the car. Chanda Lynn would never do this or condone the practice. I know for a fact that Chanda Lynn will only give her children Non GMO, and only organic foods. She is extremely careful to make sure her children only get the healthiest of foods. The only time she ever gives her children “Baby Tylenol” is when they are sick and running a fever, usually after spending time with their father. Perfectly normal and accepted treatment. I have tried to stay out of this fiasco of a breakup, but this article has raised my ire to the point where I will have my say. Enough is enough. Let the divorce happen, get on with your lives and get over yourselves. And Leave those poor babies to their childhood and stop involving them in your petty anger and hate.

    • I’m so glad that you are able to tell the truth about this situation. Its so sad that he’s spreading all these terrible rumors. I know that Chanda and Richie are strong and they do not let these trolls get to them. They are both amazing people who take their recovery seriously and help as many people as they can. There is only so much time in the day and they are getting hundreds of messages a day. They are doing the best they can and I pray that this bullshit stops soon!!

    • I agree with you. No proof, only accusations. Ppl trying to keep ppl down. Jealous and envious. Move on. Get over it. Thank you for saying the truth.

  7. I don’t know about this article. It seems like a bitter angry rant to me🤷‍♀️ I don’t know anyone involved, and I don’t know much about the environment that these folks come from. That being said if you are living a life using you are inevitably going to surround yourself with other people using, and not everyone of them will be in recovery. Sadly the ones that are still using have a tenancy to place blame in the wrong place.

    All this may be true or it may not, hopefully these two are actually helping people and have the best of intentions, however you can’t help everyone and you most definitely can’t please everyone!

    I’m leaning towards the possibility that all this is coming from a group of people that for whatever reason are angry and loud!!

  8. Unfortunately, Chanda and Richie are both awful people who do utilize vulnerable people to make profit and gain “fame”. Chanda drained all money from their joint bank account before running off with Richie (her ex husband was the sole breadwinner) and took her children’s clothes so that Johnny would have to scrape everything he could to try and provide for the children. She forced him to quit his job to help “support” their family and her “dreams” meanwhile she’s been cheating on Johnny with Richie for YEARS and DURING HER LAST PREGNANCY. Her first son, Jack, is not even Johnnys. She got pregnant when she ran off on Johnny (for the first time, she’s done it 4times in total) but when she came back pregnant and using her took her in as he was sober and tried to help her through her hardest days.
    What hurts the most is that her brother, Zack, turned away from her because of her life choices. He was recently married and takes the vow of marriage seriously. When she ran off for the 4th time he didn’t want to be associated with her, so she took to social media to display him as an ACTIVE drug user, and proclaimed his death. He’s been SOBER FOR 2.5 YEARS LIVING IN CANADA, BECOMING A CITIZEN AND STARTING HIS OWN FAMILY. #wedorecover except when you cross Chanda Lynn, and she came get popularity from you.

    With regards to her children, she HATES being a mom. She’s mean, inconsiderate, and just plain unloving. She smoked all through all pregnancies and exposing her children to things that such young minds should not be exposed to. She has to tape reminders around her home to love her children. Three beautiful healthy children that she does not deserve. She leaves them with her mom 9/10 times she has them and has been extremely difficult to Johnny during the separation process. Including dropping them off unannounced and demanding he leave his new job to watch them. Her SOBER brother Zack had his IN-LAWS DRIVE ACROSS RBE BOARDER TO BABYSIT BECAUSE CHANDA JUST DROPPED THEM AND WAS UNWILLING TO HELP. She’s only adding the same cycle her and her siblings went though and it’s very sad. Heartbreaking. We love those kids.

    Lastly, she has genital herpes. Gained from cheating on Johnny. So yes, STDS Are very real in their lives.

    She’s a joke of a woman and


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