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Tom Keenan, The Liberal Terrorist – Philadelphia’s Own Antifa Scumbag Indicted (Philadelphia, PA)


This fat scumbag, liberal terrorist was arrested and charged with 10 felony offenses for his alleged role in attacking two Marine Corps Reservists outside the “We the People” rally on November 17, 2018 in Philadelphia. Tom Keenan is a leader of a Philadelphia antifa group. He was charged with two counts each of terroristic threats, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment.

Tom Keenan has been involved with terrorism for over ten years! In 2007, Keenan was arrested during a counter-protest at an alleged Ku Klux Klan rally near City Hall. Tom Keenan was charged with institutional vandalism, criminal conspiracy, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest, among other counts. Despite the slew of offenses leveraged against him, Keenan struck a plea deal and was convicted of a single count of disorderly conduct. So, in addition with his other faults, Tom Keenan is also a snitch! Don’t be friends with this jerkoff! If he gets into trouble, he will be dragging you down with him! Keenan will snitch you out to the cops, to lessen any charges against him!

This fat turd’s latest incident of terrorism occurred at approximately 3:20 p.m on 11/17, when his group of male and female counter-protesters attacked several military reservists while calling them “white supremacists” and “Nazis,”. This terrorist Keenan, along with his radical, leftist pig friends pummeled and maced military personnel.

HAWK Says:  Homegrown terrorism hiding behind the name of Antifa, typical liberals.  Personal thought…  When will George Soros be held accountable for his interference, support and funding of chaos in the United States?  One man has caused far more damage than some entire countries.  Fucker needs to be placed in a Special Housing Unit for the rest of his life.  #SHUSOROS

Tom Keenan, Philadelphia’s own Antifa scumbag

Tom Keenan is a joke! He is angry because he is fat, has high blood pressure and has a small penis. He is a fanatic radical! Stay away from this loser! He is a laughable scumbag who is jealous of real men and looks for reasons to attack them, in hopes to feel better about his inadequate manhood. Do not let this guy have sex with you! He will not be able to get it in, due to his obese frame and flabby gut! Avoid this psycho loser who lives at home with his daddy, in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia. Tom Keenan doesn’t have a real job and is obsessed with hate! This psycho scumbag needs to be locked up permanently, so he can’t hurt other people! Keep this beastly pig in prison and put his gross, slimy, fat-body on a diet!

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The Bottom Line:  Anyone who is a member of Antifa should be indicted for “Conspiracy” at the very least.  Federal authorities should launch sweeps across the country and round up anyone who is remotely involved with the group.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you are a part of Antifa you should really question yourself.  Are your values so eroded that you’re willing to support and stand for scumbags like Keenan who launch attacks on the U.S. Military?  Or are you a free thinker with the ability to sort through the lies and manipulation you’ve been fed?  Only time will tell…


Philly Antifa Activist Tom Keenan Charged in Assault on Marines

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