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The Violent Maniac & Master Manipulator – Anthony Tursivio (Lakewood,Ohio)


Anthony M. Tursivio is a violent maniac & master manipulator.  In the past he’s snapped, throwing bricks & stabbing one girlfriend and even went as far as to flip a pregnant ex-girlfriend over a couch, causing her to be put on bed rest.

He struts around town like he’s the best man that ever walked the earth, he’s clean-cut, keeps his clothes pressed and softens you with his smile.  However, Anthony is a convicted felon for his violence against various women.  He’s also a deadbeat father who has a 13-year-old daughter that he doesn’t see or bother to speak to.  Yet, he portray’s himself as “father of the year”.

Mr. Tursivio suffers from uncontrolled outbursts and unleashes himself with a fury, that is always geared towards women.  When he snaps, he will visibly shake with his mouth open and scream high pitched at the top of his lungs.  He has been to prison twice, but very well could have been there 3 times – for an attempted murder charge on his girlfriend.

One woman that has asked to remain anonymous stated the following:  “I used to beg him to please not hit me in my head” because he beat her so often.  He’s a smooth talker and will convince you into thinking that he’s a changed and is a godly man.  That is, until you get him on his darkside.  Once he is angered, he will more often than not, beat you and manipulate you.  The same women went on to add: “Once, I was running for my life down the street from him, he just wouldn’t stop chasing me, I couldn’t get away…”

HAWK Says:  This man is a very scary and dangerous individual.  He’s lucky me and him never crossed paths, the first time he ever did anything like that to me, my father would have let him have it.  

Fun Fact:  Anthony works at the Barbershop on a Thursday’s and at Barrio’s in Cleveland throughout the week.

A Victim’s Statement

Don’t be a victim to this monster.  I urge his current girlfriend to run as fast as she can.  It literally scares me for her life.    This girl has no idea what this man is capable of and he will ruin her life and will be lucky if she comes out alive and unharmed.  I will be praying for her.  If you don’t believe the story then check out his criminal record, the first time he was arrested was in Westlake.  That was his first prison sentence and the second time he was living in Lorain. He’s also just got out of prison.  He might look & talk like an amazing man, but he is truly horrifying.  Please escape while you can.”

Mr. Tursivio was recently release from the Lake Erie Prison.  On April 14th, 2017, he walked out a free man for the first time in a year.  He was locked away because he had attempted to throw a brick at his girlfriend and lucky for her – he missed – and instead shattered a window in her home.  This after he was on probation for 5 years after trying to kill another girl (who is permanently scarred on her hand from when he stabbed her).

Anthony’s Criminal History

In 2008 (Case #2008CRA04042) he failed to comply with a restraining order keeping him away from one of his ex-girlfriends.

In 2008 (Case #CR-08-511034-A) he received a felony fleeing, drunken driving, wanton disregard for public safety, trespassing and resisting arrest charge.  This stemmed from a police chase that started in Westlake, went into North Olmsted and ended in North Ridgeville. When he attempted to miss the spike strips, he lost control, fled on foot and was found later hiding under someones back porch. The police had to use thermal imaging, night-vision goggles and a police dog to find him.  This resulted in a 1 year prison term.

In 2011 (Case #2011CRA03379) he was charged and ultimately convicted of felonious assault, theft and disrupting a public service. The felonious assault stemming from another girlfriend incident.

In 2011 (Case #2011CRB01841 & #2011CRB03262) he was charged with 2 counts of domestic violence against his girlfriend(s) at that time.

In 2015 (Case #CR-15-601625-A) he was convicted of aggravated assault against his girlfriend at that time and sentenced to prison for 12 months.  The court also added:  THE DEFENDANT HAS 5 PRIOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONVICTIONS AND NUMEROUS OTHER CONVICTIONS RELATING TO VIOLENCE AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  People can change but only time will tell.  It is advisable to proceed with caution if your a female around this individual.  To Anthony, perhaps you should get yourself medicated (if you aren’t already) and invest money into a punching bag, a real bunching bag, as opposed to the various women you have consistently terrorized.







  1. This page is literally bullshit, check the links. They took the truth and completely stretched it for their own benefit. It’s pathetic some sorry ass bitch took time out of her day to make this. Stay salty 😂 he’s getting married soon and she couldn’t be happier. ❤️


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