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Samantha LeAnn Is A Double Crossing Two Timing Scumbag (Cleveland, Ohio)


Samantha LeAnn is a double crossing, two timing scumbag.  She’s a liar.  She’s a manipulator.  She’s a cheater.  She’s a scumbag.  While dating her for a while, giving her my whole heart and soul she really had another boyfriend on the side.  Just the other day I called her phone to see what she was up to and her “other” boyfriend answered and said that she was busy with him.

Talk about the low of the low.  She likes it in every hole, every single fucking hole.  There is no lie in this.  She likes it in her mouth, she likes it in her ass, she likes it in her pussy.  All at the same time.  She likes big black cock.  She loves that actually.  She’s the worst girlfriend of all time.  Like seriously, who does that?  Who does what she did?  Why did she even do that?  I mean that’s the worst of the worst there.

HAWK Says:  Perhaps you should just find another fish in the sea?  This one smells rotten anyways…

The Bottom Line:  You get what you get in relationships.  Hit and miss on them from time to time, nobody is perfect.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Well if this is true she’s definitely not dating material.  However, I’m sure she was lots and lots of fun…


  1. Sounds to me like you’re like a woman scorn bud. U should of just taken advantage of her likes & pounded her ass out real good & dumped her stankin ass. Don’t be like a bitch & come on here crying that she’s a whore cause shes fucking some other guy. Man up & let a hoe be a hoe u odiously couldn’t satisfy the trick so she had to go elsewhere to get her fuck on. So like I said don’t hate partissapate bruh there are many more hoes out there that love to be dominated find u one & beat the breaks off that pussy. Don’t be one just fuck the shit outa one. That’s all I have to say about that shit. Peace and Booty Greece bruh…


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