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Stacey Mackall – Deranged & Delusional Drug Addict on a Rampage (Lorain, OH)


LORAIN, OH – Stacey Mackall is out of control.  She’s currently hopped up on so many drugs that she has crossed over from being high to having mental issues as a result and is now exhibiting schizophrenic like behavior.  Mackall was married but when her husband divorced her she briefly moved to New York with her drug dealer.  In NY they had a baby girl together.  A baby that she abandoned and left behind when she returned back to Lorain.

After coming home she went to her fathers house begging him for help saying that she had nowhere to go.  Her dad had the following to say about her current situation. “She is completely out of her mind, seeing and hearing things that aren’t there, it’s scary”.  Her father attempted to have her admitted to a hospital, but she left his house before he could do so.

HAWK Says:  This is a very sad and depressing story, hopefully she gets the much needed help she deserves.

Stacey Mackall

After leaving her father’s house Stacey snuck into her ex-husbands house and was living in his attic without his knowledge for 9 days before he discovered her.  The husband heard something and went to investigate and found her sleeping with a sleeping bag.  She had been pissing and shitting in buckets and stolen food from his kitchen.  He also discovered drugs and alcohol.  He called the police but she escaped before they could arrive.

Stacey told her 14 year old son that she was homeless, that people were out to get her, that she was working for the FBI and she stole money and items from her own son.  To make matters even worse she has been caught saying to numerous people that her baby is dead and her father has been raping her.  She really needs to get some serious help!

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Best to never do drugs, especially drugs that put you at high risk to alter your brain and the way that it functions.  The moment that you start thinking you’re seeing and hearing things – just know that you really aren’t seeing what you’re seeing and are suffering from the side effects and that it is high time for you to get some help!


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