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Tom Patton Folds Congressional Bid After Pressure (Strongsville, Ohio)


After facing several extensive and detailed articles that were released on Scumbagged.com, Tom Patton and his constituents finally threw in the towel.  On November 14th, 2017 the State Representative announced to the public that he would be dropping out of the Congressional race.  However, his reasons for dropping out are what one would expect from the Senator, nothing more than elementary diversion tactics…

Instead of stating that he would be dropping out of the race due to the concerns raised from within his own party (concerns that stemmed from month, after month, after month of negative publicity) Mr. Patton simply took to the podium and assumed the mass manipulator role.   His reason for rescinding his bid?  A result of a “life threatening crisis” surrounding his newly born grandson, which would prevent him from traveling to Washington.  Now, let’s revisit the events that lead up to his public announcement.

HAWK Says:  Let us remember that the individuals we vote into power are also human beings.  These are people that have flaws, wants, needs & desires.  Mr. Patton has, in my humble opinion, showed an inherent need and obsession for more and pushing the envelope in almost every single facet since he has taken office 10 years ago.  Don’t feel the same way?  Read the articles below, obtain the knowledge that is out there and don’t vote him back into office when he runs for re-election.

August 16th, 2017

Information and documents were submitted surrounding the senators longtime girlfriend.  This information eventually lead to our first story:  State Representative Tom Patton & The Largest Meth Raid In History  [This article shed light into misappropriation of funds, belittling his female opponent and more.]

September 2nd, 2017

After a private investigation was launched into the Senators financials and history during his decade in office a plethora of information surfaced and another story was published:  Senator Tom Patton Exposed – Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks & His Bid For Congress  [This article provided more than 20 state documents that outlined his irresponsibility and perhaps illegal spending – amongst may other things.]

October 19th, 2017

Cleveland.com broke a story on a 19-year-old potential “party companion,” dancer and adult video actress who goes by the name of Mercedes Lane.  Mr. Patton’s relationship with the young woman is still in question, however he did like three racy photos of the woman on her Facebook page. The caption for one of the photos, in which the woman posed with a bottle of alcohol, read: “Thank you Mr. Bleile and friends for the bottles of booze. Last night rocked in more ways than one. Next time you guys need to take it easy on me.”  The story that broke on Cleveland.com can be found here:  State Rep. Tom Patton ‘liked’ Facebook page, racy photos from 19-year-old ‘party companion’ 

If that’s not bad enough, Mr. Patton knew that he wouldn’t win the Congressional bid due to his primary opponents rapidly growing war chest and the ammunition that they (and others) would have against him in the race.  So the best and truly only sensible route left would be to simply drop out and run for re-election where he has been able to do as he pleased for the past decade.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Tom Patton is running for his re-election of HD-7 and it’s highly advisable that if you truly want to “Drain the Swamp” that perhaps Ohio needs to start small and focus on draining the leech that is Tom Patton.


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