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Jeffrey Bauer – The Cheating, Abusing, Arsonist (Nottingham, PA)


This mugshot is of Jeffrey Marc Bauer who is originally from Nottingham/Oxford, Pennsylvania. This 48 year old man is now incarcerated at a state correctional institution at Huntingdon, PA. He has been there for over 12 years. His sentence originally was for 12-24 years. His crimes were arson and attempted murder. Jeffrey Bauer had set his house on fire, back in January 2007, trying to murder his wife and their three daughters.

Fortunately, the family escaped from the burning house, without any physical injuries. Jeffrey Bauer was arrested that same day. Jeff’s father had bailed him out of jail, a day or so later. While Jeff was out on bail, he was living with his father, and he was also living with his girlfriend (mistress), until his court date. During the time this lunatic was out on bail, his estranged wife and daughters had minimal protection and assistance from the state they had also lived in. They had to live in fear, fire destruction, and emotional trauma, during the entire ordeal, and then afterwards.

Jeff had a mistress during the time he had set his family’s house on fire. In fact, he started having an affair, several months prior. Jeff got so involved with his mistress, that he wanted to end his marriage, but not in a divorce. The truth is, was that he wanted to dispose of his wife and daughters, for the insurance money and to be with his mistress. But after he got caught and was arrested, he had later pleaded insanity. Unfortunately, the judge and jury had bought into some of his bullshit. Instead of sending Jeff to a hard-core prison near where he had lived and had committed his crimes, Jeff was instead taken across the state to do his time elsewhere at a vocational correctional facility, where he could learn several trades and was safe from other inmates who knew about him.

Jeffrey bauer
Jeffrey Bauer is an arsonist amongst many other things.

Child killers and abusers aren’t very popular in prison!

Bauer’s attorney and judge knew this, which is why they sent him to another county across the state. This could also be why there was never an actual PA court record on Jeffrey Bauer publicly posted online. There was never a mugshot publicly posted either, until just recently. Again, the state has been more concerned over Jeffrey Bauer’s privacy and safety than the safety of his former wife and children, whom he had tried to murder, years ago.

This violent animal claimed to have suffered from depression. Well, that was another excuse he had used in court and others had bought into it. Yes, apparently having to be with his wife and daughters had made Jeffrey Bauer depressed. But being able to get into his former employee’s wife’s panties regularly, made him temporarily happy. Of course, that wasn’t enough. What he really wanted was to do away with the wife and kids, get a big cash payout, and then make his side chick his main woman. Jeffrey Bauer wasn’t depressed. He was just being a heartless, destructive, selfish prick!

Jeff Bauer had anger and jealousy issues, over his wife. Before he had set fire to their home, Jeff admitted to his wife that he wanted to be with his girlfriend, instead of being at home with his wife and family. But Jeff didn’t want his wife to date and or to be with anybody else. Furthermore, it was stated that the mistress had told Jeff that he had to choose between her or his wife. It was also rumored that Jeff’s mistress (Tammy Norris-Jones from Peach Bottom, PA) was also involved with wanting to kill Jeffrey Bauer’s wife and children, but luckily for her, that was never proven in court.

Jeff has already spent his minimum time in prison. He could be getting out soon; possibly even in the next few years. For your protection, here is his picture and all the information you need to know about this pathetic, batshit loser. You have been warned! Stay away from Jeffrey Bauer, for he is selfish, stupid, and extremely dangerous!

I highly doubt “this” Tammy was ever willing to “stand by her man”. There is no way in hell this high school dropout, promiscuous teen-mom, trailer trash slut would’ve ever had the patience to wait for her man and be true to him, while he has been locked up. More than likely, she had ditched his sorry ass a long time ago. So you can count on Jeff Bauer being out on the prowl, looking for a new girlfriend, once he is released; unless of course, he has turned gay after being locked away in an all-male prison for so many years. That probably isn’t the case, since he has this morbid lust for young and ignorant women. That’s what got him into trouble in the first place. And he is much too weak and too stupid to give up his passion of wanting to have that “babygirl” in his life again. So you can bet he hasn’t changed much, nor has he learned anything, at all. Beware!


Jeffrey Bauer loves young, slender women; so if you are between the ages of 18-35, watch out! Single moms need to beware too. Do not substitute your baby-daddy with this violent man who had tried to murder his own children. 🏃🏽‍♀️RUN from him! 🏃🏼‍♀️ Avoid this asshole!


  1. Isn’t this funny. Anyone that knows the real story knows that Lori Bauer didn’t want to work. She wanted a man to take care of her. She never held a job. She moved Tammy’s husband in with her before things got bad. She even talked him into providing for her and her kids before she waited for him to go to work and rented a u haul truck to come and take everything out of HIS house even his food out of the fridge! Then she ran to mommy! There was no insurance policy! The lazy bitch wasn’t paying the bills! On the other hand. Tammy was a full time worker n a nursing home! Funny how she still try to play a victim. And I hope you read this Lori! As I have spoken to a lawyer and I can go after you in court for slander!

  2. Isn’t it funny, Tammy that the main thing you remember the most and are the most concerned with is that Lori didn’t have a job, back then. Jealous much? Yeah, I heard when Lori and the kids went to visit family, you were all up in Jeff’s house, cleaning it and trying to prove to him that you were the better woman, because you wanted Lori’s life for yourself!

    I can kind of understand why. Working in a nursing home is a shitty job. I’d be looking for other options too. But screwing around with my husband’s boss, would not be one of them. Instead of trying to get a better life for yourself, you screwed up the lives of six other people. Seven, if you include yourself. Way to go…NOT! 😂

    Yes, getting a lawyer and suing for slander wouldn’t be a bad idea, if what was posted about you were lies. It’s all true. You don’t have a leg to stand on. But then again, you were much better at spreading your legs, instead of standing on them.

    Get your lawyer to demand IP addresses from these sites too. That will take you right to Lori.😆 Who are you fooling? Your broke ass can’t afford a lawyer. You need a better paying job.

    • Wow I bet all this wonderful info came from Tammy’s then husband right! Ya know the guy Lori was living with when all this went down! Hmm funny how only some things get mentioned within these stories. Don’t wry, I won’t spill his name on here, I’m not interested in stooping as low as ppl on here. It’s really sad how far ppl will go to hurt someone that wasn’t the only one doing wrong! There were 4 adults doing wrong during this crap show! Yes there’s no doubt what Jeff did was really wrong! It was a terrible thing to do! But to throw Tammy’s name and personal business out there like this….come grow up! Ppl really sicken me.

  3. Does any one even know that Tammy and Jeff are once again together? She’s living with another man and is still in a relationship with Jeff. Amazing. He gets out and they find each other again. If you ever see them ask them or better yet tell the man Tammy lives with now. Maybe he’d like to know about what his whore from the trailer park is up to these days.

    • Holy shit! Talk about stupid! I always heard that Jeff was dumber than a bag of rocks. He is certainly proving that rumor to be true. I don’t know the man Tammy is living with. Maybe someone that knows him, within his circles can tell him. Knowing Tammy, she’s probably trying to convince Jeff to go harm his ex and her kids again. I hope the next time he tries, Tammy gets caught in the act with him and has to spend the rest of her life IN JAIL! Jeff is probably on probation and can’t leave the state anyway.

    • From the trailer park….?? Who’s that?? Tam is not from a trailer park?? Yup u just proved you know nothing about her

    • Tammy is living in a trailer park now! If Tammy moved in with Jeff Bauer, she’s living in a trailer park in Nottingham! He just got a trailer on a lot in a trailer park, over near Nottingham Park.

      Tammy, if you’re there with him now, get him to pick you up a dozen cupcakes over at that Simply Sweet Cupcake Shop when you’re in between your raw and stinky sex sessions, you trifling ASS, ho bag porker! 🐷

      Jeff must be insanely desperate for pussy to still want to tap your bloated whale blubber ass, you FATTY! 🐳 That fat gash of yours smells like a busted shitter on a tuna boat!

    • Who the hell are you ppl? What the hell do you know?? Did any of you know, the only reason Brian got to be with Tammy is because he was sneaking across the street to see her while his NEIGHBOR/friend was at work???? Yeah bet he didn’t share that story with any of you ppl that know him soooo much….did he?????

    • What’s it to any of you????? Shame y’all have nothing better to do than run your mouths on this stupid site! Get a life ppl especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about which you obviously don’t know everything about Brian either!!!!

  4. Yes Tammy was cheating on Brian for over the last year. She left Brian last Saturday when he was away. I know him well and Tammy didn’t even leave him a note. He did not deserve that he is very hurt. She is nothing but a whore.

    • So I’m curious, you are so big and bad you can run your mouth on here, any chance you’re not too chicken to share your real name? You know her so well you know what she smells like??? Interesting. I’d like to know who you are Shame you have no real nerve you have to hide behind initials smh 🤦‍♂️ you must really be a sick person to talk like you do.

  5. Fuck Tammy. We Love Brian down in Virginia. He did not deserve this, he’s a good man. Tammy I hope u rot in hell and get beat on again lol. I heard all ab that past relationship. Have fun!!!!! We’re gonna get Brian a beach bitch

  6. Well, question for you all, did he tell you how bad he treated her over gaining weight? Did he tell you how bad he treated her if she didn’t clean as perfectly as he expected? Did he tell you how hateful he was to her just because he had a rough day at work? No matter how things turned out….he did NOT deserve to keep her! Oh yes but AGAIN he took her from a neighbor!!!!!!!! So he’s not at all so perfect !!!! Know ur facts!

  7. It really is sad that ppl have nothing better to do then to bash someone they don’t know at all, over the stupid internet….all over a story that is NOT completely the truth, a story that leaves certain details out! A story that only tells what the writer wants to be known from their side! I’m not going to waste any more of my own time, on getting into details about the true facts or about Tammy but, I will say this, she would never hurt anyone or try to get someone to hurt anyone like that story claims! It’s ashame that one idiot puts it on the internet that she got Jeff to do what he did to his family…what? Just because they say she told him to choose between her or his wife? Yeah that says she had to have been in on the plan of course right?? You all are fools! You shouldn’t always be so quick to Judge over crap on the internet! This thing about talking bad about her and her own decisions for HER OWN life….that have NOTHING to do with any of you, oh and you know nothing but one side of the story about Brian….wow you people really need to get a life! I personally have known Brian for many years! You say he’s so great and didn’t deserve this….well actually considering knowing how he got to be with Tammy….hmmmm ask him about that!! Brian is NOT a bad guy! But!!!!… he did NOT deserve to have her either. I’m thru with this crap I hope you all find a better way to spend your life then bashing ppl on the internet

  8. Wow! It sure is something else how many ppl have nothing better to do than to bash ppl on the internet, especially when they really don’t know everything about the stories that are told! There are things said about Tammy that are not at all true! But wait let’s just take the story tellers word for it right?! It does not matter about truth! It does not matter if you know what you are talking about! There are lies within the story about her and the Jeff guy!! There are lies being told about her here, now! I can tell you, I know this WONDERFUL guy Brian that’s mentioned! Clearly more than you do! I know all about how he treated Tammy, I know all about everything that happened in their relationship! Oh wait…here’s a good one for you wonderful people that know him so well, did anyone of you know how he got to be with her??? Did he tell you that story??🤔 well I do!! I will not bother dropping to y’all’s level of completely bashing him over this ignorant internet bull! But uh yeah before you act like he’s so great! Before you act like you know him so well….if you have the nerve, ask BRIAN THE GREAT how he got to know Tammy in the first place! Go ahead! U wonderful VIRGINIA PEOPLE Try educating yourself a bit before running you’re mouths about things you obviously know nothing about other then partial truths! I mean seriously ppl, you really not have anything better to do then hop on here bashing ppl you don’t REALLY know???? Come on pretty pathetic

    Ps. Get a life!

  9. Yep, she’s a whore! Doesn’t matter tho how Brian met her right? It’s just all about what the girl does! I guarantee you I know more about both of them than you! I am also pretty darn sure Brian wouldn’t want his name or business being brought up online! I’d hate for his last name to be posted but it could happen if this shit talk continues

    • If Brian wants to go find that fat slut ex girlfriend of his, she’s over at the Lucky Seven Trailer, over on Reid, near Glen Roy, in Nottingham. Jeff’s more than likely on probation, so if he gives you any shit, he goes back to jail!

  10. Do y’all really have nothing to do than say a lot of bullshit ? Nobody cares at this point! It’s been 16 years, get over it already. Everyone moved on but y’all still holding on the end of a cats tail. Just stick it up your ass around the corner where the sun don’t shine. Get off the damn phone right now grow a pair ,confront them and say it to their faces. Oh wait never mind y’all just gonna keep doing the same shit and be a bunch of pussies and hide behind the screen… TEAM JEFF 🙃

  11. Its official now everyone. A few months ago Ms Tammy left Mr Brian to go back to Mr Jeff well guess what brews in this amazing saga. Ms Tammy has left Mr Jeff after a few months to return to her former abuser, yes abuser because that’s what he was to her and everyone from friends to family knows it to be true, to go back to Mr Brian. Mr Brian you need to realize and acknowledge that she is a trailer trash, cheating, fat sloppy whore. Do you remember all the times over the years with her she cheated on you for you to take her back? Yes Mr Brian there has been multiple men over the years and everyone but you knows it evidently. How long was Mr Jeff and Ms Tammy running around behind your back before she left you for him? Mr Brian you should have left that piece of lying, cheating, fat sloppy pig trash in the trailer park where she belongs with that cheating, lying arsonist piece of shit Mr Jeff. You’d be so much happier without her Mr Brian and live a better life without worry of her doing this to you again. Probably already is. I thought so much better of you Mr Brian after you finally let her go but here you are proving to everyone around you that your no better than the two cheaters that belong together. Hopefully you all go into the woods soon and kill yourselves and rid the world of the shit you all are. Just go away. All of you just please go away.

  12. We had your back down here in Virginia Brian then you take that cheating trailer trash whore back. Then you have the nerve to bring her back down here. How do you think that makes you look to us after all the shit you talked about her and him. You told us never again. You told us you would never take her back but here you are doing the opposite of all you told us. Brian you need to ship her back to that piece of shit you took her back from. They belong together. You need to rid your life of the cheating trailer trash whore parasite she really is. She’s not welcome here anymore and if you continue to bring her here with you you might not be welcome either. Brian make life easier on yourself and everyone around you and get rid of her. Let that piece of shit have her. He deserves the rottin life she’ll give him. Live in peace Brian and get rid of her. Let her go once and for all. Cheaters and liars and pieces of shit deserve to be together and thats them. Not you.

    • Well well here we are again, just when you think you know who you’re talking about, what they are really like, and bash people on the internet, yes you are looking pretty stupid to me CLAYTON hahaha never should ran you’re mouth to begin with! You as mentioned before don’t really know any of these people at all now do you??? Again know the true facts completely before involving yourself dummy lol 😝

  13. Brian we sat here and listened to you shit talk and bad mouth and trash Tammy and Jeff for several weekends. Looked him up online with you. That guys a piece of shit. You told us she was a liar and cheater and he was a piece of shit and cheater and abuser. You told us all about what happened and we listened and believed your every word then you take that trailer trash whore back! Why Brian? After a couple of weeks you were smiling again. Happy. Hanging out and having a drink with your real friends talking about cars and life. Your Virgina family. You were doing so much better then you show up with that fat whore shitbag and your back to being a grumpy old man who just wants to be left alone and fight with her. Don’t you get it Brian? You were happy! Why’d you take her back? Get rid of her. All she’s going to do is annoy and frustrate and disappoint you over and over again. Don’t you get it at all? We all told you to leave her alone and forget about her. You told us you were done and that you’d never take her back. We don’t want her down here at all. Clayton said it and now we’ll all say it to you. Leave her. Run! Leave her and run to us and we’ll find you a new woman down here who appreciates and admires you and what you do. Brian if you do bring her back down here do us all a favor, take her for a walk by the water and push her back into the water she slithered out of. She a cheater and liar and you said it yourself nothing but a trailer trash whore and liar. Push her back into the ocean and find you a real woman who cares about and loves you because of who you are. Leave her home Brian. She’s no longer welcome here. Get rid of her before she cheats and lies and leaves and hurts you again. We love you down here. Your welcome anytime. She’s not. We are your Virgina family!

  14. Im about to hurt alot of feelings here so if you get offended oh well. Tammy Jones is a lying cheating whale pig slut trailer trash whore. Jeff Bauer is a cheating lying fire bug piece of shit. Brian Henry is a cheating lying girlfriend stealing abusing, yes abusing just ask Tammy Jones family and the mother of his children, asshole. Tammy Jones has cheated on Brian Henry for their entire time together. Tammy Jones has even fucked men right there where her and Brian Henry sleep. Tammy Jones did you think nobody would ever talk about this shit? One boy, yes boy and you know what im talking about, spent hours drunk at the bar telling everyone that he fucked you in your own bed while Brian Henry was out of town. People like to talk Tammy Jones when they are drunk but I guess you know all about that since you cant stay out of the bottle either. You cheated on Brian Henry for over a year with Jeff Bauer then left Brian Henry to be with Jeff Bauer. How long were you faithful to Jeff Bauer? According to Brian Henry not long. Tammy Jones ran around behind your back too Jeff Bauer with Brian Henry who recently she left you to go back to to be used and abused by again. Yes Brian Henry has already started abusing Tammy Jones again and people are talking about it and seen it already. Especially Brian Henrys friends in Virgina. Brian Henry is no better. Brian Henry stole Tammy Jones from his friend and neighbor while said neighbor was at work driving truck. Cheater. He would sneak over after his friend would leave for work and see and fuck her where she lived with his neighbor friend. Then one day Tammy Jones disappeared to only reappear living with Brian Henry. Asshole. Cheaters. Dont get it twisted Jeff Bauer is no better. Jeff Bauer met Tammy Jones at his work at Herrs where he worked with her then husband. Jeff Bauer would take Tammy Jones at least once or twice a month to a motel where they would fuck all night while her husband and his wife were home taking care of the homes and families. After Jeff Bauers wife kicked him out Tammy Jones and Jeff Bauer ramped up their time together. In the end Tammy Jones gave Jeff Bauer an ultimatum which caused Jeff Bauer to set his own house on fire with his wife her boyfriend and his kids inside on fire. Fire bug and cheater piece of shit. After bailing out of jail Jeff Bauer lived with Tammy Jones and her mother and son. In court documents which anybody has access to everyone stated, Jeff Bauers wife oldest daughter and Tammy Jones, that Jeff Bauer never hit or raised a hand to anyone he associated with. Check the court documents everyone. There was no physical abuse only the mental head game abuse they suffered because of Jeff Bauers lack of control and respect for anyone but himself. Upon getting out of prison after about 15 years Jeff Bauer found Tammy Jones and they picked up right where they left off. Cheating pieces of shit. For over a year Jeff Bauer and Tammy Jones ran around and cheated and fucked behind Brian Henrys back. This would lead to Tammy Jones leaving Brian Henry to be with Jeff Bauer once again but there is a problem here. This is where everything gets interesting for me. Everyone from family and friends that knew or saw Jeff Bauer and Tammy Jones together saw a happy playful hands all over each other couple. My wife and I saw them once at the walmart and she kept pinching his ass and holding his hand and kissing him as they laughed and walked around shopping. Jeff Bauer looked just as happy playing back with Tammy Jones. What happened to that happy couple? Brian Henry and Tammy Jones are rarely seen together and never look like the couple Tammy Jones and Jeff Bauer are. Why cheat and lie all over again Tammy Jones? Why leave to go back to your former abuser when you seemed to everyone around you to be happy? Yes Jeff Bauer is a lying cheating piece of shit but at least to Tammy Jones he genuinely loves her. Brian Henry yes your an asshole but you deserve so much better. Shes has cheated your entire time together and she’ll do it all over again because she is a serial cheater. Once a cheater always a cheater. Get rid of all the negativity and lying and cheating and get rid of the fat ugly trailer trash slut whore she is Brian Henry. You deserve to be happy and until your life is Tammy Jones free that will never happen. Maybe Tammy Jones and Jeff Bauer do belong together to lie and cheat and make each other do shit they normally wouldn’t do like set houses on fire. Maybe one or all of you will rid the world of the lying cheating trailer trash you all are. Do it. Nobody will miss any of you. Let me finish with this. Court documents are there under an act called freedom of information. Go get copies of Jeff Bauers case and you will see everything more clearly. Lastly as you can tell I know everyone in this story. Brian Henry has been my mechanic for over 10 years. Good mechanic but one of the worlds biggest asshole pieces of shit. I knew Tammy Jones father, great guy rest in piece, and have known the trailer trash whore she is since she was 10. Jeff Bauer I met in 1993 when he worked at a body shop in oxford where I used to have my cars repaired and I can tell you yes he is an arrogant piece of shit too. Thats my story. Im tired of hearing the rumors and speculations and seeing what your all posting here. Its almost all lies except one or two post. You know who you are and thank you for being honest. Jeff Bauer. Tammy Jones. Brian Henry. Please do us all a favor and go away.

    • So….mysterious person…so tired of all the post and lies? Why are u on here? None of this is your business! Unless it’s Jeff telling the stories???? Hmm either way whoever u are, you need to take ur own advice and GO AWAY you sound like a really sick disturbed individual on here. GET A LIFE go get some mental help! You need it! 🫠 AND to the VIRGINIA FAMILY…. Get real get over urselves! If u really exist! I think I know who’s REALLY writing all this crap, playing mind games, or I should say trying to play mind games. Get over it! Move along! Your words on this bullshit site….aren’t going to change a thing! Nice try! You know who you are!! 🤣

  15. Well said, “Friend To Them All”.

    Jeff is so gullible and stupid, he is probably waiting for Tammy to come back to him. He deserves every bit of drama he gets.

    If she doesn’t come back, Jeff could always hook up with Jolene Johnson, who is also on here. I mean, she would be a great catch for him, since he likes loose, trailer park women so much. She’s a thief and he’s a pyromaniac. 🔥 Jeff can move Jolene into his trailer and can finally get Jolene out of her parents’ trailer! 🤣😂

    • Dude, that’s messed up. Ironically, Ms. Johnson has a grown kid who lives in that neighborhood, with her family. On the same street as Jeff Bauer! Strange, but ppl will warn you if you’re living near a sex offender. But no one is warning families about this neighbor who is an arsonist that tried to murder his own wife and children. He’s violent! Jeff Bauer shouldn’t be allowed near ANY family, especially not near a young mother and her child.

  16. i’ve got some great photographs from last night and the trailer park all lit up in flashing and blinking lights. Is there a way to put them on this site? Someone mentioned an upcoming wedding which I assume is Tammy and Brian since she went back to him and left Jeff. Maybe keep a lookout for an obituary in the next few days. How about a funeral then a wedding? Keep praying everyone.

    • Photographs? Look closely asshole. Wrong house. That was the house next to Jeff. His address was posted on here remember? Lucky number 7. Its post like that that make this site 95% falsities and untruths. The only people that know what happened are Brian and Tammy about them and Jeff and Tammy about them but at the end of the day only Tammy knows what is really going on because shes the one it seems cant decide on what to do. Everyone talks about all the abuse she suffered with Brian so she left him. She was with Jeff a few months and everyone talks about how happy she was with him but then cheated on him to go back to Brian. Why go back to her so called abuser? Only Tammy knows who she wants in her life. Only Tammy knows the reasons for what shes doing. Right or wrong its her decision. I just hope that before its too late for her or these men that she ends up with the one she loves and is happy with and can share a life with. Tammy think about this. Where do you want to be and with whom in 5 or 10 years? Good luck everyone mentioned on here. God bless.


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