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BLACKLISTED – Jeremy Lynn [AUDIO] (Berwick, PA)


Jeremy lynn Berwick PA he is a child abusing meth using no good junkie woman using , abusing scumbag! He broke her heart accused her of cheating and he was cheating the whole time denying it and spreading STDs innocently to her!

HAWK Says:  Wtf is happening here?  LOL

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  1. That ain’t Jeremy Lynn’s picture. Jeremy has a reddish brown mustache and a beard. Plus, he wears a ball cap 🧢, possibly trying to cover up his balding head. 😆

    Jeremy is known to stick up his middle finger in his pictures, trying to prove he’s a bad ass, or something. Just listening to this audio of him screaming like a lunatic is enough to drive any horny girl away. They’re better off with their vibrators than having that psycho loser hump them! I hope his ex finally got that vile bag of shit out of her “holme”. 🤣


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