3/8/2017 Update:  T.J. and the Machovina family have issued threats via comments sent to  Those will be shared in an updated article. 

Kadie & T.J. Machovina both grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  That suburb, specifically being none other than the wonderful, shimmering city on the edge of Lorain County – North Ridgeville.  Just like any ole hicktown you might find in Ohio, Ridgeville has bread some of the finest individuals that the state has to offer.  My submission is an example of some of that fine good ole’ fashioned breeding that NR has to offer.

Kadie & T.J. grew up in a lil rinky dink shack with alcoholic parents and a drug infested upbringing.  It wasn’t a rare occurrence to see cars filled in the front yard of the home.  These cars were just a typical beacon that could be found back then on the side streets of Ridgeville, it simply meant lots of underage kids drinking, drugging and partying out of control.

The drinking and drugging festivities didn’t end but continued from adolescense to adult and just kept on rolling.  T.J. was by all accounts a menace to society, a total sneaky psychopath who would go on absurd jealous tangents whenever his sister was getting banged by someone else (which happened aaaa loootttttt).  To the point of what almost appeared to be a too close to be siblings relationship (I think there was something more between them than we’ll ever know).  In one situation T.J. tracked down a man who his sister had slept with the night before and jumped through his front windshield.  Literally, while at the Zip Thru gas station located off of Jaycox Rd.  T.J. Machovina jumped feet first through someones windshield, all because that person had slept with his sister.

Kadie on the other hand started off her young life as a rat and a smelly one too.  Anytime she would get into trouble, she was quick to run her mouth and save herself.  She’s responsible for one man getting upwards of 2 years in prison and another receiving 6 months for drug possession.  Speaking of drugs, Kadie lived off of Middle Avenue in Elyria for a long time as an adult (and I think she still lives there).  You should have seen the inside of that place.

Kadie Machovina loves herself.

ERRATIC Says:  Sounds like the brother had an obsession with his lil sister and the sister had an obsession with everyone and anything else but him.  

When I tell you that the inside of that house was the filthiest and most disgusting thing ever found on the planet, I mean it.  She never washed clothes, there was dirty dishes everywhere, crackheads in and out (including her), bed bugs, cockroaches, the whole nine yards.  I’ve seen trap houses that were cleaner and safer to be in than whatever the hell you would call that place.  Flat out, no lies, I left there spraying myself with alcohol and throwing the clothes I had on in a garbage bag before I entered my home.

Oh and what about her kid?  Back then, she was a deadbeat mom who just smoked crack and popped pills instead of paying any attention to her kid.  One time she let the babies diaper go for an entire day without changing it.  An ENTIRE DAY.  That was just one time that I witnessed it first hand.  How she never wound up in children services custody is beyond me.  Not to mention her persistent drug use as well.

To top it all off Kadie is the type of person who really thinks she’s something special and doing some really big things.  She indulges herself with a million frickin selfies and parades herself around town like the queen bee.  Little does she know (and we’re pretty sure that she doesn’t know it) that she literally smells like B.O.  She doesn’t have very good hygiene practices and anyone else that knows her knows this to be true.  She just got into another relationship and I’m sure that he will learn just as I did that she’s a dirty, nasty nasty person.

The Bottom Line:  Drugs kill and anyone that is abusing drugs shouldn’t be able to have full custody of their children.  It should also be banned to raise a kid off of Middle Avenue in the area that is spoken of, Middle Avenue just sounds like a scary place.  Smack dab in the “middle” of _______ (you, the reader can fill in the blank there).

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Kadie and T.J. if you’re reading this, try to start being better people in life.  Maybe you shouldn’t be hell bent on destroying other peoples lives and just focus on your own.  Also taking showers at least EVERY other day is a good place to start…


  1. KadieJo is a ho. Bitch robbed me once over $20. Grimy ass bitch. Bitch sucks mad fuckin dick for money, does mad drugs, bitch is whack.

  2. One time Kadie and her friend Came over my house and they got so fucked up that Kadie didn’t even know like what she was doing, nodding out everywhere, brought some old man with her, like what in the world. That was the last time I saw her. She thinks she’s still my friend but she’s not.


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