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Ryan “Selfish & Snitchin” Shawver: I Offered Help & He Became My Worst Nightmare (Lorain, OH)


Ryan Shawver also goes by the name of “Ry” and hes a snitch!  I offered him help when he reached out and he became my absolute worst nightmare.  I want to start out by saying that he lives with his parents, doesn’t have a job and I’m not the only person that he has done this to.   I know Ryan is a snitch first hand because I’m in A LOT of trouble because of him.  

I’ve been clean for 5 years off of heroin and yes I still know people and help people if they need suboxone.  Which as everyone knows, helps keep you off of heroin.  It worked for me and it works for almost everyone else that is sober out there (that or they are on Vivitrol or dead).

I thought I was helping out Ry, he would contact me and beg me to help him stay off of heroin and me being me, I figured what could it hurt to give him something (for free) that would help keep a needle out of his arm and dope out of his veins.  Instead, the worst thing imaginable happened and the little mother fucker was wearing wires on me and told the police that I’m this BIG ASS DRUG DEALER.   What a joke!

COBRA Says:  Hate to say it, but people rat on their own family members.  It’s best to just stay out of the way anymore in this day and age.  Even if you weren’t selling him the pills and were sincerely trying to help him, that’s still a violation of the law.  Need to go with your gut instinct on these situations.

I’ve heard that I’m not the only one he’s done this too.  One of my good friends swore he was a snitch and I said “no way hes just a young kid trying to make it”.   Boy was I wrong.  The saddest part is that I’m a mother and there’s a really good chance that I might just lose everything over helping this asshole!

Ryan’s Mugshots

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  You can’t give drugs, prescription or otherwise to anyone.  Can’t sell them, can’t give them, can’t trade them.  Even if the other person has the exact same prescription as you do and runs out, you just can’t.  It’s a sad world, a strict world, there’s rules and laws and sadly this is a prime example of someone who was just trying to help someone out and instead got burned on the flip side.  Don’t let this happen to you, especially not with someone like Ryan.


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