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Beau Hill Exposed: The Harbor LIght Executive’s Double Standard (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


Beau Hill is the Executive Director for the Salvation Army of Cleveland, Ohio.  Mr. Hill, a North Ridgeville resident, through his position oversee’s tens of millions of dollars in donations each year.  Through these donations his responsibility is to divvy them up between various outposts that consist within the Salvation Army.  One of the primary functions of the Salvation Army is the Harbor Light Halfway House.  This halfway house provides transitional housing for individuals who are recently released from prison, have drug addictions or in some cases, the homeless.

Instead of the much needed money being diverted into this program, it is the other way around.   The Harbor Light Program functions on bare minimums, with large overhead costs and what appears to be a misappropriations of funds.  A misappropriation that is squeezing the aging and decrepit facility dry and taking its inhabitants along with it.  As a result, Harbor Light isn’t maintained, the building is falling apart from within, it’s infested with cockroaches & bed bugs, the security is lax, the crime is high and the bathrooms are reminiscent of a third world country.  The living conditions are abhorrent, the staff is disruptive and the facility has one of the highest death rates any half-way house in the entire State of Ohio.

Mr. Hill proclaims that the facilities he manages are up to code and that they are healthy living environments for individuals residing there.  He was on record in an interview in 2015 saying “People come from everywhere here and these people aren’t used to living in normal society and so we try to give them an example of what normal society looks like”.  In absolutely no circumstances is the Harbor Light facility what “normal society” looks like.  Yet, Mr. Hill continues to stress that the facility is doing the best that it can with the money that they receive.

Fun Fact: Scumbagged.com personally reached out to Mr. Hill and we were instead re-directed to speak to his subordinate, Captain Linnette Y. Gallimore,  who never responded to us (go figure).  

In 2009 when construction on the corner of Jaycox Rd. and Mills Rd. caused a sewer back up for homes in the area, 33 basements flooded.  One of the basements that flooded was none other than Mr. Hill’s residence, located at 35218 Schoolhouse Lane., in North Ridgeville.  The irony behind the flood is that the situation caused disaster to strike for Beau Hill & his family and they couldn’t bare to live in such conditions.  Mr. Hill lives by a double standard.  He can’t stand to live in living conditions where his bathroom and home is flooding, yet he has no problem subjecting his residents to the same or worse treatment, every single day.

The videos below document the Harbor Light facility horrifying conditions of the bathrooms.  Yet, one is considered acceptable (Harbor Light) and one is considered intolerable (his home).

For those who are wondering how a facility can get away with such a thing, it’s not that hard to fathom.  State inspectors give days, or in some cases, a weeks notice ahead of time and are only allowed access to certain parts of the facility.  These same inspectors are not there to shut the facility down but to make sure that it can stay operational.  There is a serious flaw in the system when individuals such as Beau Hill can smile in the face of the camera and sincerely mean it when he says that he is running a great program that is saving lives, while at the same time people are dying during the recording and being subjected to inhumane living conditions.

COBRA Says:  Unless more people come forward with their experiences and video evidence of the conditions that they are being subjected to, nothing will change.  We wont give up if you wont…

The Bottom Line:  More money needs to be diverted into Harbor Lights.  New management and guidelines need to be implemented.  Death’s need to be seriously addressed.  Families need to be consoled and not treated as the enemy.  People need to receive help and not a form of torture.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Mr. Hill just because people go to you facilities that are homeless, felons, drug addicts or less fortunate doesn’t mean that they aren’t human beings.  Just because all of your residents aren’t accustomed to living in a $200,000 home like the one you have in North Ridgeville, doesn’t mean that they aren’t entitled to have a symbolism of normalcy.  Ask yourself one question, would you be ok with the living conditions of your facility if it was your home?  I think we both know the answer to that.  Wake up sir…



  1. This “editorial” is poorly written, with no real facts, and is unfathomable. It also oversteps boundaries, you have placed an address of this man on a website, yet, you hide behind a name. Tisk tisk, shame on you.

    • I don’t find it poorly written. Then again your probably this guy himself posing as a different person. Plus the address is public information jackass

  2. Shame on you!!! your day of judgement is near and the way the salvation army harbor light complex treats residents as well as staff is unacceptable.


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