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Primary Purpose Center, Chuck Craft: Lies, Manipulation, Hostility, Sensitive Information & The Screenshots To Prove It (Elyria, OH)


Primary Purpose Center & Chuck Craft – On February 16th, 2019, an exposé broke on the Primary Purpose Center of Elyria & it’s owner, Chuck Craft.  In the story it outlined his alleged cocaine use, how he was verbally & even in some cases physically abusive towards residents and manipulative towards drug addicted females.  Also, on that very same day, Chuck Craft made a fatal mistake by contacting Scumbagged.com directly.   Nothing could have hurt or helped Chuck Craft more so than Chuck Craft himself and he blatantly chose to deal himself more damage…

Chuck threatened to sue Scumbagged in his initial statement to us.  We assumed the threat was based out of anger, fear, hurt and confusion that a negative article was ran against him and his company.  It’s pretty standard to be honest and it’s his right just like anyone else’s to do what they feel is within their power to protect themselves.  After all, the article could have been 100% false and legal ground could have been raised for it’s removal.

However, his threat of civil litigation quickly turned into a hopeful display of genuine intention when he was informed that he could potentially have his article taken down.  In fact, Cobra personally guaranteed that if Chuck Craft provided proof that he wasn’t using drugs (specifically cocaine) that it would essentially discredit the entirety of the users submission & then therefore warrant a take-down. Not only did Cobra inform Chuck that the article would be removed, but that also a standalone article vindicating Primary Purpose and Chuck Craft from all wrong doing would be published.  Chuck Craft made a promise, one that he broke.

ERRATIC Says:  Only a damn fool would contact Cobra and say the things that he said and lie the way that he lied.  What the heck was he trying to accomplish?  

Hair Follicle Test

Chuck promised that he would send us the results and said that he would be at EMSI in Westlake, OH, on Monday (2/18/2019) morning at 8:30 am sharp.  Hell, all he had to do was take a picture that he was actually in the building and the article would have been removed pending the results…

Lies & Sensitive Information

“Waiting for the test results, they said 3 days.”

Chuck then stated “I will definitely do what you ask of me and I promise you all this is lies…”.  Unfortunately, he never followed through with anything that he said he would do.  In fact, a few days went by, we heard nothing from him until out of nowhere he leaked information to us regarding names, addresses and pending drug tests for two clients that he was currently housing.  That sparked a conversation between us that lead him to state “Waiting for the test results, they said 3 days.”

Total Reversal

“I’m willing to give you the results in person”

Almost a month elapsed since our previous conversation with Chuck regarding the take-down of the article.  Obviously, someone who is willing to sue (lies) and or worried about reputation management would be willing to do what they said they would to prove their innocence (which was more lies)…

Residents Speak

ACTIVE RESIDENT:  Chuck exhibits bizarre behavior, at odd hours, during random times and uses games and manipulation in the process.  One time, he hid trash in the Primary Purpose Center and woke us up early (around 5am) screaming at the top of his lungs, berating us like little children for a single piece of paper (that he hid) underneath of a table.

ACTIVE RESIDENT:  Chuck has zero regard for any of his clients that were employed full time and carried out the duties that he asked.  It was never good enough for him, he still found a way to treat us like trash.  Some times he would get inches away from your face, screaming, yelling & spit flying in the process.  This is not a man of recovery, nor a way to treat others who are attempting to live a normal life again.

FAMILY OF EX-RESIDENT:  Thankfully my family member was able to escape his verbal abuse and move on.  I hope someone puts him in check or takes over his houses before his behavior leads people back out to using.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip: The reaction from Chuck’s constituents isn’t shocking.  He’s made friends, helped people out along the way and done good deeds.  All of those bonds and helpful acts don’t simply erase the fact that he has done alleged harm to so many though.  Nobody is a saint, everyone deserves a second chance, people change, we get that, we really do.  Just keep in mind that it was he who contacted us, he who made the broken promises, he whom sent sensitive information, he whom was vulgar, he whom was hostile, he whom made threats, he whom lied, all of which only leads to one conclusion and one conclusion only.  The truth.

Readers Note:  Our original article featured an image with “LeighAnn Davies-Arroyo” on the cover.  She was in no way, shape or form connected with Mr. Craft in any of his wrong-doings and has zero knowledge of his conduct.  She was merely there showing her support for the program and the help that it was bringing so many in the community.

  • Is it possible that Chuck took the hair follicle test and passed?  Well, it certainly is, but the mere month that passed without correspondence, the unwillingness to provide even so much so as a picture of him in the office to take down the article are really big questions.  Plus does anyone even know what 2/18/2019 was?  It was President’s Day… We’ll let you do the rest.


  1. Hahaha this is a joke. I’ve been running groups there for two and a half years now. I also sponsor many guys in the place who interact with Chuck on a daily basis. Yes he’s tough on the guys and that’s the way it needs to be. No sugar coating, it’s time for these guys to be men and not be selfish and self centered. Chuck has saved hundreds of men’s lives with Primary Purpose. Y’all can sell this BS down the street because I ain’t buying it.

    • Chuck had also kicked ppl out for monster energy drinks and kicked two ppl out bc they were in the locker room at 1130 and couldn’t sleep that is not recovery how much could a would Chuck Chuck could a wood Chuck Chuck would

  2. I’ve been friends with Chuck for many years and although he’s hard on guys and takes no shit he’s not what this article is making him out to be! Hope you people are smart enough to realize this is just some pissed off people that are trying to ruin someone’s character! You guys got high and got kicked out don’t drag Chuck threw the mud because of it you buncha bums!!!

  3. Well I tried to post a comment didn’t go thru so let’s try this again…… I’ve known Chuck more than 5 years and although he’s a hard ass and takes no shit he isn’t the person this article is describing as! Buncha bullshit and hopefully all you reading this article are smart enough to realize this is just a classic case of some one who was kicked out for getting high and had a hissy fit and started this crap!

  4. Chuck didn’t turn over his negative results because he was advised not too by sensible people like myself,his lawyers and others. Playing into this is pointless. At the end of the day Chucks sobriety is between himself and his higher power and isn’t anybody’s else’s business. Primary still is saving alcoholics and addicts lives and will continue too. Trying to slander his name and his recovery facility doesn’t help anything but be click bait for your rag.
    Considering any negative things said about Chuck were provided by an alcoholic or addict not actively working a program or sober should be enough for anyone to know it bs and twisted. Does Chuck yell and unruly residents of his house,absolutely. You want to treat alcoholics and addicts with kit gloves and you will most definitely get zero results. Just look at the recovery rate of LACADA facilities for proof.

  5. Look I was at Primary Purpose 3 times and I love the place for what they have done for many people I truly care for! Everyone is so focused on Chuck and all the unnecessary BS that has happened or is happening bla bla bla etc etc.. y’all are forgetting the main thing here, the addicts that’s still suffering and are just lost, the fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, friends and so and so on! If your looking for help and you sit back and read all of this shit (whether true or not) odds are your not gonna except the help that Primary has to offer! The only thing I can think about with all of this going down is how many people have suffered and possibly lost there life because of not choosing to go get help because of reading or hearing things like this! Makes me sick to think we have lost one due to this BS so This shit needs to stop! No fks given on how! Just stop! Whoever has the power to make this stop PLZ do what needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!! Acting like little bitch ass kids! Y’all need Jesus!!!

    • There’s other houses out there. Primary Purpose isn’t the only place. You act like PP is too big to fail. Wtf you think this is, GM? If Primary Purpose shuts down, someone else will fill the void, current houses expand, new ones come.

      All you scumbags justify the language and actions like that’s what’s changing lives? These people aren’t being changed by a Primary Purpose, they’ve taken the initiative on their own volition to be put in the situation that they are in.

      You want this shit to end? Bet. We’re going to run a Scumbagged Exclusive with female survivors who are willing to testify if the court of law as to what they endured, what they went through.

      We’ll end this shit alright. Just not the way you think it will. Want to come in here en masse with diversion tactics, pity stances, manipulation.

      People don’t need to back down when they’ve been wronged. Nor should people cower in fear over a mafia style recovery with apparent foot soldiers to who jump at every beckon call.

      Have people been helped? Sure. Doesn’t make the ones wronged any less important. Nope. Doesn’t erase any of the mistreatment so many have claimed to have been subjected to either. Wrong is wrong.

      End it with a confession or end it with the wounded coming forth, either way, don’t come up here attempting to strong arm us, you’ll find out that just motivates our readers, those affected and us personally further.

  6. Chuck isn’t the only one there that is on some trash. Look into Todd and what that MF is really about. I lived there for a while when the place first opened… Yeah Chuck is tough on the guys but there is a huge difference between tough love and just being a straight up asshole for no reason. I can only.imagine what they are putting those poor women through down at that ppc … If it’s even open still. There have been multiple occasions where me and Todd P have gotten into intense verbal arguments the only reason it didn’t get physical was bc I would have had what I needed to take his ass down legally. And it was always over stupid small stuff.. him talking shit to residents telling us we are.pieces of shit and are going to get high bc we didn’t make a bed or bc we dress a certain way. They may have helped some but in my opinion the bs abuse that they put their residents through is to much. Definitely for someone who is trying to turn their life around and not be on the street getting abused in anyway imaginable. Then to turn around and get treated the same if not worse than you were on the street? I know a few people who either left there bc of the insane amount of bs or got kicked out for nothing… Shit it was damn near easier kicking dope in county than being around Todd.


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