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Built On Fraud: Ultimate Athlete Championships & Joseph G. Spooner (Rocky River, Ohio)


Ultimate Athlete Championships is a Cleveland based company that officially launched on March 1st, 2018.  The owner of the company, Joseph G. Spooner, aka J.G. Spooner, is out of prison on a judicial release after having stolen upwards of $30,000 from local Clevelander’s.   The vast majority of the money that he stole has never been returned to his victims.  Mr. Spooner owes thousands in restitution allotments to those he defrauded and has yet to pay a single penny since his release in August of 2017.

However, he hasn’t had a problem opening up new businesses, hiring attorneys, renting virtual offices, buying new cars and planning vacations.  He also hasn’t had a problem reverting back to his old-school ways of deception, manipulation & fraud.  In an elaborate scheme, one that is straight out of the J.G. Spooner playbook, he robbed his web-designer for $450 the moment that his website was completed and transferred into his possession (the proof of that can be found below).

In response to the blatant theft, RJHDesigns, the web-designer filed multiple police reports and submitted (willingly admits) an article to Scumbagged.com.  That article documented the various steps and deceptions that were deployed by Mr. Spooner that were utilized in a successful effort to defraud him.  The article also outlined, with both screenshots and audio recordings that Joseph G. Spooner had apparently turned back into his old self.  Except that this time around, he may have gotten a little bit smarter and become a little more knowledgeable in his trade.

The Original Article

Joseph G. Spooner – The “Heartless Conman” Out Of Prison & Scamming Again (Cleveland, Ohio)

Shortly after the article broke, Spooner hired the law firm of McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman out of Cleveland to sue RJHDesigns.net for his alleged submission, citing that the article was a blatant defamation of character.   The retainer for this firm is in excess of $2,000-$3,000 alone.  Mr. Spooner also utilized another attorney for the purposes of Ultimate Athlete Championships, for an additional $1,000.  He recently purchased a new 2018 Mitsbushi Outlander Sport which costs approximately $22-25,000 depending on the luxury packages that he had installed.  He’s also paid for insurance policies, business registration fee’s, domain names, hosting accounts, virtual offices ($175 per month) – all of these things are aside from his personal living expenses.   Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Coming from where exactly?

COBRA Says:  Is his new business, Ultimate Athlete Championships, one that is essentially built on fraud?  Will the participants (who have to pay upon signup) that will possibly be participating in the Ultimate Athlete Championships be robbed blind?  Will the money disappear just like it has time and time again in the past?   Also, where has Joseph G. Spooner been able to allocate the funds to do all the things that he has done?  

Spooners new ride (Built On Fraud)

Theft In Plain Sight

Spooner has argued that RJH never finished the work for him, however the evidence below is certifiably damning.  The images contained below show the very few disparities between the website RJHDesigns.net created for J.G. Spooner & Ultimate Athlete Championships and the newly launched Ultimate Athlete Championships which can be found at UAChampionships.com.  It should also be noted that when analyzing the source code line by line that 95% of the code is the exact same with only a few elements removed (presumably by Mr. Spooner).  Essentially, the images below will show that Joseph G. Spooner is operating the same exact design, except one that he stripped down and attempted to alter in appearance as an attempt to swindle his web-designer from his rightful pay.

Readers Note:  RJHDesigns.net’s version of Ultimate Athlete Championships that was allegedly never built can be found below.  The left side of the gallery is the RJH version and the right side is Joseph Spooner’s recently released version.   We’ll let you be the judge…

Damages & Pending Litigations

“You’ve been warned, stay away from joseph g. spooner, he will rob you

The $450.00 that was stolen from RJHDesigns actually resulted in far more damages than the loss of a few hundred dollars.  As a result of Joseph Spooners actions RJH’s PayPal account was frozen stemming from a fraud inquiry launched on the behalf of PayPal.  This prohibited RJH from receiving any payments from his vast number of clients as well as from receiving upwards of $1,800 in a month’s worth of eBay sales.

The video below was also submitted and documents the entirety of this article and the original article from the web-designer, RJH.

Statement from RJH

“I’m going to not only counter-sue this piece of shit, but I’m taking him to small claims and I’m going after his new web-designer as well for slapping the ole ‘designed by O’Neil Designs’ over top of my name.  You’ve been warned, stay away from Joseph G. Spooner, he will rob you!!!”

The Bottom Line:  Stay away from Ultimate Athlete Championships and Joseph G. Spooner.  Do not participate in any of the events that this company will boastfully run, do not fall prey to this individuals manipulative ways – or simply risk being swindled.  The reality is that if Mr. Spooner is willing to go to the depths that he has to deceive the individuals in the past and once again in the present, god only knows what he has in store for the participants and monies that derive from his Ultimate Athlete Championships.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Hey Joe if you’re reading this we have a bit of advice for you…  Since you have no problem spending large sums of cash at others expenses, perhaps it’s truly time you start thinking beyond today. Tomorrow when you wake, head on over to your local Walmart and buy yourself some white boxers, white socks and white t-shirts.  Also set aside some of your money for commissary & stamps.  From the looks of things, you’ve dug yourself into one massive hole that you probably aren’t going to ever recover from.


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  1. The website comparisons are key. He has been saying that the work was not done and this shows that it has. He should have not used any of the design and instead he used it all. He’s in big trouble (again)!

  2. Ironic – he is starting the Ultimate Athlete challenge and he is an uncoordinated fat guy who doesn’t have an athletic bone in his bloated body.

    He also is trying to “Tiger Woods” his daughter…which is pathetic. I am sure his EX loves him trying to exploit his own daughter!

    This venture will obviously fail – he is trying to hold it on public school grounds!! Verrrrrrrryyyyyy IMPRESSIVE!!!

    He peaked before he was 30 and now he is a pudgy conman who will embarrass his family. Nice job J.G!


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