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Attorney Makes False Promises For Cash – Joseph Gardner (Canfield, Ohio)


Joseph Gardner, an attorney in Canfield, Ohio, has been practicing the law for 40 years come this November.  Perhaps it’s time for him to stop practicing now.  Mr. Canfield was recently retained by a client, his client going by the name of a Mr. Ferry, out of Mahoney, Ohio.

Mr. Ferry gave the attorney $6,000 based on the attorneys promises.  Ferry said “I gave him six grand to defend me and my case, he promised me drug court they didn’t give me drug court.  Then he promised me a motion to suppress to get it thrown out after we turned down 18 months.  We then lost the motion to suppress.”

Moving forward, Mr. Ferry is facing some serious issues as a result of the blatant lies from his previous attorney.  He wouldn’t have ever been retained if it weren’t for the false promises that he made the young man, all in an effort to simply secure himself some additional cash.  The end result of this is looking very badly for Mr. Ferry.

Joseph W. Gardner behind his desk in his office.

Ferry went on to add “Now they offered me 6 years!  He guaranteed me a good deal and made himself sound amazing when in all reality, he really fucking sucks.  Like during the motion to suppress, when he was in there talking, he sounded like a fucking idiot!  I knew we lost before it was even over…”

Recently, Mr. Ferry has spent yet another $5,000 on another attorney in the hopes to get his plea deal back down around the 18 month range, where it was initially.  The courts are not pleased with all of the motions and hoopla that Mr. Gardner brought into the court room and so, as a result Mr. Ferry is now facing the brunt of what transpired.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Don’t recommend that you use this attorney.  A smooth talker is a good one, but you need an honest smooth talker with you and a dishonest smooth talker to go inside the courthouse.  Not the other way around.





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