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Your Article Is Pending Approval!


Provided that you submitted images and enough information in your article you can expect to see it online within the next 24-72 hours.

Are you interested in seeing your article go viral?  Do you want to make sure everyone knows what happened to you?  We now have an avenue to allow you to help us get your story out there.  Click the link below to make an anonymous donation for your article.  The entire amount of your donation will be utilized for Facebook advertising your article, our preferred platform.

All donations are 100% anonymous and your information will never be shared.

We’ve had extreme success advertising our articles – with some fetching as many as 50,000 views.  All it takes sometimes is a little extra push to get your situation out there.  Any advertising donation up to $100 will be matched dollar for dollar by Scumbagged.  Meaning, if you donate $50, we will run $100 in advertisements.  Any donation over $100 will still be used for advertising purposes, but we will not match any amount higher than that due to our monthly advertising budget ($1,000).

More information can be found here regarding advertising & investigatory donations.

Once your article goes live, there are some steps you can take to ensure that it gets the additional necessary exposure.

  • Be sure to share the article on all of your social networking accounts.  Ie; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.
  • Send the article through FB & text messenger to all of your friends!
  • Depending on what you’re article is about, you can share the topic on Craigslist or other related forums, groups & communities that exist.

If those options aren’t good enough and you really want to see some guaranteed exposure then advertising will and always does the trick.  You can pay via PayPal even if you don’t have an account.  Credit & debit cards are accepted, just click below!

No Go Info:  If for some reason your article doesn’t show up online, it’s probably because you didn’t include enough information, dates, times, pictures, etc.  We call that a “No Go”.  If it’s been longer than 72 hours please text our tip line at (440) 252-8318 or send us an email here.

Be sure to tell your friends to check out Scumbagged.com too if they don’t know about us already!