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Darren Ambler Exposed: A Sociopath, Liar, Sex Addict & Some STD’s (Cherry Hill, NJ)


Darren Ambler  is  a Sociopath- Abusive to Females- a Liar- Con-Man, Drug Addict turned Sex Addict and an STD  Carrier:   Darren Ambler is dangerous and manipulative.  He stalks his sexual prey in advance.  Darren Ambler controls females through Sex and Threats.  He will have sex anywhere, on the lawn in the closet, on the kitchen table.  He has split personality disorder and serious mental disorders.  Darren Ambler is selfish- over sexed – immoral and has no charterer or social grace.

Darren Ambler has had sex with Prostitutes, Madam’s as well as low class females with “loose morals”.  Darren recaptures his manhood during climax.  He is so desperate for sex   he  carried on an illicit filthy affair with an 65 year old female with incontinence.  Darren is 40 years old- that is sick and vulgar having sex with an old women.  maybe its Darren’s mommy complex surfacing..

Dorky Homely Darren has no conscience or feelings for anyone but his UGLY self.  He is ugly inside and out.  Darren is very unimpressive physically and mentally.  He is bad in bed and you need a large magnifying glass to locate his tiny wee wee.  His body is gross and his breath smells like rotted fish and bad cheese.  He is a Pathological liar also.

Darren Ambler

Due to Darren’s multiple sex partners and failure to use protection, Darren infected me with STD’s.  That jerk. he is quite disrespectful to females and others.  He does his best to hide his “double life” from everyone.  Please ladies DO NOT Date this insecure freak of nature……………He stalks the Internet- he will come on to anyone.   Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ.  He works at Express Scripts in Franklin lakes NJ.  Remember he will seduce old ladies and anyone else.  BEWARE- Call authorities if he solicits you:  Found out one of his nick names is “Granny Banger”!!!

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re in a relationship with this guy hopefully you find this article first.



  1. Darren you are da man. You are a gd genius, you got the pussy phauken lined up just waiting and waiting for you. How the these women think someone stalkin dis man, it’s beyond me but the man gets mo pussy than any amount of money could BUY, Daren you get this shit free to dawg. My turn now, roll on 1. They be takin all of me IN TO, mother phauken u should told me. From now on, I be gettin serviced just like that. Better than you even. Its all good either way do. I ain’t sitting tha watching you no more. My turns now Darren. U is pussy stockd. I’m to now. Thanks for da idea yo. I can’t imagine how the shit you say about yo self has females falling all over each other jus to get all up in them.
    You phauken pissant genius.

    Whas a plan dis eeekend? I no for u pussy pussy pussy. Me to now,make something ugly about me to n make it Bad. The worse it is the more they be suckin his cock.
    Two cocks from now on do.

  2. The previous poster “TREV” Possibly Darren Scum Bucket Ambler HIMSELF! Anyway- Darren is not only a Sick Scum Bag pervert. He is quite Homely or maybe plain UGLY. How he gets anyone is beyond me. However- From what the poster says. The women leave much to be desired! If anyone proud of being a scum bag! Is sicker than this Hidious Low life Darren Ambler.

  3. Agreed! This TREV person is as sick or possibly sicker than Darren Ambler. I guess these Scumbags don’t realize by posting comments like this- they are only exposing themselves as the true Scumbag that they really are to the entire world. Why would anyone be proud of being a Scumbag?? It’s beyond me?? But I am not insane….Obviously anyone whom agrees with what this Darren person stands for has no Morals- Class- Scruples or Common sense…Sad sad commentary…..For every scum bag in the world there are probably 2 or more kind- refined- moral guys. Guys that would be very appealing to a female….Scum turns me off! This Darrin person is obviously sick, deranged and plain stupid………………..Couldn’t have been raised very well by any standard…..Which is not his fault but most sane people would try to better themselves. Obviously, this person doesn’t wish to better himself. Maybe he is too far gone to even care. I do feel for all the women out there that may one day fall victim to this con man. lets hope and pray this JERK gets what he deserves very soon! Just his general appearance (at least from the photo presented here) would turn just about any women off. Unless she is terribly desperate and willing to take whatever she can get. Which is sad also.

  4. Interesting!!!!! I bet if we took bets about whom really posted this sick vulgar depraived post with the screen-name TREV??? I have no doubt many would agree it has to be this Darren Ambler. It’s actually sad because if he did post this filth- it means he is growing sicker and sicker and he is more into himself then ever! Obviously- he has not learned any lesson about respectability- feelings- respectful sex and general manners. I doubt he is capable of those feelings or thoughts. I do feel Darren Ambler is a danger not only to females but others….My GOD who in their right mind male or female would want to have anything to do with this PSYCHO FREAK?? It seems he has made a total fool of himself and yet he still doesn’t seem to learn any lessons….People are not going to tolerate his GARBAGE treatment. I also feel that any women desperate enough to go to bed with this GROSS CREEP deserves whatever she gets. If this Darren was the last man on earth- I sware I would do without..I mean that sincerely! I would give up SEX altogether if it meant having to lower myself and sleep with this insecure degenerate. This guy would be a Challenge for the most skilled PSYCHIATRIST! People like this should go off alone and leave normal people in PEACE..You simply can not be around or INTERACT with people like this…They disrupt your entire life if you permit them to.

  5. Thank Goodness for web sites such as this….The public must be warned about predators like this. I guess I am a bit old fashioned and out of the dark ages but what could a person possibly gain by acting like a no good playboy with a sex fetish?? I don’t get it at all. You generally only have one reputation and I value mine very much and wish to protect it by behaving appropriately all of the time…..Did you ever her the phrase “Good Credit is a Valuable Asset and you must protect it”. I feel the same about ones reputation. Once you tarnish your image you seldom are able to repair the damage. This Daren should think about this the next time he is ready to hop into bed with his next sexual fantasy.
    A few minutes of pleasure is not worth the pain it can ultimately bring in the end. It is a tough world out there and you need to be extra cautious whom you hop into bed with especially in this day and age. Making one wrong choice can cost you your life. It must be sad to know that the only pleasure some people receive in life is through Sex and Sinful sexual actions.
    Thank you for the helpful information/ I also thank those who took the time to post their opinions on this web-site:

  6. I fully understand the reaction especially from females. However- this man is obviously a Sick- Predator obsessed with SEX to a sinful degree. He obviously needs Psychiatric help. Just looking at his photo you can tell he isn’t all there. I feel an Intervention must be initiated. Force this sick man to commit himself to a Mental Hospital for Intensive Treatment. Maybe all he needs is Counseling- Psychiatric Care and Medication. He obviously has a great deal of Apologies to make to those he hurt and used. If he never seeks help ad continues to live in denial and hurting others. Then his immortal soul will be lost forever and the fires of hell will surround him. Sins of sex and lust can be punnishable by eternity in HELL….Lets pray for this poor pitiful soul that he seeks help and forgiveness from the LORD above otherwise his SOUL is lost for eternity. God Bless.

  7. To the Reverend- It is nice you took the time to reply here- But i can tell you this Guy could care less about the Lord. It is obvious he is blinded by Selfishness- Sex and everything Sinful. It is more fun to live a life of sin that to live a respectable life. Maybe this guy is too far gone in the head to realize that. I do agree- one day he will pay. Which he deserves to pay for what he did to others and all his Lies. This Darren apparently has made an absolute fool out of himself. I do hope he does not have children. One day the children always get hurt due to the parents selfish and bad actions. Helpful information. I agree 100% in exposure! However- I doubt this guy cares what others think of him. He seems to mentally disturbed to face reality.

  8. Gross- Disgusting Low-Life!! No wonder this guy has to stalk and entice females into sex- just look at his appearance. Good Looks have certainly escaped him. It seems his mental state is SHOT! It is sad that even a lonely -vulnerable women would cheapen herself and sleep with this piece of crud. This Darren is fooling himself. I would like too see this poor excuse for a man try to get a women decent looking with self-worth- principals and a stable mind. It will NEVER happen. Crud will have to settle for CRUD! That is the way it works. I know his kind. My best friend Katie had a guy that went Psycho on her. He acted much the same as this creep. Ended up with HIV and spent time in Ft. Bragg Psychiatric clinic. He was EXPOSED and many turned against him. He may be dead now. I have no idea. I am grateful Katie wised up.

  9. Exposing Garbage like this can be very theripeutic for the abused person. I know three years ago it helped me get over abuse at the hands of my ex. I am all for EXPOSURE and making it known to the WORLD that Scum is out there and you must watch out and protect yourself. Most of these guys are either Psychopaths or Sociopaths with Extreme Narcissist traits – a dangerous mixture! In addition- most of these men have super-low self esteem and severe personality disorders. Sleeping around and lying might satisfy their sex addiction but does nothing for their self-esteem and shattered ego. In the end, these sick people cause more damage and harm to themselves. They did the act/ or dirty deed and they lied. All the other person did was report the abuse truthfully on a site like this (which is their right). Most of these Narcissists like this Darren feel they should be able to use women- screw- lie- engage in vulgar immoral acts but how dare the abused female expose them. Well pal- the abused female has every right to EXPOSE a sick jerk like yourself. get used to it. Maybe i can better explain it by saying “CONSEQUENCES”!!!!!

  10. I agree- I have little pity on guys like this. First- you did the deed, grow up- act like a man and accept responsibility and consequences. That’s life sweetie pie! Total narcissist, sociopath- control freak. I know for a fact that people like this will turn viciously on anyone who discovers the truth about them (ex- their immorality- infidelities, lies): Plus- once the narcissist is exposed they will literally destroy the one who exposed them. They don’t care who it is. The narcissist/ sociopath will hurt and make life miserable for the one whom exposed their dirty ways. Weather it be their own Mother- Sister- Brother- Friend- Ex wife etc….The narcissist will discredit the messenger, make up lies about them, attempt to turn anyone and everyone against the person just to protect their secret sex life. They have NO remorse- NO Conscience- No Regrets about their actions. One may wonder if they are even human. They show no HUMAN emotion at all. True sign of a narcissist – sex predator- control freak. Stay far far away from these Dangerous Predators!! They NEVER Change.

  11. I know it sounds crazy. But after reading about this guy- I am so turned on! I don’t like nice guys. A nice dirty minded filthy immoral “no holds barred” man is what I want and what I desire! Can we meet! I searched for someone like this for years….I am sick of nice guys that hold the door for you and wouldn’t even try anything for at least 4-6 weeks of dating. Please let me know how to contact this sex-pot! I won’t make it through another weekend without some action.

  12. Ambler is not wanted within 100 miles of our town or vicinity. It would be wise for him to listen for once in his life. He has caused enough damage to last a lifetime. He has made a complete spectacle of himself. Yes- it is all his own fault and his own doing. ‘That shall not covet another mans wife or his property’. In case he never heard of the Bible that is where this well known passage comes from.

  13. Thank you Gina and others. What a low life piece of garbage. SCUM BAG CITY! Probably an insecure – psycho with a host of mental disorders. He certainly must have been out to lunch when Good Looks or Common sense were handed out. I read on another web site that someone said on a scale of 1 through 10 that this guy rated a minus 50. That is pathetic. I think if i were him i would probably do myself in. What does he have going for him? He has been exposed for the bed hopping no good relic that he appears to be. He damaged his own reputation. No one forced this low life to sleep with various women. He made the decision- no he must endure the after math. That is life. I believe a scum bag never changes. They don’t care to change and have no clue how to do it. I guess he can’t help his lack of good looks but he can help being a scum and his desire to have sex with multiple females. Not many decent women would give him a second look but there is plenty of “Loose Women” that would screw anything no matter how bad they look or crazy they act. Maybe this sick psycho needs divine intervention or some kind of intervention. Maybe a hospital that treats serious personality disorders and sexual problems.

  14. The Manipulation Continues: Once Again Sex Addict Sicko Darren Ambler is attempting to deny that he ever engaged in any inappropriate sexual activities: The pathetic Sex Pervert is now going on various sites denying any inappropriate behaviors. The delusional pathetic nerd is also trying to blame one 18 year old women who Darren Pursued and performed sick sex acts on. She may have been 16 at the time the sex began. We are banning together for Justice. We plan on filing a complaint with the authorities. Let Delusional Psycho Creep lie to Authorities. He will gain a purgery charge for lying. Two possibly three of his victims have fallen ill due to STD’s. Darren is one of the worst addict scum bags i have ever known. What a sick fantasy land this Homely as mud creep lives in. I am glad i live in reality. Even though I made mistakes which I admit : I must have been insane to ever allow this Predator to force me into bed. But that is his profession like a male prostitute. He like a variety- divorced- single- teenagers- 18 year olds- 65 year olds. Whatever the pervert can get.

  15. I would be mad but more at myself for being so dumb and so desperate to get into this ugly-undesirable jerk-off’ Bed. If this guy was the last person on earth I would do without. I think anyone would!

  16. Hitstuff -referred to these women as UGLY. Maybe so but my God look at that Darren Ambler pervert? That is pretty gross. He certainly missed the boat the day looks were given out. Too bad.


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