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Mistress “Internet Troll” Isadora – Darren Ambler Exposes Meth Addict for Defamation (Philadelphia, PA)


PHILADELPHIA, PA – I am Darren Ambler and I am here to take my power back!  I am one of many victims of the treacherous and insane Meth-head ” Mistress Isadora” aka Stephanie Aman AkA her stripper and escort name is Lil Steph.  The lies, bullshit, slander and false accusations and blame created by this manly looking pig and her criminal cohorts has caused me (an innocent man she’s never even met) two jobs, an insane amount of stress and strife on my relationship and nearly 70K in losses. Because of all of this I am also now unemployed again, so I have some time to give this psychotic, lying whore more attention and also expose her for what she took part in doing to me as well as many others.

When I lost the first job last May 2021 that is when I started an investigation. I had to uncover what the hell was going on and put the this together. After a lot of digging I tracked down and had many long extensive talks with a few of her victims and their friends and I discovered all of the sick stuff that went on. My first questions: “WHO are you people? Who is doing this to all of us and why?!”.  My jaw hit the floor. I got sick to my stomach. It’s really appalling and disgusting.

COBRA Says:  This shit is ridiculous, does anyone even know wtf is really going on here?  We need some proof and evidence, videos, texts, screenshots, audio recordings, something & anything to corroborate either side.

Short backstory:  I have been getting online harassed and stalked (Scumbagged articles on Ambler featured at the bottom of this article allegedly posted by Mistress Isadora) by an insanely bitter, crazy religious nut job of an ex employee that I fired back in 2014. To this woman’s dismay we never had a relationship of any kind outside of being pharmaceutical colleagues.  I was very happily married, and I was always faithful to my then wife. The harassment and net slander began shortly after I fired this crazy woman.  Although I have no actual tangible evidence this is whom I suspect.  Fast forward to 2018 when I see new slander involving myself and names of women I’ve never even met. Complete strangers!!!

Mistress Isadora aka Lil Steph

This is right where the pathetic and crazy Philadelphia Dominatrix and Prostitute meth addict Stephanie Aman and a few colleagues of hers all come in. Yes, hers is but one of a few names of perpetrators that are involved in all of this too and I will certainly get to them later. Apparently, she had begun starting drama with a few of her victims not too long after she was fired and banned from their place.  Around that time frame there was a really horrid situation going on with a now incarcerated sex worker stalker and serial rapist Jose Torres aka “Joey The Player”. Just Google Jose Torres “Joey The Player” and see for yourself. He also had a friend who took part in a lot of the horrible things but that man hasn’t been arrested yet. This went on for many years. Aside from all the rape and assault these men also put up bogus negative reviews of various sex workers (all types) across the eastern seaboard, published their real names and home and business addresses online and sent horrifying threats in emails, texts and even phone harassment.

They’d sometimes call all hours of the night. I have heard quite a few of the drunken voicemails of these two men, and they are vile.  One even boasted and laughed about the apparent “Whore War” they had started. So, instead of deranged Lil Steph Aman and her demented pals practicing maturity, civility and solidarity they instead took the opportunity to manipulate and change the narrative and use it as a tactic to wrongfully accuse and attack other innocent sex workers.

“Mistress Isadora” ]and her cohorts tried to pin the crimes of Torres and his friend on innocent women solely to harass, bully and attack with their competition. For Stephanie Aman personally, she also did this out of revenge for her being fired due to her psychotic meth addict behavior then being forced to work out of a Roach motel crack house dump of an S/M parlor that most Johns in Philadelphia didn’t want to go to. That was just a small motive for her right there.

Mistress Isadora

Very important side note:  Not only were the women they tried to blame this on also victims of Torres and his accomplice, they had been getting harassed by them far longer than others. They had been getting cyberbullied and severely terrorized by those men since back in 2015 and from what I was told by several sources it got so severe that one of those dom’s even went to the feds after their harassment had gotten her fired from her “day job”.

Yes, these incredibly stupid, mentally unstable, catty, crazy bitches blamed these women of harassing THEIR OWN family and friends, as well as doxing and online slandering themselves, their businesses and getting themselves fired from their own day jobs. Because happy people that own thriving successful business do that TO THEMSELVES, right?!?! Damage their own family lives, careers, finances and livelihoods. And for years. See the “logic” here?! Who does that to themselves? No one.

So, how do I, Darren Ambler come into play and why?  Who knows how, but at some point this lying, schizoid, loser, opportunistic, manipulative moron Lil Steph decided to drag me into all of this and use my name and my terrible situation to slander and harass the other women. Me being a man in New jersey she’s never met. To attack women in a neighboring city I did not know or had ever met in person.  Starting to see a pattern here?

Mistress Isadora

Unfortunately for me it very greatly exacerbated my problem with my long time religious nut job stalker from back then. It was like it threw gas on the this crazy “Holy woman’s” smoldering fire. The crazy woman dating started all back on me again after years of near silence all because Stephanie gave her a reminder of my existence. I will say and solemnly swear that again I had never, ever met these women in real life before.

Moreover, and most importantly (to me) I had never cheated on my former wife. I have basically a form of technical evidence and admission of guilt from Stephanie Aman’s Mistress Isadora account that she was the one who dragged my name, an unrelated innocent guy, into all of this unnecessary petty vicious drama with total strangers. Even after being told that none of us even knew each other she went ahead and did this. (See why I’m so incensed!?!) Aside from utilizing my name and my very unfortunate ongoing circumstances there is a massive laundry list of really atrocious events that Stephanie Aman and her crazy, sick cohorts took part in.

Mistress Isadora

What they did to me:
They Harassed the hell out of the family members and friends of numerous sex workers in Philadelphia, NYC and New Jersey.
Outted a trans woman to her very conservative family.
Not only doxxed numerous sex workers, but *intentionally doxxed one under the wrong identity (claiming a dom was also her escort friend. This recently resulted in one woman, an escort (Violetta?) Katie) to lose her daughter when her ex found out that she’s a part-time sex worker after investigating her friends during a nasty custody battle. The only thing this poor girl did was reach out to these crazy perp doms and warn them that the rape threats were real…one of the guys doing the online stalking and phone harassment is in fact the notorious sex worker rapist Torres- so take heed be very, very careful. She even called (at least 2x from what I’ve been told) one of the perp doms ( Giunta Cow I believe) crying hysterically to let her know one of her friends was just badly attacked by these men. In the hospital bad. Yes, she spoke to this girl and still turned around and lied with the “wrong identity doxing.”
Harassed and stalked a wife of one of her Johns causing a divorce.
Outted a porn star to her very religious family who will now have nothing to do with her. Or her kids. This woman also did absolutely nothing wrong to her, or her criminal cohorts.
Despite at first denying the “existence” of Jose Torres and his accomplice and twisting the narrative and blaming these men’s crimes on innocent ladies they went and then gave the personal info of various sex workers (names and addresses) to these dangerous predators resulting in quite a few ladies getting beat up and raped. I was recently told too that they provided sex workers with fake screening references claiming these dudes were safe.
Got all cracked out on a meth bender and got psycho jealous and tried to beat up another burlesque performer from nyc for flirting with her brother Matt Aman. I’m told this is one of the reasons why no one books this crazy piece of white trash for burlesque shows anymore.
* Doxing her own Johns on the internet for not becoming repeats and for seeing other sex workers despite what part of the “industry” they are in.

And as for me aside from losing yet another job in the past 6 months I also have been getting bombarded with really nasty harassing emails and so have one of my kid’s teachers and my fiance’s family. The latter telling them to call CPS and sending them links to awful lies they put up. Some ones that have been sent to me are even mocking how I have been fired again and threatening to have my license revoked.

I want everyone to be fully aware that Mistress Isadora is a pathological lying, conniving, psychotic, vindictive, opportunistic violent psychopathic meth addict just like the company she keeps/kept. Jobs lost. Women badly assaulted. Income lost. Families torn apart. Traumatized folks terrorized into moving and change their names to dodge serial rapist stalkers. Friendships, relationships and businesses ruined. I myself almost lost my beloved fiance over what she did. A massive amount of stress, heartache and aggravation for numerous people and their loved ones. All over catty petty, insanely treacherous drama that could’ve been avoided with a little critical thinking, civility, and
mature communication. Instead, they chose lies, blame, baseless B.S. accusations, manipulation and dangerous opportunistic psychotic drama. If she (and her cohorts) will do this to innocent people out of her mental challenges, sheer jealousy, vengeance and psychosis.

No one wants to end up like me, or any of their unfortunate undeserving victims. And no one wants to end up on the receiving end of the backlash they are about to suffer due to their terrible decisions and actions they made a few years ago.

Darren Ambler Articles

The below articles have been published on Scumbagged from what it appears to be “Mistress Isadora”.

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SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If this ever happens to anyone it is best to involve the authorities.  Especially in Darren’s case since this harassment is actually taking place across state lines.  We’re not taking sides here on this because we need more definitive proof, but for anyone else out there just know – paying for sex is one thing but if anyone tries to extort you, hurt you or do things such as this the authorities will look the other way on your criminal charges and proceed with criminal charges against your assailants.


  1. Yes–Darren Ambler is a psychotic-bully. He joined the sex trade in 2014 and enjoyed every minute of. Darren built a large clientele. He is a sex and drug addict. Darren went bonkers once he was exposed to the world. He fathered 4 illegitimate kids. Spread herpes to at least 50 females. Darren violated the drug and prostitution laws many times. Beware very dangerous and a liar. suffers brain damage from drug use.

  2. The rantings of a psychotic crazy person. Darren knows no truth. The TRUTH is Darren Ambler got involved with the PROSTITUTION/ SEX TRADE of his own free will back around 2015. He thought he would have some fun and get his sick desires fulfilled. It got out of hand and Darren Ambler was exposed publicly and some ugly TRUE facts about this sick sex addict- drug abuser- sadist came forth. Darren couldn’t handle the truth being exposed. He has been on the RAMPAGE ever since. Bashing anyone he chooses on public internet forums, threatening people, assaulting helpless females, pushing dangerous drugs and outright REFUSING to support his many illegitimate children he fathered. PLUS_ He is loaded with STD”S. Darren being in denial REFUSES to get treatment and he has spread these gross diseases to at least 85 women. He is a DANGEROUS- SICK AND VERY UNATTRACTIVE INSECURE HOMELY BEAST. THAT BREATH IS AS RANCID AS RECYCLED SEWAGE ON A HUMID DAY! PEEW STINKO!! DARREN AMBLER IS ALSO A DANGEROUS INTERNET ABUSER AND ON LINE STALKER.

  3. Megan Christine Bentzley* wrote this and other posts. She is also the commenters. She has a history of stalking, harassing, libeling and slandering multiple women in Philadelphia and defaming members of a small political community in Portland. She is not only unstable and bitter but extremely dangerous.

    Since she doesn’t have a vanilla job and cannot get one she has a lot of time in her hands. She uses that time to create multiple social media profiles and posts about her targeted victims across the internet then creates more bogus profiles to make comments under different names. She talks to herself in posts in hopes of creating enough traffic to the posts to harm the livelihoods of her victims. Revenge for some perceived slight. One slight is living better than she can’t and having things she wants and thinks she deserves more than her victims.

    Who are her victims? Other sex workers and anyone who did better business than her, people with families, careers, partners, homes and all the things she’s wanted but cannot have because she’s lazy and crazy. She even did this to her so-called best friend which probably contributrd to the breakdown of that friend’s marriage.
    Defamation is what she does.

    She lost her dear fiance because he was told what she is and he was provided proof. She targets well to do men and admittedly is very good at hiding her background. It doesn’t last. They eventually find out what she is.

    * Some of her aliases:
    Meg Bentzley – real name
    Megan C. Bentzley – real name
    Megan Christine Bentzley – real name
    Domina Lexx – sex worker alias
    Lexx Envy – sex worker alias
    Inara Serra – fictional character, sex worker alias
    Dorian Gray – fictional character, sex worker alias
    Meghan Aurora Mornay – legal name change
    Meghan Mornay – legal name change
    We have many more names but we won’t disclose them here.

    When she gets caught in her lies she moves to another state. Pennsylvania, stops in Los Angeles, Nevada, Florida.

    She tells people she’s moving to out of the US, that’s she went to MIT, that she was an aerospace engineer, that she’s a hacker, that she has degree after degree and much more. In truth she’s none of what she says. She’s a sex worker who is ashamed of her work. She has no education beyond some high school.
    The only non-sex work job she has ever had was at a Wendy’s.

    She has written about Ambler for years which is also lies. The amount of things she’s pinned on him could be book worthy but she cannot keep her characters straight.

    She had a baby and gave him up for adoption. Not only adoption but a private adoption that funded her extremely well. Prior to the adoption she knew she was pregnant but hid it from her so-called friends and family. She drank hard alcohol the entire duration of her pregnancy. The adoptive parents don’t yet know.
    When she couldn’t hide her pregnancy anymore she made up a story about a sex buddy in Colorado who didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby.
    We know what really happened.

    Meg you keep doing this and it’s gotten you no where except ostracized, pushed out of communities and a $5 million judgement against you.

    We are here to remind you that things you think you erased or tried to obscure are archived for the future when needed. All of this will follow you even through name changes.

    Continue prostitution, pornography and attempting to nab another well to do man. You only have a few years left becausr hate ages you and it agreed yuu badly especially after 45 years old. Make the best of it right now but be assured we see you.



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