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Parma Police Exposed: Harassment, Gang Stalking & Lawsuits (Parma, Ohio)


The city of Parma and it’s residents have a tough road ahead of them, literally.  Home values have declined by more than 20% since 2007, businesses are leaving, stores are closing, drugs & crime are running rampant & the cities police officers are harassing & gang stalking their motorists.

The individuals who could make things better, who should be focused on cleaning up the city & making Parma a safer & better place to live, simply aren’t.  The Parma Police are too busy and primarily focused on what is known as gang stalking.  In this article, you will see first hand as Parma Police Sergeant John Porec deliberately harasses & gang stalks Matt Osbourne, all of which was caught on video.

On February 20, 2018, Matt Osbourne was on the job & out searching for vehicles that needed to be repossessed.  The Vendetta Towing employee figured that since it was 70 degrees (a rarity in Ohio for February) that it would be the perfect night to take his motorcycle out to survey the area.  That was until he had noticed that his tags had fallen off his bike when stopping at a local BP gas station.  Mr. Osbourne was in the process of having his vehicle picked up when the Parma Police pulled onto the gas stations private property.

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Osbourne wasn’t driving the motorcycle when the cops stopped him, he was standing outside of BP and that’s when everything turned ugly.  He was placed in the back of a police cruiser and given a citation.  Repeatedly, Mr. Osbourne asked the Parma Police Sergeant John Porec why they had stopped him, yet, no answer was given.  In the video below, you can see Matt Osbourne asking the officer – no less than ten times –  “why did you stop me”?.

After the video ends, Mr. Osbourne is then arrested for Obstructing Official Business by Sergeant John Porec for gathering his belongings from his motorcycle.  Even though the Parma Police Sergeant had advised him that he could take his things before his motorcycle was towed.  After he was released from Parma City jail at 4:30am, Mr. Osbourne went to a local Subway where the same officers from the altercation were also eating.  Osbourne was with his friend Steven Frameli who had picked him up from the jail.  The Parma police waited for them outside and then Sergeant John Porec followed the two for approximately one minute and then pulled them over.  Not for speeding, not for left of center, for nothing more than pure harassment.

Fun Fact:  In 2016, Sergeant John Porec was reimbursed $455.00 for meals while on the job.  That’s the equivalent to 91 $5 foot long sub’s from Subway.   Must be nice…

Matt Osbourne is filing a civil suit against the City of Parma and Sergeant John Porec for various rights and ethics violations that transpired that evening.  He also isn’t the first person to sue the Parma Police Department.   On January 7th, 2017, the Parma Police Department was forced to pay $170,000 in an excessive use of force lawsuit. and on October 11th, 2017, a Parma man filed a Federal Lawsuit against the Parma Police Department for violating his first amendment rights, just naming a few.

Matt Osbourne’s Statement

ERRATIC Says:  Hey Matt, we just spoke with our attorney’s and a local area bondsman – we’re fully prepared.  Wouldn’t doubt if the snowflakes at the Parma Police Department try to issue felony warrants on us for this article after seeing what they did to you.  Fucking scumbags… 

“they arrested my driver because they couldn’t come up with any answers”

“By the way they arrested my driver because they couldn’t come up with any answers to the questions that were asked!! Once my driver was released they went to get a sandwich down the street and all the police were there eating subway!! 4:30am the drivers get in their car and leave then the hillbilly police followed them from that location and pulled them over and gave two tickets !’ Is this not harassment?” – Owner of Vendetta Towing, Michelle St. John Belhouane.

Not So Fun Fact:  Parma has almost double the state average of crimes per sq. mile. With 61 crimes taking place compared to the entire state of Ohio’s 33.

GoFundMe Campaign

A GoFundMe has been started by Matthew Osbourne in an effort to pay his legal bills and to further expedite the legal action against the Parma Police Department.  Interested individuals can donate by visiting the following link:  https://www.gofundme.com/parma-police-lawsuit-stop-harassmen

Parma Police Complaints

Many Parma residents and local area citizen’s shared their similar situations and run-ins with the Parma Police Department on Facebook.  Those complaints can be found below.

The Bottom Line:  While Parma residents are on their way to or from work, or simply running to the store, they aren’t just dodging pot holes, but also the Parma Police Department.  The Parma Police, who have 93 full time officers, blatantly harass their motorists.  The motto is “protect and serve” not “stalk and harass”.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Anyone driving through Parma, turn your cameras on and have them on standby.  You have a high likelihood of being pulled over or catching an event that needs to be documented.  If you have a story to share, you can submit an article here.








  1. This article makes no sense and I’m calling BS. Why is this dude looking for vehicles to repossess while out driving on a motorcycle? Article says he was working, but that just don’t make sense. If he was working, why not drive a tow truck? You telling me if he sees a car that needs repossessed this dude has to call up his co-worker and then wait 30 minutes to an hour for the co-worker to show up and tow the car? That’s just plain stupid. After the police stop him the first time, why would they then arrest him after they allegedly tell him he can take his belongings? I bet he was only getting a ticket for the missing license plate, but then they arrested him only after turning into an a-hole. He was probably trying to take items from the bike before he was allowed. Cops need to go through a vehicle/bike to make sure you don’t have anything illegal in it before they tow it. Everyone knows this! The article never said what the second traffic stop ticket was for. I assume he got a second ticket right? Why not tell us what it was for? The article says it was for “pure harassment.” I lived in the CLE for all my life and I never heard of a “pure harassment” ticket! It’s hard to believe the cops would do all of this if dude wasn’t a straight up a**hole. The idiot thought he’d be funny and mouth off and record the cops. Now he got what he deserved!

    • Common sense is when you don’t know where a vehicle is to repossess, you don’t drive around a fuckin 12mpg tow truck to locate them. You go out hunting for the vehicles and then radio them in. That’s what common sense is…

      Regarding the ticket for the end of the night. Watch the videos and listen to his statement. They were eating at Subway, the same cop was there and then he waited for him to leave and pulled him over. That’s harassment and that is the definition of gang stalking.

      This is going to end with a fat ass paycheck for Matthew Osbourne and Parma PD will settle out of court for this matter or be whacked in federal court 10-20 years from now for fucking half a million bucks.

      What world do you live in though? Are you a cop? Just because you wear a badge doesn’t make you right, just because they have done some good things during their career doesn’t mean it’s okay to do the wrong things. That’s the problem in this country, these departments are held to different standards in some cases.

      Not anymore though 🙂

    • UPDATE: Osborne plead guilty to an amended charge of Disorderly Conduct and guilty to Driving Under Suspension in Parma Muni Court on 08/21/18. How’s that “fat ass paycheck” looking now?

  2. WOW! 😵 I lived in Cleveland and moved to Parma as a teenager ..the city was very nice then, Mayor Petruska made sure the streets and homes were kept up.the police dept was a tiny little building on W.54th..the cops weren’t horrible then to us troublemakers..BUT the reputation was always that the city was very , when we moved there in 1988 the police department would pull over a car if there was a black person driving or in the car.. things like that in the news all the time, always anti gang anti-drug. I really feel bad to hear that the streets and neighborhood are one down and the police department is like that SMH…😞
    It’s a damn shame but they have nothing better to do at night then to harass and waste Mr Osborne’s time and cause unneeded stress and financial difficulty , just to defend himself against this asshole! period..😱
    years back in the late 70s my father was coming home from work in Old Brooklyn around 4 a.m. . We lived on Amberly Avenue off of Broadview and Valley Road. My dad saw a Parma police car parked in the driveway of a known drug addict a street away from us, Parma police wasn’t supposed to be in Cleveland, especially at a house known for what it was… So my father called and turned them in, he just didn’t think Almighty Parma should get away with , and it was odd. Turns out both officers had been drinking, and visiting this woman for her “services” lol.. they were both fired and my father was in the newspaper LMAO! The last thing he wanted😨 he may as well I have had a blinking light on the top of his car when he went well I have had a blinking light on the top of his car anytime he drove through Parma. He wasn’t-liked as you can imagine. I think Mr Osborne should do everything he can to make sure that mr. Supervisor understands that he can’t treat people that way, your rights were disrespected, and he abused his authority in every way possible. I’m glad that you recorded it and able to hopefully make this situation stop. More power to you and good luck everything happens for a reason and you seem like a strong-minded intelligent person who will not back down… And teach the these assholes a lesson and how to treat the citizens that pay taxes in that City! Good luck to you Mr Osborne I wish you all the best..
    Nichole Giachetti

    • I apologize for the way my post was worded above, I was talking and my phone was texting for me, LOL sometimes that’s not a good idea unless you remember to check it before you send it!
      In all seriousness Matt Osbourne you have a solid case against the City of Parma and Mr. Supervisor himself( I would think).. with video of the police department blatantly breaking the law and violating your rights human being there is no way you can lose. Don’t give up don’t settle. 😀It’s about time somebody is able to put a stop to this hopefully. I was planning on moving back to Cleveland area.. I miss home .. I guess I’ll stay away from Parma. Good luck to you Matt


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