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David Dallas Toro “Abusing Women From Florida To Ohio” (Lorain, Ohio)


UPDATE 11/26/2017:  Pictures have been obtained of Mr. Toro’s girlfriend in a drug induced & beaten state.  In one picture, nodding off on the bed and in another, eyes barely open with a bruise showing underneath one eye.  This is after giving her excessive narcotics and mind altering substances.  (Pictures can be found in comments below this article)

David Dallas Toro is a womanizer and one of Lorain Ohio’s biggest scumbags.  He has domestic related issues stemming from an event that transpired in Lady Lake, Florida (where he almost beat a woman to death) & in the city of Lorain where he has a host of additional charges.  Those charges ranging from disorderly conduct to criminal trespassing, endangering children to menacing and persistently violating various protection orders.

Today, David Dallas Toro, continued down his same abusive path when he nearly broke his girlfriends nose by repeatedly punching and slapping her in the face.

Not So Fun Fact:  Mr. Toro has been feeding his ex-heroin using girlfriend, Alysse Cline, a steady dose of the prescription pill xanax.  So much so in fact that 2 days before Thanksgiving she suffered from a xanax induced seizure.

Alysse Cline had her nose broken by David Dallas Toro.

The incident stemmed from a conversation between Alysse Cline and another individual.  This conversation was regarding her leaving Mr. Toro once and for all – for another man.  Her attempt to remove herself from the controlling and manipulating boyfriend failed and resulted in her nearly having her nose broke when her boyfriend, Mr. Toro went into a fit of jealous rage.

Mr. Toro is an extremely under-endowed, fat, pathetic little man – and so as a result – he inflates his ego with false income, fake companies and lives in his own fantasy world.  A world in which he claims to own a business by the name of “SRS Box & Pallet”.   Yet upon further investigation, Mr. Toros doesn’t own a business by that name, nor is there one registered with the State of Ohio.  He also doesn’t own a website, company phone or have a single like on the alleged companies Facebook page.  His plethora of wealth (claims to earn more than $6,000 per month) has translated into his pre-2000 vehicle and decrepit living conditions off of Marks Rd. in Lorain, Ohio (the inside of his home is best compared to a 3rd world country) and a car that he purchased his girlfriend that had a blown engine (prior to buying it).

COBRA Says:  This scumbag claims to live a “bo$$ life”.  The only time that the word “boss” could be used in a sentence with this degenerate is when using phrases such as “this guy isn’t the boss of anything” or “I just bo$$ed this faggot ass bitch”.  

Lady Lake, Florida – Domestic Abuse

Case Number:  35-2016-DR-100536-AXXX-XX

In 2016 a Lady Lake, Florida, woman by the name of Dorothy Anne Burry experienced a traumatic event, one that would forever change her life.  On 6/24/2016 Mr. Toro beat the woman nearly to death while refusing to allow her to leave her residence.  She was only provided with relief when her neighbors heard her screams and called 911.  When the police arrived at the residence they found her beaten and bloody in a locked bathroom.

Lorain, Ohio – Docket History

On 11/25/2017 Mr. Toro violently assaulted his girlfriend.  Punching her in the face and nearly shattering her nose.  This stemmed from the discovery that she would be leaving him for another man via her Facebook messages.  Mr. Toro then gave his girlfriend more drugs to numb her pain.  His girlfriend has refused to press charges.

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  If you’re a woman stay away from this scumbag.  He is highly dangerous and has an extreme history with beating women across multiple states.  He’s 34 years old and has settled into this type of behavior. He thinks he’s better than everyone and anything and the moment he doesn’t get his way he starts putting his hands on the women in his life.  You’ve been warned!






  1. Laugh my fucking ass off Larry you’re the one with the felonies you’re the one that wanted my girlfriend and made all this bullshit up you are a very sick individual and I love the fact that you made up all this shit when in all actuality none of this shit is true the domestic violence that I got was because my son’s mother try throwing a hot pan of water on me and I pushed her out the way and the story you and this bullshit of putting my girlfriend and saying all this bullshit is pathetic you are a degenerate fuck loser

    • Imagine that Larry she still with me and she’s not with you and that is what fucking Burns you but let’s talk about Larry was in the military got kicked out because he had a psychotic episode and started hearing shit to kill people has no job no source of income lives with his mother in an apartment can’t afford a real phone so he uses a flip phone has three kids that he can’t even support with child support every girl that has ever given him attention has left them because they find out he’s a sick twisted fuck if anything you proved that you have too much time on your hand and you’re a loser and you make shut up nobody ever broke nobody’s nose nobody ever left anybody bloody and if I did I would have felonies and I don’t have anything I want them anybody to look up my record and you will see it yes I do have a domestic violence but that domestic violence was because I was young and stupid and didn’t know the laws and I just took what was charged with me I never broke or hit any girls nose or anything like that I do have my faults but I am not the terrible monster person that mr. Larry here wants to say I welcome anybody to look up mister Larry Wayne welser convicted felon and loser

  2. This is how fucking stupid you are Larry everybody knows that if somebody breaks somebody else’s nose especially a woman the state automatically presses charges dude get your story straight and your lies correct stop wasting time and what team shit on me and find a job and pay your child support you deadbeat dad

  3. One felony for receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence and 3 minor charges well 4 one in westlake for driving under suspension. You got scared she was gonna leave you so you hit her. Tell these lovely people how you let me run a train on your girl raw then telll your friends I got aids. Lmao you fucked her with me so if I got aids so do you. 5 charges my whole life.. you fucking loser ass woman beater. She said you hump like a box turtle and have a skeeter peter

  4. I have 2 children not 3! And if yall wanna know where he lives to beat this piece of shit ill get correct address tomorrow. Look for a light colored mid 90s ford f150 in the cul de sac of mark drive its right off to the right side. And yes I live with my mother who is sick and cant do shit herself….

  5. Everyone knows your full of shit Toro and now your finally exposed for it. All the people you fucked over is finally catching up to your ass. Remember when you fucked Mr over? Szabo? Want me to tell that story you piece of fucking shit. Your a retard Toro. You have no money, you have no business, you have nothing dude and yet you think your something. Your a scammer, your a liar and your a thief and should be a felon. Can’t believe you said all the shit you just said considering everything about you is a lie, down to your sexuality. We all know you like the dick dude. So stop pretending and hitting women due to your homo side. Just go get another dick you sick bottom guppy.

  6. David has no proof of tax returns or a bank statement anything over $10,000 is recorded by the IRS. You want tax evasion charges now??

    • You’re an idiot dude I’ve never been charged with anything like that in my life I left Florida in 2012 credibility shot!

    • Look up my name in lake county Florida nothing LMAO making shit up ur crazy enough said do a screen shot of the docket Larry u can’t cus it never happened lmao pathetic!

  7. Oh one last thing for tonight I use a flip phone because I really hate smartphones. I use smartphone for on the go facebook shit

    • Dude you’re stupid ass I have never been charged with anything in 2016 regarding to domestic violence and I left Florida in 2012 your credibility is shot dude you’re just mad that she don’t want you dude you have nothing to offer her I feel sorry for you as you have too much time on your hands and I don’t live with my mother unlike you get your life together pay your child support and maybe somebody will have pity on you and maybe date you till then have fun being alone nobody wants you hang yourself from the tree you’re so good at finding shit out and posting shit show me charges where I broke somebody’s nose and less somebody bloody you can’t because it doesn’t exist you make this shit up in your own little world it’s like you’re in The Matrix or something but in reality you’re just a sick twisted individual that lost she doesn’t want you end of story she felt sorry for you like a homeless dog

    • Welcome the the shit show. Hmmm Florida records have a david dallas toro born on 7/12/83 and it matches your lorain county records as the same state. Welcome to hell fat boy!!!!! He posted links to record you fucking sorry ass woman beater. Your a theif, woman beater and now 647 people know about you. Lmfao at least I dont have record of beating women…… I guarentee someone on here will catch you and beat you like you beat her bwahahahaha. And the hacker group anonymous has records of this now too. Prepare for a world of hurt

  8. Omg this is golden. All this guy does is talk,stalk, and lie. Wasn’t he just in court like a year or 2 ago for stalking another girl? And the one who he was heart broken over because she used him to buy dentures? I believe he even went so far as to buy the same exact dog as this girl Jeanie and then take a selfie with said dog, then sent it to Jeanie’s husband to try and break them up! He definitely goes the extra mile. The way he stalks woman, I believe he beats them like us said. He got my phone number off of Facebook and called me 1,000 times a day and I had to block his number. He also lies about serving in the military. David, you are nothing but the town joke and the guy who cried when he got used for a pair of dentures 🙂

    • Just found out Larry gets $900 is Social Security disability benefits because he’s a psychotic fucking retard lol she don’t want u larry get over it and how you going to post a picture of my girlfriend on her senior year picture pathetic that picture is over 10 years old you’re a psychotic person that’s her prom picture get over yourself loser

    • He claims to own a business but can’t use proper grammar. That is some horrendous ass grammar. Learn how to use “your and you’re” the right way, it’s today not to day, also it’s ain’t not ante.

  9. Just found out Larry gets $900 is Social Security disability benefits because he’s a psychotic fucking retard lol she don’t want u larry get over it and how you going to post a picture of my girlfriend on her senior year picture pathetic that picture is over 10 years old you’re a psychotic person that’s her prom picture get over yourself loser

  10. I wonder what your baby momma would have to say about you that you’re a fucking loser and can’t even take care of your own fucking kids you’re dumb degenerate fuck who lives in a bedroom with his mother collect Social Security never fucking worked can’t do fucking shit don’t got no fucking vehicle don’t got no fucking license don’t pay your fucking taxes you’re fucking loser dude you’re fucking thief your degenerate fuc you’re the scum of society you’re the used gum under people shoe you ain’t shitt mr. flip phone man you’re a fucking retard that’s why you can’t operate a smartphone LMAO hahaha and this is the last fucking time I’m messaging anything back your credibility has been shot dude was never in Florida in 2016 I moved back from Florida in 2012 August of 2012 get your facts straight you fucking retard

  11. He claims to own a business but can’t use proper grammar. That is some horrendous ass grammar. Learn how to use “your and you’re” the right way, it’s today not to day, also it’s ain’t not ante. Lol I didn’t post these pics you idiot the owner did lmao. Ill go to social security get a printout that I don’t collect and send to cobra they will post it. She’s still with you because you made her a junkie and buying her pills that’s why she still there.

  12. Enough said david ill let the net take care of you. If you have proof of these claims against me submit to Cobra and let him post them I give him permission lmfao your charges are on here in links. Get the fuck off my dick and reply to everyone else’s comments you faggot

    • You stupid fucking idiot you are cobra nobody is fucking buying any of this bullshit because you have no fucking proof not one fucking thing about me in Florida Lake County court system dude you’re salty she don’t want you she looks at you like a homeless dog and she gave you a little bit of attention in the form of being a friend in you had this fantasy in your head that you were going to take my girl where dude you have no car no vehicle no transportation you wait on a check every month from the government pathetic like I keep saying dude your credibility is lost never in Florida since 2012 then one thing is you say I almost broke her nose and then in the picture you put up it’s her senior prom picture and you say I broke her nose dude you are so fucking comedy it’s not even funny you use this site because you’re pathetic fuck that wants to put a bunch of bullshit up my past is my past that ain’t got nothing to do with my future and you’re complaining about this shit and making all this shit up like a little bitch dude you are a girl you have a vagina only a man with a vagina takes time to investigate another man and put up shit like this like a girl be a man dude move on she don’t want you where she at Larry in my bed laying next to me and you’re so stupid dude she has to go to probation and she’s tested every time on top of that she’s on the Sam’s program where she has to call in every day you are so stupid everybody thats looking at this shit some things are form my past yes but my pass and got nothing to do with my present hilarious salty because my girlfriend rejected him and his advances towards a relationship because she was with a real man that can actually take a cheeseburger out of drive-through window without his mama in the driver’s seat remember people he can’t even operate a smartphone and he admits that enough said LMFAO!

    • We are owned and operated by National Innovators Group. a limited liability corporation registered with the state of Ohio. We assure you that “Larry” doesn’t own or operate this website, nor do I. Scumbagged.com is merely one of many companies powered by the umbrella corporation. Thank you!

  13. And what’s so funny about this shit is these are old fucking pictures not much you could do from a flip phone right and we know you did mitted you can’t operate a smartphone stupid Larry woman are for real men you have two kids and your baby momma left you she wants nothing to do with you just like every other girl that is come across to you in your life I wish you nothing but the best in finding a fantastic psychiatrist 2D fuck your head lmfao! Where’s your girlfriend at Larry you don’t have one because nobody wants you! Lmao!

  14. Look dude you are gonna keep running your mouth about my brother and his kids and I assure you I will torch your house with you and your pretty girlfriend in it. I will personally fly from texas and burn you and your girlfriend alive and be at the airport on my way back before the fire department puts that motherfucker out. Larry this dude isn’t worth your time bro let him think hes tough on here and watch me show him what tough is. And david why is her eye blackened in the pic of you and her you pussy?

  15. SOOoooo WAIT!!, “LARRY” Got his dick sucked by Mrs. Cline while David watched? and as “Larry” was penetrating her from behind “David” got really close to your dick lol? I want clarification here, Larry tell us more about this day. 🙂

    • He’s full of shit my girl wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole and Norwood anybody else that’s why I Larry is single and got no bitch lmao

  16. Like I said Larry ain’t shitt he don’t want no smoke that’s why he sat there and made up a lot of this shit like a little girl because my girlfriend don’t want nothing to do with him she took him in as a friend like a stray dog nobody likes Larry he got kicked out the Army he gets $900 Social Security he’s a degenerate fuck look at the post that he posted it’s from July of 2017 he’s a psychotic person and nobody wants him he posted all this shit like a little girl he has a vagina my girl don’t want no dude with a vagina she wants a dude with a dick and this here proves he’s a vagina can’t take rejection LMAO crawl back under the Rock You Came From Larry 100% of all that shit is over 4 years ago pathetic

  17. I found the screenshots of the convo about you lying about the threesome, being afraid she gonna leave and you buying her benzos those are generic Xanax you’re fucked dude.

  18. Lmfao…. this is also one of my ex’s unfortunately. He is a fucked up individual. Reading this kinda brought back deja vu. I’ve been hoping and praying somebody finds him and he gets what he deserves but he’s a pussy and stays hidden. The now current girlfriend I had thought broke up with him. He has her fb password and controls it. So becareful what u send her. I have screenshots of her page when he posted that it was him on her page and she cheated. I hope this girl gets away and gets the help she needs.

  19. David is mad because he wasn’t getting it in the ass he looks like he’s sucked a few Dicks and if he goes to prison his wishes will come true

  20. I think David is mad because he wasn’t getting it in the ass he looks like he’s sucked a few dicks and when he gets to prison he will get what he wants and then some


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