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Crack & Heroin Dealer Alert: (440) 657-6673 (Elyria, OH)


This guy goes by the name of “B”.  He’s been selling crack and heroin to all of Lorain County for as long as I know and I informed him that if he sold more shit to my friend that I would expose him.  Instead of listening, he’s forced my hand, his phone number is (440) 657-6673.

There’s nothing worse than losing close friends and people you grew up.  We’ve all been there and it’s for the wrong reasons.  It’s not from old age, not from accidents (although they call it accidental overdoses), nope, it’s just all from pure selfishness and greed.  For some it’s the high and for others it’s the money.  Those who seek money over life are murderers.  Their income may be great momentarily but once they are busted and served with jail time they would have been better off working at a fast food joint.

In any case.  Here I am and here he is, this is his number, it’s valid, his personal cell.  May the FEDs show him the light and every other heroin dealer out there.  I urge all Scumbagged readers to start exposing heroin dealers.  They aren’t drug dealers anymore, they are dealers of death!!!!!!!  Done losing those closest to me!

Heroin dealer
Heroin & crack dealer exposed in Lorain County.

EXPOSE A DEALER:  https://scumbagged.com/submit-an-article

COBRA Says:  We will allow submissions for heroin and fentanyl dealers only.  All other dealer information will be restricted and discarded immediately from the server.  If we get enough submissions we will also dedicate a section for this.  

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  It’s simple math people.  Let’s say you make $1,000/day profit x 700 days, that’s $700,000.  WOW!  Lot of money – living the life right?  Got cars, trap houses, clothes, bitches, goons, you name it.  Whole family faded with Gucci and Louie, cheaaaaaa.  What happens when (not if, but when) the FBI or the State comes and takes it all?  Seizes your assets, your baby mamas assets, your moms assets? What happens when your whole street gets knocked?  When you get a 10 or 20 year sentence?  Do the math…  You can make $300,000 a decade working fast food & when adjusting for inflation and limited investments over $1,000,000 in 20 years.  That’s at fast food full time.  Flipping burgers > Loss of freedom, $0, loss of life.  Be smart.  Quit now.  Change the mindset.  Every dog will and does have his day…


  1. Always two sides…. why not blast the ‘friend’ that CHOOSE to seek this person out. The thing is…. no dealer is making anyone call them, yet, these people do. A great example of this is how the consumer texts were deleted in this very article. You mean to tell me that this ‘dealer’ pulled up and decided to talk to themselves? Get it together and worry about getting your friend some help instead making people out to be terrible because of someone else’s life CHOICES! I dont know this person (I dont feel the need to seek a dealer as that is not how I CHOOSE to live my life), but, maybe next time…. expose the real problem—- your friend!!


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