The Cuyahoga County Jail is imploding and an all out internal war between the correction officers and upper level members of management is taking place.  This article features a collection of internally leaked documents that have been submitted to regarding various levels of abuse permeating within the County Jail.  These submissions have been collected and documented over the past 6 months.  

The documents include internal jail grievances written by staff as well as documentation pertaining to union arbitrations & grievances.   Further information regarding Warden Ivey (we’re running a full blown expose on him next week), HIPAA law violations, PREA (federal) money being misappropriated, workplace harassment and so much more.  These issues are culminated with both inmates & staff being assaulted, poor living conditions that don’t comply with state housing guidelines, shady state inspectors and finally exposes an entirely rigged & corrupt system.

This article also sheds light into why the Cuyahoga County Jail has an excessive inmate suicide rate, overdoses, staff/inmate assaults, staff arrests and accidental inmate releases.  It all boils down to improper staffing and the failure to follow Ohio State Housing Guidelines, Federal Law & Collective Bargaining Agreements.

CCJ Correction Officer Recording:

Fun Fact:  Ken Mills was appointed to run the Corrections Department without any corrections experience or knowledge.  Since he has taken office the jail staff has decreased and inmate population has increased. Assaults on staff and inmates have also increased.

Internal Documents Leaked

As part of the streamlined information that is coming in, officers working within the Cuyahoga County Jail have provided documentation to backup some of the claims raised by both inmates and corrections officers.  The documents contained herein are all validated C.C.J. internal complaints lodged by staff regarding various violations taking place within the facility & while on duty.

November 24th, 2017 – “The inmates in my pod, 10 G pod, have been complaining that no heat is coming out of the vents in the pod. As a officer its uncomfortable for me as well because the windows need caulking and the wind is blowing through the cell windows. I informed Corporal Keglovic and Officer Siomcka concerning this matter and Officer Siomcka informed me that he would notify the building engineer. I also did a maintenance report with central control and this matter still has not been addressed.”

November 27th, 2017 – “The last 9 months the inmates have been complaining about the smell of their trays and the way their food smells. They have shown me their trays with cracks in them leaking some type of liquid that smells like sewer water or feces. I notified Corporal Keglovic and I replaced the trays but this issue continues to happen and inmates in both jail 1 and jail 2 are starting to get sick from the condition of these trays. Other officers on other floors are having the same problem with the trays as well. Even though they haven’t placed it in writing, they have also notified management for months of this reoccurring issue.”  Document attached in gallery below.

December 14th, 2017 – “The fifth floor bullpen is grossly under manned. This is creating an unsafe work environment.” Document attached in gallery below.

February 5th, 2018 – “The current bargaining agreement between the employer and the O.P.B.A is explicit on the overtime issue and specifically states that an employee shall be required to work out in inverse order of seniority using a rotating list method – period – no exceptions! Nothing exempts females from working male posts, in a non gender specific jail – Nothing! Certainly not the CBA on overtime. Adhere to the C.B.A with forced overtime when staffing the jail! Seniority is the sole criteria, the CBA is final and binding and cannot be changed…”Document attached in gallery below.

February 7th, 2018 – “Gender based discrimination, specifically regarding forced overtime and post allocation.”  Document attached in gallery below.

See 30 Internally Leaked Documents Below:


August 12th, 2017 –  During the day shift an officer reported the following:  11th floor Jail 2, 1 officer watching 4 pods with desk in hallway. 5th floor exhibited the same thing. 7c & 7c jail 1 which is psych units: 1 officer watching 2 pods with desk in the vestibule area. 6b & 6c jail 1 which is medical housing: 1 officer watching 2 pods with desk in hallway.

August 14th, 2017 –   An officer submitted a multiple page report regarding several concerns to the state inspector. His report took several months for the inspector to finally receive it.  In the report the inspector found no errors or valid concerns whatsoever regarding the Cuyahoga County Jail.

August 28th, 2017 –  An administrative order was sent out related to jail incompetency.  A jailers personal information was released to the prison population, which potentially placed that correction officers life at risk.

September 18th, 2017 –  Cuyahoga County Jail Count at 2,315 with inmates sleeping on floors.

November 14th, 2017 – State Inspection passes with flying colors.

  • Excerpt pertaining to inspection:  “Staff members were seen cleaning off mold the night before the most recent inspection from various walls within the jail.  Due to the consistent passing grade of 90% and 100% the facility therefore receives no updates on improvements for failing areas, which allows the issues to compound and keep both inmate and staff at risk.”  

Union Arbitration Hearings & Grievances

The corrections officers at the Cuyahoga County Jail have been fighting hard to fix the rigged & corrupt system that they (and inmates) have been subjected to.  In each and every single case they are met with a “denial”.  The reasons behind those denials are simple “sweeping under the rug” motions that are used to keep things the same.  More assaults, more deaths, more corruption & business as usual continues with the upper level management at Cuyahoga County Jail.  Ie; Warden Ivey.

The documents below coincide with the officer grievances posted in the gallery.  Attempts are being made to fix the situation(s).  In one case, an officer was re-instated – but the county has refused him his post.

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Misappropriation of Federal Funds

Security cameras that were installed within the facility were made possible by a federal grant that was intended to be used in conjunction with PREA (prison rape elimination act). These funds were misappropriated in this case.  PREA funds were not intended to be utilized for this purpose.

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Employee Discrimination

Male correction officers are now being forced to carry overtime loads whereas their female counterparts will not even be considered.  The discriminatory violation takes place in Article 24 of the CBA and can be found specifically in Sections 5 & 6.  These sections specifically outline overtime and how it is divvied up amongst CCJ officers.

Click the image to read the entirety of the CBA.

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Warden Ivey Exposed

Warden of Cuyahoga County Jail, Eric Ivey.

Warden Ivey secretly likes to refer to himself as the “Teflon Don” because he feels that he can’t be beat.  When he refers to himself as such, he’s referencing the fact that he continuously denies his employee’s (correction officers) of almost every single motion and request made.  The requests are related to improvements that need to be made and guidelines that are failed to be met at the facility.  Inmate deaths, assaults on staff & violations of law are all increasing under Warden Ivey’s watch.

COBRA Says:  Hey Warden here’s a hint that only you will know:  Luanne May, Dwain May, (lining “them up” & picking them out) Leroy Holliman, Eric Buchanon, John Schmidt, $6.4m.  Tic Toc… We informed you to shape up sir, you’re time is running out, Scumbag….

Warden Ivey is married to Corporal Ivey. While he was a Lieutenant at Cuyahoga County Jail and she was his subordinate they established a sexual relationship. This is against anti-fraternization policies. He’s also been known to sleep with other jail staff (even since being married).

On May 26, 2016, John Schmidt (8/2/1972) was booked into the County Jail. He had a history of violence and drug use. He became disruptive and was placed in a restraint chair which rendered him defenseless.  Warden Eric Ivey chastised Mr. Schmidt and then eventually slapped him in the face with a great amount of force.

  • has reached out to John Schmidt & an article on Warden Ivey is forthcoming.

The “Teflon Don’s” Stance

In the email exchange(s) documented below including Mills & Warden Ivey, the Corrections Officers attempt to discuss terms of the roster picks pertaining to the women on duty.  The “Teflon Don” (Warden Ivey) informed them that he no longer wished to discuss such matters. As it currently stands with the men being forced to do overtime and none of the women having to do any – is a direct violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Fun Fact:  When Eric Ivey was promoted to Warden of the jail after a posting for the job was listed.  The requirements stated you must have 4 year degree which he did not have at the time.

See 6 Emails Below:  


Inmate Grievances Submitted

These grievances were submitted via’s Article Submit tool.  These submissions do not warrant a standalone article and so were compiled for the purpose of this article.

I Slept On The Floor – “I was an inmate in Cuyahoga county Jail. Granted it was for 8 days but it was the worst days of my life. Being fed the same food day after day. We were on lock down (also known as red zone) for 3 days straight. No leaving the cell, no phone calls, no nothing. My bed was the floor – a thin mat that I wasn’t even aloud to clean when I first arrived. At that I felt scared more then half those days I was booked on a probation violation. And my bunkie was there for murder. My bunkie swept and mopped the floors using pads that looked like a women would use when her monthly arrives since the mop was so dirty and smelled horrible..”

Unbelievable Conditions – “Being at the Cuyahoga County Jail made me a worse person.  I literally see no deterrent from committing crime by going there but the shit just makes me angry.  I slept on the floor next to a toilet, the air was hot and I could barely breathe, the food was horrible, old and musty, there is no shower curtain, the water is cold, the day rooms are loud and they don’t have any noise reflectors like they should, I never got any fresh air – the recreation is a joke.  The clothes didn’t always come back like they should – they dissapeared, the phones were half broken and sometimes was impossible to get on as a result, it was a total nightmare.  The list goes on and on.  Jail isn’t meant to be a fun place, but it shouldn’t turn you into a worse person.  It did to me, I’m angry as fuck because of it.  I stayed there for 6 months and dealt with the worst conditions imageinable.  I got into fights just cuz I was so stressed over the way I lived.  If I have to go back there again for any prolonged period of time and the conditions are the same and I’m in a bad mood I wont take it out on an inmate next time, the first cop that messes with me I’m going to beat the shit out of them.”

Corruption At Its Finest – Cuyahoga County Jail is corrupt in more ways than one. The people that are supposed to be the ones to help when their subordinates fail, are the most corrupt of all. The nurses, and by nurses, I mean RNs, who went to school to help people feel better, are more corrupt than the officers. Not only do they not care, they degrade inmates to the point of embarrassment, and break their right for medical privilege, by exposing their personal health issues to anyone and  everyone in ear shot. Including other inmates. As an inmate, I was put in a chair, in the smack dab middle of the room, for all to see, and not only were my medical issues discussed at length, very loudly, in front of all in the room, (staff and inmates), I was laughed at, degraded, made fun of, and called names. Pointed at, stared at, and taunted, even though I did not respond other than putting my head down in shame. A lot of these issues also regarded my most personal, private, mental health issues. In the same area, before going to x-ray, after having an issue of self harm, Corporal Moore, was very upset at what I had done to myself on his watch. He said, “They pay me damn good fuckin’ money to do this job, which also supports my family, and you’re fuckin that up. I’m already in trouble for this incident, so I’m not afraid of another incident at this point, if I have to give you a beatdown.” I was calm and cooperative as I walked into x ray. He brought me in the room with a female C.O., and a female x ray technician. He then said before leaving the room, because I had to undress, (again I was completely calm and cooperative), “Like I said, I’m already in trouble, so I’m not scared of adding another incident at this point. If I hear even the slightest thing behind this door that I happen not to like, you’re body will hit that corner, that corner, that wall, then the ground.” (Pointing to each corner and wall as he spoke.) I responded, “I am not scared of you hurting me, and am not uncooperative, and you can threaten me all you want.” I was lying through my teeth, because I was petrified considering I have documented, SEVERE, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from being hurt by men in the past. I just didn’t want to show fear. Corporal Moore then responded, “If you think that’s just a threat, make the wrong move, and let me hear something I don’t like, and I’ll show you it’s not just a threat.” The x ray tech and female C.O. in the room said nothing, and just watched. I was petrified. It is inhumane, and corrupt, the way inmates are treated in that jail. Not just by C.O.s and their superiors, but by nurses who are supposed to be there to help. The medical department is a joke, and blows off anything they possibly can. If it cannot be blown off easily, you will be sure to regret asking for help, after you are degraded into nothing. Sleeping with a mattress is a privilege. If you have any mental health issue that may make you a harm to yourself, obviously measures have to be taken in a humane way to keep you safe. But tell me, is it humane to strip someone naked, in an ice cold room, leaving them with NOTHING but a suicide blanket? By nothing I mean, NO MATTRESS, NO CLOTHES, NO GOWN. Having your toilet turned off to have to smell and breathe in the smell and bacteria of your own urine, feces and vomit, in an already very poorly ventilated room, that is already blowing out mold from clogged vents. Being so cold you become sick, and a nurse will not come see you. Being so underfed, you are shaky, weak, and in pain. Jail is not supposed to be comfortable, but there are laws that are meant to be followed for safety, and Cuyahoga County Jail breaks them on a minute by minute basis. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. PEOPLE MUST COME FOWARD. DON’T LET WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO OTHERS. There are very dangerous criminals in that jail, but not everyone that goes to the Cuyahoga County Jail is a hardened criminal. Inmates are still human beings. Not in CCJ though. Not by a long shot.

Jail Gone Wrong – “My younger brother is currently being housed in a unit. I hope the county jail which is considered PC because his case is high profile and a constant basis he is being tricked into seeing the nurse and then they take money for it saying that they want to make sure he is in good health and then take money from his books not only that he never gets any recreation he used to They no longer have been giving him any type of wreck I had to go to thewarden’s office and report this because then they stopped giving him his mail and books I was sending the COs were borrowing from him and never giving back puzzle books to be exact made the complaint then all of a sudden his books up here now I have emails from a few of the people in the department where they don’t send out his real fast enough it took me three weeks to receive a letter from my brother there has been a time where they were understaffed and I sat there for 45 minutes waiting to get my visit had to walk out and not see him because of that they were understaffed and I had to go back to my vehicle I was paying for a meter I have emails for proof you’re more than welcome to reach out to me he even gotten trouble for me complaining to the warden.”

Cuyahoga County Jail – “I was incarcerated at the cuyahoga county jail for a stint of about 10 months in 2013 & a few other months scattering the following years untill 2015 when I entered recovery. The conditions are APPALLING. I slept on the floor with a “doggy mat” for the duration of my incarceration, staring at a wall covered in dried boogers & dried food (hopefully). You never knew who your bunkie would be, I always believed that there was some type of classification system for housing inmates. Many times I was forced to sleep next to a woman accused of molestation or murder while I was facing a petty theft or a drug possession. It seemed that the inmates with “bigger” or more serious crimes were favored. As in extra food trays, time out of cells on red zone, extra uniforms ect. Sanitary items such as toilet tissue and feminine pads were usually very limited. You were alotted so pads a day, but on “Mandatory shower day” we were instructed to use pads to clean our cell walls, floors & toilets.”

CCJ Hell House – “During a winter stay at ccj I suffered from three seizures while I was suffering from one a guard kicked me to see if I was faking then I was tied to a bed during a second one. I also had a corner cell which during certain times I could see my breath and was refused another blanket. I suffered many nights freezing in my cell. I found half a bug in my “chilli” as well. Needless to say I haven’t been back simply out of fear I’d be mistreated as less than human again.”

The Bottom Line:  If you commit a crime then you have to do the time, it’s that simple.  However, sometimes when individuals are subjected to third world country standards, it creates a new breed of criminal.  One that becomes bitter and hostile towards those that house them (the corrections officer) and can even transgress once they are released back into the community.  Inmates are still people and for them to be subjected to the type of living conditions that are taking place at the Cuyahoga County Jail aren’t just wrong, but they are illegal.  Regarding the correction officers at the facility – we personally commend you.  You’ve made avid attempts month after month to better the environment for both yourselves and the inmates, trying to make the atmosphere one that is safer and healthier for all.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Federal and State Inspectors need to make unannounced visits with full access to the facility.  They don’t do this, and instead they tip off the jailers that they will be arriving weeks or days in advance.  This allows the facility supervisors to “cover up” the abuse and atrocities that are taking place.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a heads up when they were being investigated or inspected?  Nobody would be caught in a crime.  What a world we live in, eh folks? Some are indeed “above the law” and don’t even care about the repercussions of the monsters that they have a hand in making.

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  1. Cant someone die from hypothermia if their left in the cold for long periods of time? Basically the body temp. can’t go below 95 too long. and the temp. in the room cant stay 65 too long… My boyfriend has been complaining of it being soo cold in there ( like every single day!) He’s worn socks on His hands and two pair on His feet and walking to move circulation.. His skin looks dry, red and itchy. His feet and hands are numb non-stop. There are many symptoms that follow hypothermia such as confusion which can very well cause other issues….


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