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OPINION: The Abortion Taxi, Feminazi’s, Politics & The Mass Manipulation Behind Killing A Human Being (North Ridgeville, OH)


The Abortion Taxi – A North Ridgeville, Ohio, woman has offered to transport any and all pregnant mothers who are seeking abortions to nearby states – for free.  Miki Leigh Deity, 21, took to Facebook on Friday afternoon stating “I want every single woman on my news feed to know that if any of you want/need an abortion and you can’t get it here in Ohio because of the new Heartbeat Bill, I will personally drive you out of Ohio to a place you can get it done.”  See the screenshot below for the full entirety of her post and various comments…

Women who support abortions or those whom get abortions believe that it is their right, their body & their choice.  They are wrong…  Pregnancy occurs when no contraceptives are used, which could still then be prevented, but is not simply out of sheer laziness (via the day after pill).  Steps that could have been taken are disregarded, then the consequence and reality of their in-action settles in; the pregnancy.   The choice was made the moment that the mother failed to utilize the plethora of free contraceptives available to them and then spread her legs.

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Some mother’s who get abortions feel that they are too young, financially unstable or simply don’t think that it’s fair that their body has been compromised in any way shape or form.  They have been told that it’s “okay” to get an abortion, that it’s their right, that nobody can tell them what they can and can’t do.  This has been perpetuated as a political tool, which has radicalized the female base primarily for the “Democratic” party.  These women have become “feminazi’s”, champions of death, despair and murder, painting a horrid and bleak future if their baby would ever come into this world.

Women with this mentality have been blatantly mass manipulated.  They care less about a human life and more about a tree, a rare fish or a bird that’s on the brink of extinction.  Such as in the case of Miki Leigh Deity, “The Abortion Taxi” driver.  Take for instance her GoFundMe where she raised $850 of a $2,000 goal to help a dog that she only met for a brief moment (less than 24 hours to be exact).  The money raised went for the pup to get a sexual correctional surgery – in an effort to save it’s life.  She is willing to go to the end’s of the earth to help save a dog, but on that same note is willing to go to the end’s of the earth (and apparently the United States) in an effort to end a human life.  Absurd.

the abortion taxi
Miki Leigh Deity has self proclaimed herself as “The Abortion Taxi” for anyone in Ohio.

Many of the same women who have had abortions or who are pro-choice are the same people who complain about illegal immigrants that get separated from their children when crossing into this country illegally.  You killed a baby, you separated yourself in the worst fashion – from your own flesh and blood, now you want to interject yourself once again into yet another thing you know nothing about?  Spare me.

Just because something is law (Roe v. Wade) doesn’t mean that it’s right or okay.  Roe v. Wade was passed into law in 1973.  It’s been 46 years since then.  Contraceptives are free now, they weren’t then, they are easily obtained by everyone, everywhere in every city, they weren’t then.  Things have changed.  Roe v. Wade is null and void and needs to be updated to fit the times.

It all boils down to sheer laziness on the behalf of the would-be-mother.  Laziness, disregard for her own body, her own well being and her own health.  The choices you make in life always have consequences or blessings.  Slavery was once legal in the United States, people thought that it was okay, it wasn’t, it never was, but it still happened and people condoned it until it was outlawed.  Women (and some men) were killed by the thousands over hundreds of years for practicing witchcraft.  People clapped & cheered when they were hung, they thought it was okay, that it was normal, it was wrong, it’s also not happening anymore.

Having an abortion is far far worse than either of the things I’ve listed above.  You’re killing another human being.  Something with a beating heart, someone who could grow up to become the next President, life saving cure for cancer, you’re killing technological breakthroughs, snuffing out a future, it’s potential, it’s first breath, it’s first laugh, it’s first cry, it’s first everything.

The Excuses

I’ve debated with people thousands of times regarding abortions and their excuses for getting them done are always the same.  I’ve cataloged the most common excuses pro-choice feminazi’s use when debating with me.

But I’m poor and can’t afford to raise a baby:  That’s not true.  Poor women have babies all across the United States every single day.  If you’re truly poor, don’t you have any family or friends?  Whose the father of your child?  If he’s not willing to support you directly, then there’s something called child support.  Also, if you’re really really poor, then you can get food stamps, WIC/Welfare, Section 8 housing to take care of your baby and if you decide you want to work they will even give you free child care too!

I’m too young and have my life ahead of me:  Well you weren’t too young to have sex were you?  You’re certainly not too young to have a baby then.  Why can’t you have a life while having a baby?  Oh that’s right, you mean you won’t be able to go hang out with your friends all weekend, partying, getting high anymore?  Or perhaps you mean you’re too lazy and only want to focus on yourself as opposed to dealing with your self created responsibility.  Okay, well then if you still feel that way after the baby is born, there is such a thing called adoption.

It’s my body, I’ll never let something invade me that I don’t want: Wrong.  You let the penis invade you, that’s what the invasion was.  The baby isn’t the invasion, you failing to use birth control or a condom was an invasion.  The only thing I would classify as an invasion is the needle that your trying to have murder your baby.  Stop using diversion tactics and pity stances already, grow up.

It’s my choice and my body:  You made the choice when you had sex and used your body to spread your legs.  Your choice was made when you failed to use the free contraceptives afforded to you.  That was your breakdown and failure in choice.  Now you want to be all high and mighty and declare it’s your body?  When has it never been?  You’re the one that made this happen, your lack of being a precautionary adult allowed this to happen, you, your choices and your body made this happen.

I was raised in a foster home, you don’t know what it’s like, I was raped and abused:  Not everyone is raped and abused in foster homes.  Are you telling me you would rather be dead?  You’re here talking, walking and working aren’t you?  Why would your child wind up in a foster home anyways?  There are many adoption agencies that find amazing parents who really want a child, especially from birth – to raise your baby like their own.  Foster homes generally are a place where children are taken when removed from the custodial care of their parents.  There’s actually a big difference there.

Mind your own business:  I am minding my own business.  If I saw someone getting killed or attacked I would step in and try to help them or call 911.  In this case, I’m trying to prevent you from becoming a cold blooded killer…

Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body: Who are you to tell me that it’s okay to murder a baby?  You’re the same person who thinks it’s okay to bitch and moan about saving a dog, saving a fish, saving a fucking tree, but I can’t tell you to save a human being?  You’re joking right?  Are you tired of being a pawn yet?  Tired of being mass manipulated?  No, I know the answer, you’re just easy prey and allow yourself to become a political tool.  Leaders > Followers.  Use your mind already, your nothing more than a pawn whose willingly murdering your own offspring.

So I have to be forced to carry a baby inside of me?  I have to be forced against my own will? No, you’re not being forced.  You’re dealing with the consequences like a real life human being who makes bad choices.  If you break the law and commit a crime – you go to jail, pay a fine, deal with the consequences.  This is a part of real life, you have to now deal with your actions.

If abortions become illegal, women will just take pills to kill the baby anyways, they will go to abortion clinics in back alley’s again:  Okay and just like any other mother who kills their baby, they will be charged with murder.  You will go to prison.  If someone is giving illegal back alley abortions, they will be charged with murder, they will go to prison.  You do have a choice not to be a murderer you know?  It’s called use contraceptives, be a mother or give your child up for adoption.

I was raped, I was molested, I don’t want the baby:  I think this is really the only reason that this should even be considered an option.  You weren’t given a choice or an opportunity to prevent it from happening, this is a forced pregnancy.

The Numbers

If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that they have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a human being with a beating heart disregarded as nothing more than a disposable and easily discarded nuisance?  This is due to a total breakdown of human intellect.  Basic thought process and fundamental reality has gone out the window, and been replaced with a selfish greed to do as one pleases.

In reality a pregnant mother will only have to carry her child for 9 months.  This is less than 1% of the average lifespan of a U.S. woman.  Less than 1%…  After the birth, the baby could be given up for adoption, to a family member or friend, even perhaps, the mother could decide to keep her baby.  All methods are far better than cold blooded murder.

COBRA Says:  If someone kills a pregnant mother – no matter how far along she is in her pregnancy, they are charged with double murder – not a single count of a murder.  Why is that?

The Choice

Abortions can be avoided entirely in most cases as the State of Ohio and the Federal Government provide free contraceptives in the following forms:

  • Birth Control – Provided free with or without insurance online through numerous websites and courtesy of Planned Parenthood (Birth Control | Greater Cleveland)
  • Condoms – Provided free courtesy of Planned Parenthood, Family Planning or have them mailed directly to you by OHIV.org
  • The Day After Pill – Provided free courtesy of Planned Parenthood (Morning After Pill in Cleveland)

Anyone who gets pregnant did not utilize these methods above (outside of rape or molestation).  That is where the breakdown of choice ensues.  The failure to take precaution, to use foresight, to take care of the body starts and ends at this point.  The choice has been made, the risks are there, the consequence (as some view it) then follows, ie; pregnancy.  You’ve now chosen to get pregnant, it’s a choice, you should have to live with it.

Who Get’s Abortions?

Everyone, every age, young, old & the in between.  However it boils down to women who like to feel like they have power, like they have a voice.  They’ve actually been manipulated and allowed themselves to become so emotionally involved in the process that they feel like they actually have the right to kill something.  Pretty sick when you think about it.

In truth, women who get abortions don’t even give a crap about the father’s wishes.  Why isn’t this a law?  Doesn’t the man have a say so in if his son or daughter should live or die?  He has to bear the financial responsibility for 18 years by law while you have to carry the child for 9 months.  If he has a job making $40,000/year the average child support payment is $400/month.  If you do the math, you’ll be compensated $86,400 for just 9 months worth of prego-ness.  You mean to tell me that you being pregnant for 9 months is worth that much?  The whole poor me thing doesn’t really make sense after you crunch the numbers, but, hey, this is a justification based world, where everyone and everything has to be equal and fair right?  So where is the equality in the abortion process?  The father’s right to father the child started the night you willingly spread your legs.

Abortion should only be even considered in the following circumstances:  Deformities, disabilities, extreme health risk, rape & molestation.  Outside of that it all boils down to excuses…

When someone says “My Body, My Choice” what they are really saying is “I was lazy, I didn’t take precautions, please please don’t pay attention to the choice I made that put me into this predicament in the first place, just give me another option, an easy way out of this, an alternative choice…”.   Selfishness, laziness, excuses, weakness, manipulation, control, murder, on and on I can go here to describe what “My Body, My Choice” really means.

In truth, one day, whether it be 10 years from now or 100 years from now this generation will go down in history as one of the dumbest, most easily manipulated and barbaric of all time.  Worse than Hitler, worse than Stalin and worse than the Crusades combined for willingly mass murdering our own kind as well as a for a host of other reasons.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip: This is a great opinion submission.  Truly shed’s light on the mentality of many in this country.  We aren’t going to take sides here, but wouldn’t it just be far easier and far more realistic to take precautions prior to having sex?  I mean, if you don’t want to have a baby then use a condom, take birth control, get the day after pill.  What’s wrong with these options?  They come in many different shapes and sizes, some are physical, others are internal, pill form, surgically installed, needle injections.  Would make it far easier to not get pregnant and not have to worry about going through any of this in the first place…


  1. The RepubliCANT party has KILLED programs that help prevent unwanted pregnancies
    RepubliCANTS continue to throw the baby out with the bathwater
    The so called party of God can & will go straight to help along with the current POS POTUS

    • #ProudRepublican Your an idiot ❗❗💯🙌👌R.E.P.U.B.L.I.C.A.N. & I BELIEVE YOU GOT US TWISTED 💯🙌 DUMBASS DEMOCRAT

  2. This is the most stupidist article iv ever read. Your really trying to bash someone over there beliefs. Get the fuck over yourself and get a fucking life instead of being involved in someone’s i doubt you even know. Your really pathetic to try and drag down another woman for her belief. Sounds like there needs to be an article about you on this website.

  3. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with this article. This is full of blatant lies. Whoever wrote this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Get a life. Why don’t you go help actual kids in need instead of harassing well meaning people? You seem insecure about yourself. You should seek help, it’s not normal to be obsessed with random strangers.

  4. Ahahahaha omg.

    The writer is getting dragged.
    Serves you right! That’s on you.
    Bullying another person because their belief is different from yours is fun right???

    Look where it ended with you!



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