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Cassandra Studebaker Busted By The Feds – Incarcerated & Pending Trial (Elyria, OH)


Cassandra Studebaker is currently locked up after a warrant was served on 4/5/2019 by the U.S. Marshall’s for violating the terms and conditions of her Pretrial release conditions (temporary personal bond while awaiting federal trial).  The recent arrest & violations stem from her alleged continual and extensive drug use and for failing a routine drug test conducted by a U.S. probation officer.  

It was only just a few weeks ago when a Scumbagged user published an article related to Studebaker’s abhorrent, illegal and illicit behavior.  The submission detailed her being a home-wrecker, a junkie and a persistent drug dealer who was facing federal felonies for, yep you guessed it, drug trafficking.  After that story ran a bunch of highly uneducated & easily manipulated individuals stood by her side on Facebook – where they staunchly defended her.  Where they stood up for her.  Where they laughed and made jokes and a mockery of Scumbagged (and other individuals who are avid supporters).  These individuals supported someone who is selfish in nature, who has provided vicious drugs, heroin, fentanyl & other drugs that have resulted in probable deaths – for profit.  Some even went as far as to applaud her in her efforts to defame and deter us and our users.  Instead of her closest friends and confidants urging her to better herself & their community, they paraded online – publicly decrying that everything was false, made up and filled with untruths.  However, through it all, the truth always comes to the light…

COBRA Says:  He who laughs last, laughs loudest.  Granted, this is no laughing matter, but we did say so didn’t we?  Maybe next time the information provided to the general public ahead of time will be used wisely.  Instead, fools did what fools always do and empowered Cassandra to continue her typical behavior.  Behavior that lead her straight where the scumbag belongs… Back into the custody of the U.S. Marshalls & safely tucked away in POD G, off the streets and unable to wreak more havoc on you and your local community.  Tssk… tssk…

Readers Note:  The first two mugshots shown are from her arrest on 4/5/2019.   The third mugshot depicts Cassandra dating back to a 2017 arrest stemming out of North Ridgeville when she was incarcerated at the Lorain County Jail for Possession of Controlled Substance(s) and Drug Paraphernalia.  

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The Wall of Shame

The screenshots below depict individuals on Facebook ranting, raving, defending and supporting Cassandra Studebaker in one of her posts.  Perhaps if the outcry would have been different Cassandra just might not have been arrested and instead would have turned over a new leaf.  Alas, let this serve as a prime example of what happens when individuals are easily manipulated, utterly confused and wildly inaccurate in regards to our website…

SCUMBAGGED ADVISORY:  We strongly stand by our supporters and the type of behavior that was directed towards any one specific individual is highly unwarranted and will never be tolerated.  The girl shown above is not even remotely a part of Scumbagged outside of her public support and willingness to share our articles (like the thousands of you do every single month – publicly and privately).  As a new policy, anyone who attacks a Scumbagged supporter will be extensively analyzed by our staff (Cobra, Hawk, Erratic & El_Jentel1) and if found (directly or indirectly, themselves or any extension of their family) to be engaging in or committing any malicious threats, false accusations or blatantly attacking our supporters will be added to “The Wall of Shame” (coming soon).  Which will outline their support of criminals, for helping to degrade local communities, show a hierarchy of their known connections and associates, degenerate behaviors, as well as outline their criminal history or their families/friends criminal histories.  Zero tolerance moving forward.  We don’t give a shit if your records were expunged, don’t give two fucks if you’re married and moved on, zero remorse, zero tolerance.  We will never be silenced and neither will our supporters.  You all know who you are and your moments of fame (via shame) are coming soon 😏🐍😈.

The Bottom Line


SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Scumbagged is a resourceful tool that is utilized by hundreds of thousands of Northeast Ohioans on a monthly basis.  In some cases our readers turn into publishers, they do so to express themselves out of frustration, last hope, vengeance and or community awareness.  This platform is in existence to not only allow you to utilize your first amendment rights, but to spread important information to the masses.  Our readers come from all walks of life, those whom are published by our submitters also match that demographic.  There is no rhyme or reason for someone to be featured on our site other than the pure and simple fact that they are currently or recently were engaged in Scumbag behavior.  What is done with the information after it’s release is entirely up to the said individual or company that is featured.  In many cases people have changed for the better, while others, just like Cassandra just keep on doing the same ole same ole.  At the end of the day, Scumbagged.com isn’t held to blame, liable even for anything that’s featured.  It always boils down to that reflection in the mirror.  Remember, if you’re featured here it’s almost always true.  Only in very rare and extreme circumstances (less than 1% – 1 removal in 2019 so far, zero in 2018 to be precise) are articles untrue.  Our user submitted and user published articles have thus far proven to be consistently true.  So maybe, the next time, people closest to the individual featured will instead try to take the high road and make a real change as opposed to doing what Cassandras followers did.  Not only did they help her continue in her behavior by pretending like it wasn’t a problem, but they motivated her to do so.  Total disregard for common sense, reality, values or morals.  Maybe next time around will be different?  Turn every negative into a positive, it’s possible & we’re living proof of that and so are many of the individuals who have graced this website.


  1. Although harsh, I think it’s great to get info out to the public about people who are obviously harmful to this city. Now what I don’t understand is you claim to out “squealers” but you yourself do it all the time. Also you get upset when “one of your friends” with a drug problem has a bad experience. I also don’t understand why you go on rants when people have a different perspective than you…after all, it’s FACTS that matter and not a derogatory rant. That comes across as very immature.


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