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More Info: Advertising, Investigations & Donations

Are you interested in seeing a specific article go viral?  Maybe it’s an article that you posted or maybe someone else posted about someone who did something to you?  Are you interested in co-sponsoring a private investigation or are you just interested in helping Scumbagged grow?  Either way, we now have an avenue to let you participate!

All donations are 100% anonymous and your information will never be shared.

Facebook Users:  If you experience issues while attempting to donate (which has been reported for users who are visiting the site while using the Facebook browser) you can send your advertising donation directly to SCUM@SCUMBAGGED.COM via PayPal.  The issue stems from users clicking the donation button and being brought to PayPal’s homepage as opposed to our donation gateway.  If this is happening to you, we apologize for the inconvenience.  Alternatively you can use another browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc) and visit this page to donate without any issue.


The reality is, SB can be somewhat expensive at times.  The site requires hundreds of dollars in advertising expenditures per month, which doesn’t include our server, web-designer or legal fee’s.  So any extra money that we can get to run additional advertising on your articles would be fantastic!

We accept any donation and will run an advertisement for any article published on Scumbagged of your choosing.  We use PayPal to receive donations and whether you have an account with them or not you can still donate.  You won’t be required to sign up for an account if you don’t have one and the process takes about 1 minute.  If you click the donate button below you will be taken to PayPal and asked to enter your denomination (whatever it is that you would like to contribute).  Then, on the following page you will be given an opportunity to enter a note, on that page please be sure to specify the link or the title of the article that you would like for us to advertise.

We advertise primarily on Facebook, but we do utilize other avenues at times such as TikTok, etc.  Through FB we are able to select a specific mile radius range, average age group and other select features that allow us to effectively and precisely target a host area that is the most volatile.  You’re donation will be well spent and you will surely see the results.

If you’re interested in participating in an ongoing private investigation or inquiring into upcoming private investigations or would like to start a private investigation, please contact us before making a donation.  Current investigations are split between donors and we do not wish to have you over donate regarding an investigation.


We’ve refused upwards of $10,300 in bribery & extortion payoffs.  We’re not money hungry and simply think it would be a great idea to allow you, the submitter or the wronged to have an opportunity to help get the message out there.  We feel like Scumbagged should be an outlet where everyone can freely work together in getting important information to the public.

Thank you for supporting Scumbagged.com