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Why Join V.I.P?

Why not?  It’s actually really cool how we’ve set this up.  Here’s a breakdown of everything you get once you sign up for V.I.P:

  • Unrestricted Content – View all restricted content that is contained within articles.
  • Remove Ad’s – All Advertisements on Scumbagged are hidden.
  • Insider Information – Know first hand the articles that are pending before they even go live!
    • Sensitive information such as submitter info is never released.
  • Classified Information – Lawsuits, Dismissals, Local, State & Federal Communications, etc.
    • This information is being revealed periodically and is set on a schedule within Area51.
    • Must be VIP Monthly Member.
  • Restricted Content List – Full detailed and documented list of all restricted content across Scumbagged (over 300 .pdf’s, videos, audio’s, images & screenshots and counting).
  • Bonus Material – See publications that never wen’t live, or that were removed for one reason or another.
  • Contests & Prizes – 3 winners will be announced 6/5/2019.  1st place receives a free 30 day Netflix account.  2nd place receives a free Scumbagged T-Shirt.  3rd place receives a free 1 month V.I.P membership.
    • Must be VIP Monthly Member.
  • #SCUM Box – Chat with other VIP Members and the Scumbagged Team.
  • Freebies & Discounts – Get free services and or huge discounts on products from Scumbagged Sponsored companies.
  • Breaking Stories & The Results – See the spotlighted stories and the results that happened after our users published them.
  • Scumbagged Girls & Scumbagged Guys – See 104 images of women and 89 of the men. Many of these images are not public and have been hidden from public view even though they were submitted.  In most cases because they were too sensitive to view (especially for the women).
    • Monthly VIP Members Only
  • Advertising 50% Off – Own a business?  Interested in advertising?  If you’re a VIP member you get 50% off of all Scumbagged advertising prices.
  • More On The Way – There is more coming! Your feedback and recommendations are always welcome.
    • Things we have in mind:  Online users logged in list with special usergroup colors.  Profile image updates, more functionality for user accounts, distinguishing VIP from average users.  Personal profiles with favorite lists of articles, notes, personal pages for your own entries perhaps.  Obviously more content, more images, updates, more censored content only available to you.
  • The Best Part… Is that you not only get something in return that’s truly worth it – but you also contribute and help Scumbagged grow.

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