Would like to know about this girl which is in Cuyahoga County at the moment for some serious charges.

Victoria Bascom is her name, her co-defendant goes by DT also at the same facility.

HAWK Says:  Unsure as to her current circumstances but she made national news headlines when she skipped out on a cab years ago and was ordered to walk the same distance she was supposed to pay for.

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  1. Sheffield lake police are a hone and the captain I have personal knowledge is a bully and shouldn’t be I office.shame shame on him.he needs to be fired for all his antics

  2. I fucked her before, deffenetly a good laid. Stopped hanging out with her when she started hanging put with the wrong crowd, she still sent me nudes though, no complaints here lol

  3. Yes, I literally banged her the day she got arrested and put in there. she’s in Cuyahoga County, with aggravated robbery/burglary and kidnapping charges. It’s sad to see a hot ass chick and soooo cute go down the drain.


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