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iWantCharmin.com – Website Sells Charmin Ultra Soft & Ultra Strong Toilet Paper at Extreme Price – Price Gouging or Capitalism?


Can’t Find Charmin Toilet Paper? – Then here you go… iWantCharmin.com, a Cleveland based company is offering Charmin toilet paper products available in limited inventory at an extreme price, yet those prices are still cheaper than the average of those sold for on eBay.  Millions of American’s have visibly noticed an outage in the widely sought toilet paper and as such have taken to the popular auction website to obtain the much coveted Charmin brand.  Even with the passing of eBay’s newest “disaster & tragedy” policy related to the sale of Charmin, this hasn’t stopped thousands of sellers from posting their newfound gold on the website for sale.  The vast majority of which are offering up auctions or BIN’s (buy it now’s) that sometimes see as many as 20 or 30 bidders elevating the price of a 12 pack of Charmin for as much as $80 + shipping.

iWantCharmin.com has prices listed for toilet paper for as low as $1 all the way up to $65.  The company promises a different viewpoint & puts a spin on the prospect of price gouging for buyers across the United States.  According to their website they sell Charmin toilet paper for cheaper than what it’s being sold for on eBay because they are avoiding 10%+ eBay fees associated when doing so (final value & listing insertion fees included).  iWantCharmin also includes free shipping with each order and ships with USPS Priority 2-Day delivery which is not a small price to pay.

COBRA Says:  Based on the average of completed/sold listings I was able to find on eBay the company is actually 25% cheaper and currently is in stock as of this writing.

iWantCharmin.com operators have stated that they are actually being price gouged for the Charmin products that they are re-selling.  Claiming that the stores they buy the toilet paper from are up-charging them by as much as 50% or more in some cases.  They also say that they are taking the physical and health related risks to obtain the product so that their customers don’t have to.  The company stated the following regarding their business:  “There is a plethora of toilet paper available at low cost all over the internet and in the stores, we even offer off-brand and cheap toilet paper for sale on our website for those who need it but cannot afford it.  The biggest thing to understand here is that this is NOT a life saving product, nor is it a disease preventative.  Charmin is just a brand of toilet paper that unfortunately hasn’t increased their production and as a result has left shelves bare all over the country in many areas.  Millions of people desire the product and so we are just one of millions offering them up for sale.  When people see a price of toilet paper going for $50 or $60 they instantly think price gouging.  What they fail to realize is that the cost of the item is $14 (or more depending), the cost of the packaging material that goes into each item is roughly $1 (box, tape, paper, label, gas) and then there are PayPal fees, the cost of shipping – which can range from $15-$25 by itself.  At the end of the day we may see a profit off $5-$15 in some cases.   What we do with our profits is personal, but it should be noted that it serves a good purpose.”

The company also doesn’t appear to be hoarding toilet paper.  According to inventory and stock levels across the entire website they have no less than 20 items available for purchase at any given time.  In fact, when browsing on Charmin’s website for stores that are “stocked” there are none.  When browsing on Walmart, Home Depot, Menard’s, Target, Costco and other brand name stores directly – they too are also all out of stock.  A shipment arrives and within an hour – all the toilet paper is gone.

COBRA Says:  So whose to blame here?  The supplier who refuses to make enough for it’s customers?  Or the bottom feeders trying to support their families?  You decide, vote below, I just bought some, thanks you greedy scumbags!

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The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Personally speaking, we don’t give a sh*t.  There are far more things to worry about and stress about than toilet paper.  The company says it pretty straight forward on their website:  “This isn’t hand sanitizer, this isn’t face masks, this isn’t ventilators”.  If needed someone can wipe their ass with napkins, paper towels, kleenex, wipes, take a shower or buy some of the off-brand cheap toilet paper available out there.  From our standpoint there is toilet paper available in the vast majority of stores located in Northeast Ohio.  The only brand that seems to be missing is Charmin.  Which means, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to wipe your ass, you can do so affordable and utilize one of the many other options or brands that are available (Angel Soft, Quilten Northern, Scott, etc).  For the rest of the country having a toilet paper crisis if you do not wish to pay high prices for Charmin, you can shop on eBay and other websites for really cheap toilet paper.  If you want to pay for it then by all means visit iWantCharmin.com.


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