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Paul Ramsey aka RamZPaul – The Lying, Cheating, Unemployed Sociopath (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)


Paul Ray Ramsey, otherwise known as “RamZPaul” on YouTube is a sociopath. Paul is an anti-gay misogynist. He is also anti-liberal and anti-diversity. This creepy old man lives in Oklahoma with his wife of over 30 years. Paul Ramsey is a liar and a cheater.

He has been unemployed for over 10 years. Paul visits Europe often and has been known to have affairs. He has told other women in the past that he’s divorced/single, which isn’t true, at all. His wife had finally had enough of his lies. She also grew tired of his cheating and him being a lazy, unemployed, worthless scumbag, that she filed for separation.

Paul is 55 years old, and he’s still legally married. He still lives at home with his wife, so don’t believe any of his lies. Paul Ramsey is a pro-rape Nazi and he hates feminists, so watch out!

paul ramsey
Paul Ramsey aka RamZPaul is a liar, cheater & sociopath

HAWK Says:  55 years old and unemployed?  Maybe his wife needs to kick him to the curb and force him to grow up?  Time to go Paul, it’s time to go…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Hey Paul, stop pissing in the wind already.

The Bottom Line:  Individuals who refuse to confront their significant others regarding their feelings and instead choose to cheat and go behind their backs are scumbags.  And scumbags who get caught get articles submitted on them…  Hard lessons learned.


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