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John & Shelly Casto – Sick & Twisted Married Couple Rape & Molest Their Children (Cleveland, OH)


CLEVELAND, OH – John Casto is a rapist and his wife Shelly (Trogdon) Casto is a pedophile. These are in-laws of mine I have been part of the family for years. In 2019 me and my husband were texting with John Casto’s half sister Amanda (Formosa) Johnson. Amanda admitted that John would rape/molest her and her half sister Nina, which Nina would still technically be John’s cousin. Amanda also told us that Shelly put her mouth over her own son’s penis when he was an infant and said “I’m going to be the first person to give my son a bj”. I do remember John’s brother Joey talking about this before.

A couple other family members have said that’s why John’s mother Barbara never could stand Shelly. John and Shelly Casto have custody of my step-daughters 2-year-old daughter. She was just an infant at the time in December of 2019 when we gave this information to my husband’s daughter and her boyfriend. They contacted Cuyahoga County CPS about the matter the caseworker told Shelly that John would have to move out. And he did for about six-weeks. But of course Shelly lied about it and blamed it on John’s father instead twisting what Amanda said and telling authorities that we were confused.

COBRA Says:  Disgusting, absolutely fucking disgusting.

John & Shelly Casto

Ultimately, John ended up moving back in so he and Shelly both still have custody of this young girl. After CPS, the mother and father of this child, confronted Shelly about the Facebook messages we gave them from Amanda. Shelly cried to John’s family and they called and threatened Amanda so she is denying everything now. But I still have the Facebook Messages she sent.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Beyond disgusting.  These type of people don’t deserve to have children!  You’re supposed to protect them, this is repulsive and unfathomable.  Lock them up, NOW!


  1. The dumb ass lying bitch that Post, this is Brandy from Lorraine county and she only posted this which is a lie because she lost her children due to child abused child in the black living in a car not sending them to school. They had no clothes they had three pairs of shoes to share between six kids, these kids absolutely had nothing and was dirty and hungry and she forgot to Post that I have custody of her son but she’s not gonna post that because she don’t want no one to know the bad in her oh that’s not including I have the son she abused that she mentally and physically I even have court documents that back me up all Brandy is in the section 8 housing well for loving bitch she don’t work don’t do nothing. She even told the court that they can keep two of kids and the older kids can stay where they are because she don’t know how to parent them because they went to school and now she’s afraid of them and I told the courts the truth on what she did to her son and she wasn’t showing up to the doctors appointment or his school stuff. She’s mad because she looks like an idiot at court.

  2. Shelly Casto is a baby dick sucker and everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Ever since I’ve known her all she does is lie and she goes around trying to start shit because she’s a miserable person and now I see why. She’s married to a rapist and her father left her when she was little. Shelly casto is a stalker and has some serious mental issues I would caution anyone to stay away from her. And take anything she says with a grain of salt for your own safety

  3. Shelly Casto I’m not even going to bother reading past the first sentence of your long comment, because its all going to be a bunch of made up lies like everything else that comes out of your baby dick sucking mouth or your sister/cousin raping husbands mouth lmao. Everyone has already seen this article and is talking about it quit embarrassing yourself… and stop trying to accuse me and harass me about writing it

  4. Brandy casto and Amanda Johnson have a lot in common they list custody of their kids for being unfit Brandy never even asked how her son is thank god he has us to take care of him
    Brandy beat her son all the time

    • Hi stalker, I’ll make sure to screenshot this and add it to the rest of the harassing text you’ve sent or things you’ve written about me on fb I have a pile now. Keep stalking me and my family that’s what you’re good at. Stalking and lying 🤥

    • Shelly Casto you and your husband try to put up a front with people, but I know for a fact you’re a miserable person. Happy people don’t go around trying to start shit between a young couple that just started dating in 2003 and another party. But I’m guessing you were jealous because your husband kept cheating on you and you tried to kill yourself over it is why. Happy people also don’t have to lie about being evicted from their last two homes when there’s public court records to prove it, but you did. Happy people don’t take their niece (Sabrina’s) newborn daughter (Danielle) from the hospital after plotting with cps to take her baby, because you couldn’t have a daughter of your own. And then you lie in every single court hearing to keep the kid. You are one of the most miserable, childish people I have met in my entire life. You’re just as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. And you write like a first grader. I’m not going to keep going back and forth in the comments section with you after this, bye.

  5. Shelly Casto/Trogdon that’s your go to you use whenever you’re mad at someone you make up things and claim they lost custody of their children. We will let you keep living in your own little obsessive fantasy world. in the meantime try going back to school so you can learn how to write above a first grade level. You’re obviously pressed by this article you keep coming back to it.


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