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Article Submission Basics:
1.) Please be as descriptive as possible.
2.) Only submit factual truths.
3.) Include specific dates, times, names, locations.
4.) Do not upload any illegal images (copyrighted or otherwise).
5.) Include any and all references pertaining to your story. Such as; News articles, recordings, videos and so on (any recordings or videos will have to be uploaded on your own to YouTube or another medium).

Title Format: Titles of your articles should include the name of the person, a creative/thoughtful title and the city in which they reside in parenthesis.

Example Title: The Mayors Misfit – Charlie Gillock (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

When reporting a Scumbag your name and information will be kept anonymous, nobody will know who you are. If your submission doesn't appear on our site it's probably because you didn't include enough information or it violated one of our policies.
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