Hey Scumbagged, this guys name is Eric Freda and he has been featured on numerous sites across the globe for his unique and albeit devious ways.  This article briefly sheds light and provides information as to his previous history, included but not limited to pictures and sensitive information that transpired in the past three years.

Eric Freda and I were together for several years. In 2011, my grandmother passed away and I had to fly out of state to Nevada for her funeral. While he was away, he hooked up with his ex girlfriend from high school. They had sex over a three day period while I was out of state. When I returned, she came to my home and told me what had happened. She explained that she was in a bad marriage and things, “just happened”. When I confronted Eric he was without remorse and told me it was my fault because I went away and he had “needs”.

He used to enjoy sleeping in women’s panties and I never told anyone until after we broke up. I am hoping that he will now see the error he made and publicly apologize to me. It’s been over three years and I cannot move on from being betrayed in a time where I really needed him to be there for me.

Eric Freda Panty Wearing Gallery

HAWK Says:  Not cool, not cool at all….  What a scumbag thing to do to someone you supposedly “love”.  

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Well its safe to say that if you’re going to cheat in this manner to at least be a little smarter.  Ensure prior to cheating (if you so choose to do so) that all panty pictures and damning images are removed from all devices, yours and your significant others.  Otherwise, well, shit like this happens.  Thanks for the laugh though Eric!



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