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A Serial Predator, A Coverup & A Mayor (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


In 2012 a 15 year old girl named Bryanna (name changed to protect her true identity) was enrolled at the North Ridgeville High School. Bryanna had good grades, didn’t use drugs and was focused on graduating from her school with the hopes of one day being the valedictorian of her class.

On February 24th, 2012, Bryanna’s whole world came crashing down when she was sexually assaulted in the North Ridgeville High School’s library. The boy who preyed on her was a grade above her, on the schools football team and was the member of a local high profile family (http://www.chroniclet.com/news/2012/03/31/Authorities-consider-charges-in-alleged-North-Ridgeville-High-sex-assault.html).

Gone was Bryanna’s comfort and security that she had felt within the confines of the school. Fear replaced confidence and flowing tears overtook her bright smiles. Within an hour of the assault taking place, the crime had been reported and text messages from the assailants phone were placed into evidence.  Evidence that clearly corroborated the victims statement of a sexual assault taking place.

See the screenshots of the messages Charlie sent: 

Text messages sent from Charlie Gillock to “Bryanna”.

Immediately after the assault, Bryanna began suffering from depression and became fearful to attend classes at the North Ridgeville High School.  Her biggest qualm, ironically, was due to the fact that the individual who assaulted her was still attending classes. What’s even more disturbing is that the boy who had assaulted her in the library wasn’t arrested and had no charges pending.

North Ridgeville High School. Library is featured in front left.

Bryanna continued to suffer from high anxiety and paranoia. To make the young girls situation even worse, the assailant and his buddies began harassing her for reporting the sexual assault. The girl started showing up later and later for her daily classes until eventually she stopped going to school completely. As a result, the school reported her to authorities for tardiness and she was threatened that if she didn’t return she would be sent to the juvenile detention center for being truant. The high school was, however, gracious enough to allow her to sneak out of classes 5 minutes early. This was supposed to give her enough of a grace period to prevent her from running into “the predator”.  Sadly, leaving the classes early didn’t deter the boy from stalking her in the halls.

The teenager who sexually assaulted Bryanna was on a mission to intimidate her until she dropped her claims.  He continuously menaced the girl every opportunity that he could. During lunch, Bryanna would sometimes sit in the girls bathroom stalls to eat her food, where each bite would often be met with a sob because the school cafeteria was filled with hatred and anger – most of which was directed towards her (ie; victim shaming). She was physically slammed into lockers, verbally threatened and emotionally traumatized.

Charlie Gillock of North Ridgeville.

According to the school nurse at the time, she had alleged that Bryanna wasn’t the first to have issues with the same young man in this type of manner.  The nurse went on to state that “there was another girl at the school who had to be transferred due to sexual harassment” related to the same student.  Eventually, Bryanna left the North Ridgeville School district entirely.  Daily life for her got to the point where her own friends were being harassed and bullied and the schools Superintendent told her mother that “your daughter needs to grow a thicker skin and avoid those who are bothering her.” Suggesting that her daughter simply take different routes in the school when going to class to avoid the perpetrator.

Finally, Charlie Gillock, the predator, was arrested for the sexual assault that took place in the library against Bryanna (and immediately released on probation).

Prior to the final court date he was arrested again, this time for sending a sexually explicit & menacing text to a North Ridgeville school teacher. He was finally expelled from the North Ridgeville school system and received a three month jail term in the Elyria Juvenile Detention Center for the sexual assault. His jail term however was never delivered as he spent his entire 3 months on house arrest.

“this is not bullying, this is just a pain or a nuisance to the girl”

Once he was expelled, Bryanna returned to the North Ridgeville High School where the bullying persisted. School officials continued to do nothing at all regarding her situation. The counselor & assistant principal both stated on April 29th, 2013 that “this is not bullying, but rather, this is just a pain or a nuisance to the girl”.  We beg to differ, relentlessly hearing the words “go kill yourself” among all the other disgusting names, threats and derogatory remarks definitely fall under the classification of bullying (which North Ridgeville has a zero tolerance policy for).

Detective Freas of North Ridgeville Police was stationed at the school at the time of the assault.

Obviously, and with good reason, Bryanna didn’t feel safe at the school and began asking to call her mother very frequently.  The majority of school officials, teachers and other students were not being very supportive of her situation and so the young girl had no-one else to make her feel safe, no-one besides her mother.  The irony is that this girl shouldn’t have ever had to call home in order to feel safe. If there was any place that she should have felt safe and felt like she could have gone to for help, it should have been at the North Ridgeville High School.

On April 30th, 2013 the Mayors grandson, Charlie Gillock, was in the news again (http://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-cuyahoga/grandson-of-north-ridgeville-mayor-arrested-for-improper-conduct-with-teen), this time for sexually assaulting another girl in a different school district, Olmsted Falls. Once this case went public, the North Ridgeville girl had hopes that her fellow students would realize that she had been telling the truth. Instead, the bullying only got worse. The Assistant Principle actually called Bryanna down to his office to tell her to “Not talk about the situation any longer” because the scumbag had a sister who was attending the school and it was upsetting her.

Charlie Gillock was forced to register as a sex offender as a juvenile for his various crimes.  His registration was short lived due to laws established that don’t compel him to continue his registration as an adult.  He was 17 at the time he committed his offenses.

Interestingly enough both his sex offender registration has been all but wiped off the internet and a WKYC article was allegedly removed all at the request of grandfather, Mayor Gillock  (http://www.wkyc.com/news/investigative/article/236876/230/Investigator-Sex-assault-in-school-library)

COBRA SAYS:  If it was ANY other child who would have committed a sexual assault on school grounds they would have been arrested and expelled immediately!  Only in an effort to preserve the image of the Mayor the situation was kept as hush hush and micro managed as possible.

North Ridgeville Mayor & Grandfather of Charlie Gillock, Dave Gillock.

COBRA SAYS:  The North Ridgeville Police Chief (Mike Freeman – The Corrupt Chief of Police) was also involved in his own scandal around relatively the same time as the Mayors grandson.  Chief Freemans wife, whom was caught stealing and was in the process of being arrested for those thefts made an attempt to “obstruct justice” (which technically is a crime he committed and wasn’t charged with http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2921.32) in his attempt to sway the Avon Police Chief from taking his wife jail.  Mayor Gillock gave the Chief a lenient reprimand.  No charges were filed against him.  In return, Chief Freeman gave the Mayors grandson a lenient investigation.  All of which fell under heavy speculation.

“We never had any information about a cover-up brought to our attention, nor are we aware of any cover-up,” Garrow said. “We investigated very thoroughly.”

Very thoroughly?  How thoroughly?  A sex assault occurred.  The attack was immediately reported and incriminating evidence was collected.  The statement above came from a North Ridgeville Officer regarding the library sexual assault that had happened MORE than a month prior.  Absolutely unheard of.  The mere mention of “a cover-up” in itself appears to be a ploy to detract from a potential cover-up.

COBRA SAYS:  Then the Mayor, as if this story can’t possibly get any worse, hired the father of his grandson  to work for the Waste Water Treatment Plant that is ran by the City of North Ridgeville.  Charlie’s father, Charles Ralston, while at work raped a fellow co-worker, was then convicted and had to serve 4 years in prison.  Predator son like predator father?  

COBRA SAYS:  Then the City of North Ridgeville is fined excessively because it is discovered by the Ohio Supreme Court that Mayor Gillock used his position of power to help himself and his family via the following:

In 2004, North Ridgeville posted a job opening for another helper at the French Creek plant. The North Ridgeville mayor, G. David Gillock, asked Charles Ralston to apply for the helper position at the French Creek plant and asked the plant superintendent, Donald Daley, to grant Ralston an interview. Ralston, the father of two of Mayor Gillock’s grandchildren, was unemployed and in arrears with his child support. Mayor Gillock had known Ralston for about eight years and was aware that his daughter had twice called the police on Ralston for domestic violence.

The above info can be found on Page 2, Paragraph 3 (https://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/rod/docs/pdf/0/2013/2013-ohio-3020.pdf)

The city of North Ridgeville, Ohio, has consistently ranked as one of the safest places to live in the United States.  In 2013 the city was ranked the 21st safest in America according to the research company NeighborhoodScout.  When the results of this were released David Gillock, the Mayor of North Ridgeville, was quick to heap praise on his officers & the community.

“It’s always nice to be recognized, and we know we have a great police department,” Mayor Gillock said. “We’re very proud of this.”

Gillock also praised the community for cooperating with the police department, saying community tips were instrumental in helping police make arrests in connection with various crimes taking place in the city.

COBRA SAYS:  The Mayor stated on record that he praised the community for the tips that led to arrests.  However, when regarding his own internal issues; the N.R.P.D., relatives and or associates he does not act in a responsible manner.  Instead the entire Gillock family has screamed LIES!  FALSITIES!  UNTRUTHS! at us and essentially scrutinized his own residents for submitting these very stories to our website, Scumbagged.com.  Instead of appraising the situation appropriately, the family throws one diversion tactic after another while launching legal & physical threats in an attempt to silence us.

Furthermore the apparent level of deceit and deception that comes from the Mayors office, family and police department is both appalling & embarrassing.   When you’ve finished reading this entire article (there’s more to follow) also see this article which is directly related to the various failures the Mayor has had since he’s taken office:  https://scumbagged.com/2017/07/15/david-gillock-mayor/

“If a girl says no… what does that mean?”  … “No means she wants it!”

Charlie Gillock

During the course of the North Ridgeville Sexual Assault case against Charlie Gillock, a psychologist who worked on behalf of the Elyria Courts oversaw the routine analyzing of his mental state.  One question and one response in the barrage of questions that they asked stood out the most of all.  That specific question & answer is below:

Psychologist:  “Charlie, when a girl says no, does she really mean no?”

Charlie Gillock:  “No, that means she wants it.”

Since these cases, Charlie has gone after more women in the local community.  Primarily those that are the easiest to manipulate; the drug addicted.  He’s turned into a predator, a woman beater, a pimp and a snitch.  You can read up on those specific transgressions of his here:  https://scumbagged.com/2017/07/20/charlie-gillock-mayors-misfit/

*In regards to the North Ridgeville sex assault, Scumbagged spoke directly with numerous members of the family and individuals within the court system who provided us in great detail a large portion of our context.  

*In regards to the Olmsted Falls sex assault, information was submitted from the victim, but the recently married women declined to publicly comment and wished to have as minimal of an impact on this article as possible.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family & friends of the loved ones and to the individuals that had these egregious acts done unto them.  Nobody should have had what happened happen nor should anyone have had to ever receive the unfair treatment that ensued.

SCUMBAGGED Tip: Gone are the days of the effective ability to utilize media to push agendas, the days of using a badge to hide behind and of off setting scumbag activities with righteous deeds.  If you’re in a position of power (especially) you should expect to be held accountable for your actions.  If you make a scumbag decision at a law enforcement, school district or personal relationship level – you will be exposed, eventually (death threats and all – see those here).   Stop being Scumbags and you’ll stop being submitted to Scumbagged.com.  It’s pretty fuckin simple.







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