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#BOYCOTT Brian Griffith & Sheffield Automotive Sales: The Racist Cokehead Convict (Elyria, Ohio)


On March 6th, 2018, Andrea Reed and her mother wen’t out car shopping.  Andrea was searching for a vehicle that she could purchase for her son and so off the two went to Sheffield Automotive Sales located at 42383 N Ridge Rd., in Elyria, Ohio.  When the two arrived on the lot, they found a vehicle that was of interest and decided to test drive it.  The owner & salesman, Brian Griffith, shook Andrea’s hand, gave her the key’s and told her to have a smooth ride…  That’s when everything got bumpy.  

Readers Note:  Brian Griffith has an extensive criminal history related to drugs, violence against women and burglaries.  Scumbagged.com users have unearthed his entire criminal past and also shed light on his deep seated racism towards African Americans.  This article contains audio and criminal history information + Andrea Reed’s story.

Andrea explained to Mr. Griffith that she lived off of Lake Ave. in Lorain and that  “She/I simply wanted my husband to check out the car to see if it was suitable/safe.”  Approximately 20 minutes had lapsed since Andrea had driven off the lot when Brian Griffith proceeded to call her numerous times.  Andrea’s phone was on silent and in her purse and therefore his calls wen’t unanswered for a short period of time.  When she noticed she had two missed calls from him she called him back right away and informed him that she was right down the road and on her way.

Andrea Reed was simply trying to buy a car for her son.

Brian Griffith at this point was irate, asking and demanding her to repeatedly explain why she didn’t pick up the phone when he called.  The young woman informed him that she wasn’t out to steal his car, that she had taken it to have her husband look at it as she had mentioned.  Furthermore, she had left her new 2017 pickup truck on the parking lot – which was a surefire guarantee that she would be returning.  In the midst of the missed calls Mr. Griffith unknowingly left a voicemail on Andrea Reeds cellphone.  The YouTube video below has the full audio of this voicemail.  Be warned, it’s extremely vulgar and filled with numerous racist epithets.

Update 9:42PM 3/9/2018: Brian Griffith has left shameful comments & threatened Scumbagged due to this article (all of which can be found in the comments at the very end of this page).

Voicemail Audio & Transcribed

Video was removed from YouTube on 3/12/2018 so we uploaded it to another medium.  You may need to press pause and wait for the buffering to finish until you can play it.


“next fucking niGGer that pulls on this parking lot gets kicked out…”

“I won’t sell the god damn car, fucking nigger, their all the fucking same, sorry i’m an asshole I can’t help it, (inaudible) I’m fuckin pissed! (huh) no, they won’t answer the fuckin phone, (huh), that’s the point there getting (inaudible), next fucking nigger that pulls on this parking lot gets kicked out of here. I can’t fuckin, (inaudible).”  Brian Griffith, Sheffield Automotive Sales OWNER

Andrea Reed wen’t on to say “I”m the type that loves everyone no matter their race but not everyone shares my heart. Terrible. May GOD bless him.” 

COBRA Says:  Andrea you are far too kind and far too nice, but good way to take the high road.  You didn’t deserve that kind of treatment, even if you did take the car for a little longer than he had planned.  Nobody should talk to anybody like that, point blank, period.  Don’t worry, he’ll be known forever for his racist, sadistic, sociopathic ways…  What a fucking scumbag…

It should be noted that Mr. Griffith has a history of back-room racial jokes and is without a doubt a racist.  He’s been to jail numerous times and has gotten hell bent on cocaine induced manic modes on many occasions (and he still dabbles, hard).  Griffith is a sick and twisted individual, he’s nothing more than a racist and a con man whose best represented by Danny Davito in the movie “Matilda”.  He will intentionally sell you a lemon in a heartbeat while laughing his racist ass all the way to the bank.  Well, hopefully not anymore…

Brian Griffith’s Information

Brian Griffith is a racist car dealer.

NOTICE:  This information is for pure informational purposes only and is not intended to be utilized in any illegal or threatening manner.  We urge you to take the high road and act responsibly.  Don’t shop here, boycott, etc.

Criminal History

Brian Griffith has an extensive criminal history, one that he even proclaimed himself as being wild.  In 1995 and 1998 he was charged with Domestic Violence.  In 2001 Obstruction of Official Business & in 2007 Possession of Cocaine.  More charges followed in 2008 with a Burglary & Criminal Damaging case.  Then again in 2009 he was charged with Menacing By Stalking, Aggravated Burglary & Criminal Damaging.  He also has several civil cases, ironically vehicles repossessed and much more in Lorain Municipal, Lorain Common Please & in Elyria Municipal & Elyria Common Pleas.

  • In case #1995CRB01044 – Domestic Violence (Elyria)
  • In case #1998CRB00520 – Domestic Violence (Elyria)

The Bottom Line:  Brian Griffith is a racist, it’s cut and dry there.  He attempts to fluff himself up by spewing racial epithets in an effort to make himself feel like he’s something or someone special.  In all reality Mr. Griffith is nothing more than an old lonely man whose stuck utilizing Backpage (which he refers to as “dating sites”), living in a decrepit apartment, going broke, growing old and all alone, just him and his dog and a few junk cars.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Avoid Sheffield Automotive Sales at all costs.  A total #boycott should ensue this location and this individual.  Anywhere that Mr. Griffith goes, any business that he creates, Scumbagged will be there waiting.  Mr. Griffith, when you read this – perhaps you should truly take note of the things you’ve said and your mentality.  Also try growing some hair (rogain perhaps?) – lose the skinhead/neo-nazi look – it’s 2018 and time to grow up already.


  1. Andrea Reed is a lovely person. She has volunteered at the YWCA on many occasions and will help ANYONE in a heart beat. She have a given heart and even said she feels bad for this guy but she knows he need to learn not to treat others like this. She didn’t deserve this and she is far from a NIGGER!

  2. This is such bullshit!! And when u take someones car for TWO HOURS and don’t answer your phone.. fuck andrea reed.. shes a peice of shit..

    • You done fucked up, proof is in the pudding, do u have a voicemail of someone calling u racial slurs? Do u have proof she was gone for “2 hours” no u don’t. We all have heard about the person u are, your criminal record shows as does ir ravist ass remarks doesn’t matter if someone was gone for 2 hrs, u call the police then, what reason do u have to call someone a ni**er? U donate to charity for homeless black kids? Thats the same as saying I am not racist I have a friend whose black. U sound just as ignorant as u look!

    • Wait what and you still talking shit???? You lucky she saved because if it was me we would show you how niggers get down🤷🤷🤷

    • It is completely irrelevant if she was gone 2 mins or 2 hours, but is relevant is the voicemail which displays what truly lies within your heart. Your are a freaking hate filled racist whom God finally decided to expose. You are truly the degenerate in this country. GTF out of our country!!!!

  3. All of.ylj asshes can KISS MY ASS!! I donate $400 every single month to help support homeless black children!! Fjck this ridiculous post.. it’s all lies.. F uck each and every one of you.. fucking LOSERS

  4. F uck each and every one of youu.. especially the cunt that told a story second hand that knows nothing about what REALLY HAPPENED

    • You’re garbage. Don’t you have a KKK meeting to attend somewhere?

      Also we look forward to the court proceedings (if you really follow through with it).

      Below is a screenshot of a submitted post made by Mr. Griffith to Scumbagged.com a few hours ago.

      Brian Griffith threatens

    • Can’t be deformation of character of libel if what is being said is true moron, also there’s this thing called freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I bet with your record the judge will laugh your ass right out the court room and make u pay for emotional damage and charge u with hate crimes if they wanted to dumb fuck.

  5. Regardless if she was gone 20 minutes or 2 hours, does that give YOU, Brian Griffith, the right to say what you said, in that voicemail?
    I sincerely hope this ruins your business.

  6. 2 hours is a really long time for a “test drive” and to not answer a phone call. I would be upset as well. However, it doesn’t excuse his racial rant and racial profiling for future customers based on just this one incident. It’s pretty clear that he has always had this mentality by insinuating that “they’re all the same” and stating the next one that comes into this parking lot is getting kicked out. This is not the mentality of someone who is angry at just one person but is discriminative of blacks in general. He states he is suing this website for defamation of character but it was he himself who is the cause of his own defamation. This site simply just shed light on it. You should feel liberated sir that you no longer have to hide your hatred towards people of color. I sincerely hope that your business suffers because of the hatred in your heart. God don’t like ugly but he certainly had a sense of humor in you. #BoycottIndeed

  7. You should be ashamed. You are a terrible person!!!!!! Frustration is one thing but blatant racism is another. There is no excuse or justification for your actions. You can cry about defamation but the voicemail is there and your criminal record is there. Those are facts and not defamation. Maybe you should have thought about your character before being a racist jackass and a drug addicted and violent criminal. Karma is real and it will come hopefully in the form of you losing that sorry excuse of a business. You couldn’t make it anywhere else so you opened up a car lot that scams people. Instead of asking for forgiveness and apologizing you are just digging yourself deeper. Further harrassing a victim is awful. You’ve already done enough damage. Just stop.

  8. i was with my daughter when we test drove the car i am just going to say this my daughter and i are not NIGGERS. we are very educated, i feel or i know that Brain Griffin is the Nigger because he is VERY VERY IGNORANT.

  9. He is a very good man you should not take someone’s car and not answer and expect them not to be mad but that don’t give him the right to use that word but don’t try and but all his business out there like that it don’t matter what he did in the past he is a changed man

  10. And my family bought 3 cardboard from him and they run perfect and he fixed one that we broke with out us having to pay for it

  11. I bought a car from him and he was awesome…i will go to him again! Me and my black husband…so everyone on here is perfect right? So the 3 young African American ladies that called me a fat white bitch was socially acceptable…but Im still ok! I dont care about peoples past…its just that…PAST. so all the perfect people that have never said something out of haste and anger please feel free to blow up this post into a bad thing. And when i wake up tomorrow im still gonna be OK!

    • It’s not right that any one called you out your name. He is supposed to be running a business and should treat all his customers with respect. You have the right to spend your money where you like just like any one on this post. We have decided not to spend it with him. So you have a good day!!

    • Wow Really! Whoever the young women were don’t own a business. If you think it is okay to be called that name, then something is clearly wrong with you and your black husband.

  12. If anonymous is euroamerican it’s not a shocker he fixed your cardboard. Also, if ppl happened to be married to oj or tiger and they don’t mind patronizing a business that racially insults them it’s their choice, but I wouldn’t suggest spending money at such a place.

  13. What’s done is done! Can’t take it back! Just don’t shop there. Personally I would go to a more reputable establishment then a buy here pay here.

  14. As a business owner in Elyria, OH I have not always agreed with my customers, but I have never brought race into the fact. This is a disgrace of how any human should act. I don’t care if she was gone for two weeks. We are in 2018. I’m encouraging as many people as I can to boycott. You should get knocked out, but I would rather bankrupt you…. I think the scar on your pocket book would bruise your ego a lot longer.

  15. I’m wondering if he even offered an apology for his irate behavior and what he said on that voicemail?? If there’s no ownership in him admitting what he said was wrong and disrespectful then he hasn’t changed and probably won’t


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