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Jolene Johnson – The Trailer Trash Baby-Daddy Collector (New Providence, PA)


NEW PROVIDENCE, PA – Jolene Johnson is a baby-daddy collector! Ladies, keep your husbands away, because this slut does not care. Jolene Johnson will go after your man! This trailer trash pig has a brood of fuck trophies! All her kids have different fathers. Jolene has more babydaddies than friends. So, she doesn’t mind taking your man and adding him to her baby-daddy collection.

Jolene Johnson is a promiscuous troublemaker. This train wreck is a Facebook drama queen and a psychopath. It’s true, because she has like 5-10 different Facebook accounts, that she abandons, after she has a flame war and argues with someone. This dumb broad is too stupid to deactivate her abandoned Facebook accounts.

COBRA Says:  Typical old ass whore stuck in a trailer being enabled by mommy and fucking daddy.

Jolene brags about her drug and alcohol habits, out in the open, and then gets hostile when people confront her and get all up in her business. Jolene has been arrested more than once, so people already know her business. She must make her parents proud! Her mama done raised herself some ignorant ass, nasty girls!

Jolene Johnson is a trailer trash whore.

Do not hire this Jolene scumbag, for she will steal from you. Jolene couldn’t even keep a job at Subway without taking money from them. She got arrested for stealing money from a fucking Subway! What a lowlife loser!!!

Jolene can’t drive, just like her goofy, fucking sister who collided into a truck and killed herself, years ago. Jolene is just as bad, driving under the influence. When Jolene’s sister was alive, they would fight all the time. Jolene got a PFA/restraining order after her sister, because Jolene got scared over the fact that her mouth was writing too many checks that her nasty ass couldn’t cash.

Keep away from this one, fellas. This skank loves to get pregnant, just to take you to court, trying to get money out of you. Her parents end up raising her kids in their trailer, while she runs the roads, fucking other men, and buying more booze and drugs, with her child support money. Hopefully her insides have dried up by now, so she can’t get knocked up anymore.

Jolene lives with her parents in New Providence, in their trailer. She says she lives in Quarryville. When she’s not there, she’s shacked up with some guy in Parkesburg. She’s basically homeless, and living off other people. Jolene parties in Nottingham, Peach Bottom and Oxford. This worthless slug is all over Lancaster and Chester County, spreading her legs, doing drugs, and raising hell. Beware of this scumbag!

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you are a grown adult and reside in your parents trailer or home, it’s time to get out.  It’s sickening to do this to your parents, grow up.  And to the parents out there allowing this to happen, kick your old ass 30-40 year old kids out of your house/trailers/apartments already, what is wrong with you?  Stop enabling people to be pieces of shit already.


  1. Reply–what kind of parents raised a scum bag-herpes ridden psychopath named DARREN AMBLER from CHERRY HILL NJ. He is a proven CYBER STALKER too! His parents should hang their head in shame. Darren is an expert on ILLEGITIMATE KIDS. He has so many. He is a dishonest pharmacist that stole so many drugs to get high and to give to his hookers. POS!

  2. More info on this thieving welfare fraud: This guy who dated Jolene years ago had admitted that her entire family was psycho. Jolene’s mother, Dianna has been known to stalk and physically assault people, if they get on her bad side. These are the type of annoying people who antagonize folks for fun, but if others get tired of it and fight back, Mrs Johnson and her girls run to the police and their public defender, for protection. For a family that don’t have a whole lot of money, they seem to have enough money to file frivolous law suits and live comfortably without ever having permanent jobs.

  3. More Information on one of Jolene’s ex- prostitutes. Darren Ambler is a drugged out sociopath. He has 4 illegitimate kids that he refuses to support. He is a total loser who goes through life clueless- full of disease–sex addicted and has brain damage due to years of drug abuse. Darren is a Pathological liar with no class- breeding or etiquette. A big zero who broke so many laws it’s hard to keep track of. Sex trafficking- prostitution and sodomy are illegal acts. Darren paid over 85K to dome’s for sex services. Darren is so desperate for sex he must pay for it or he would never get any. He is also a cyber stalker which is a felony. Just a bad- evil- screwed up person. BEWARE! Unless you want Herpes and skin rashes and rancid stink bomb breath. Darren doesn’t live in a Trailer but he is definitely “TRAILER PARK TRASH”! Very mentally sick and demented.

  4. Yes and the NUMBER ONE BABY PRODUCER “Illegitimate” I might add is DARREN AMBLER. What a moron. If your going bang every hooker in NJ_ PA and NY use your brain and don’t get the girl pregnant. They always said Darren was brain dead- guess this proves it! I guess when that out of control S** addiction and drug craving takes over you don’t care about anything else and you don’t think about producing another illegitimate kid. Darren Ambler certainly doesn’t.

    He has no room talking about someone else being a low-down scum bag. Look at him–a divorced Loser- No class- no looks-brain damaged- mentally ill–a porno addict AND all around sick sick creature. An extremely IMMATURE one at that. BEWARE he is dangerous and FULLY INFECTIOUS! He won’t get any STD treatment because he is in DENIAL! I heard a rumor that Darren Ambler was in a asylum for the insane and addicted but that was too good to be true!! These STD’s that he has had for 10 years may be driving him slowly insane. It can do that. It infects every organ in the body- until pus oozes out and decay sets in- then he will go insane.


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