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A Nightmare Before Christmas – Tanya Bledsoe & Karen Mechling (Akron, Ohio)


Tanya Bledsoe & Karen Mechling are two of the biggest scumbags in Akron, Ohio.  Together, the two have formed a sick and sadistic lesbian relationship, one that is filled with drugs, prostitution, blackmail and crime.  The two care nothing about anyone or anything other than themselves.  As a result, children are thrown to the wayside, family is burned & the situation only continues to worsen by the day.

Readers Note:  What you are about to read is truly “A nightmare before Christmas”.  Sadly, this isn’t a made up story, although for most it’s going to be hard to fathom…

Tanya & Karen reside at 970 Morningview Ave. in the city of Akron.  The residence is a nice home on a quiet street, one that blends in with the rest and resembles any other decent family oriented structure in the area.  However, what’s going on inside is the polar opposite.  Both Tanya and Karen live at this residence 100% rent free.  Karen is a drug addict (heroin).  Tanya is a prostitute.  The home is infested with bugs (bed bugs & fleas) and has no heat.  The house is overwhelmed with animals (40+ cats).  Tanya is stealing from her disabled mother.  Karen has overdosed in the home numerous times in front of the kids (and leaves needles out in the open).  Clothes aren’t washed, dishes aren’t cleaned & the children are forced to live under the most unimaginable living conditions.

The Blackmailed Landlord

Starting off with the residence, the couple gets to reside there illegally.  This is done due to Tanya Beldsoe’s persistent and illegal blackmail of the owner of the home.  The owner, an older man named Fred (full name omitted to protect his identity) has made numerous attempts to evict the girl and to get her to move out of his rental.  Each time that he has attempted to do so, Tanya has threatened to expose the man to his wife for the affair that she had with him off and on over the past decade.  In the beginning Fred found Tanya on a website called Backpage.com & through that site he became her sugar daddy.

The Prostitute & Her Runaway

Tanya is still an ongoing prostitute and is currently pregnant with her 13th child, 2 she has in custody, 6 were given to foster homes and 4 died during labor.  She is uncertain of the father of this child as it is a toss up between her sugar daddy Fred, a black dope dealer and a man named Kenny.  Kenny is the father of one of her current children, Kenny Jr.

Tanya & Karen

When regarding Tanya’s children, she has a runaway 16 year old that is living with a 22 year old man.  Her runaway daughter is now pregnant by this man and Tanya harbors the child from the authorities when they are searching for her.  Another child (also briefly mentioned above) goes by the name of Kenny Jr. and is 7 years old.  Due to extremely poor parenting, Kenny has learning disabilities and retention issues and is almost unable to speak complete sentences due to not being taught his wording properly (this is not a joke).


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Many creatures were stirring, bed bugs, fleas & even a mouse;
The dirty stockings were hung by the hamper and bare,
In hopes that someone soon might come and care;
The children were dirty, abused and cried in their beds,
While visions of a real mom and dad danced in their heads….


Karen Mechling – The Heroin Junkie

Tanya’s girlfriend Karen is a heroin junkie.  Karen looks and acts like a man and her personality matches her appearance.  Abhorrent is one word to describe this degenerate.  Karen also overdosed in the kitchen in front of Tanya’s children (numerous times) and frequently leaves hypodermic needles and drugs in the reach of children within the residence.

The Madness Inside The Home

Inside the home, things are just as disgusting as the souls of the occupants that reside there.  There is upwards of 40 cats within the house, one of the cats named Sky was pregnant and just gave birth to 10 kittens.  As of right now there is now nearly 50 cats within the residence.  There is not enough litter boxes in the home to maintain the animals and so therefore feces and urine is spread everywhere around the house.  Some of the cats use the bathtub, others use corners of the rooms and most use the basement of the house.  Absolutely disgusting (and illegal).

Tanya & Karen, a prostitute and her drug addict.

The filthiness of the house is only matched by the infestation that has crept in.  The home is infested with bed bugs.  The dishes are washed with multi purpose cleaner (cleaning products) as opposed to dawn soap or dish soap – as they don’t spend money on anything in the home to upkeep or maintain it.  Clothes don’t get washed for upwards of one month at a time, with both Tanya, Karen and children wearing the same outfits and undergarments repeatedly during that time period.  Lastly, there is a flea infestation that has riddled the home and terrorized its occupants.

Fun Fact:  Tanya and Karen can be reached by the mobile number 330-319-5759 (this is not to be used for any illegal, threatening or harassing behavior, but to offer any assistance or constructive efforts to help them and those that reside with them). 

The bathroom has no toilet paper in it at any time.  If anyone uses the bathroom, a guest for example, they are supplied with 3-5 individual squares of toilet paper for their use (this is not a joke).  The children are supplied with coffee filters to use instead of toilet paper (again this is not a joke).

COBRA Says:  These two bitches are some of Akron’s worst.  They are the definition of white trash scumbags.  Kids need to be removed from this house.  Home needs to be given back to the fucking landlord, these whores need a wakeup call.  Drug rehab, jobs, fucking parenting classes and hygiene 101.  #SCUMBAGGED

The Thieves Take From The Good

Patricia Karen Mechling – A Nightmare in Akron

If these things haven’t made you sick to your stomach, this sure will.  Both Tanya and Karen (real name Patricia Karen Mechling) are thieves.  They steal from the local Goodwill every single week.  Taking the things that many donate for those less fortunate (and Dollar General).  They do so by putting on baggy clothing and stuffing those clothing articles with as many stolen goods as possible.  The icing on the cake revolves around Tanya’s mother, Lisa Brown.  Lisa has been living with her daughter off and on over the past year.  Together, Tanya and Karen stole Tanya’s mothers disability card and would withdraw the entire amount each month and leave Lisa Brown with nothing.  This went on for months until finally Lisa Brown moved out of the house and had to go to the Social Security Administration to open up a fraud complaint against her daughter and change her method of payments to physical checks.

Not So Fun Fact:  Lisa Brown is once again residing at her daughters house and Tanya now has POA (power of attorney) over her mother and is once again stealing her full disability checks.   It should be noted that Lisa Brown receives disability because she suffered a major stroke that has left her almost incapable of coherent speech and mobile functions.

Dirty Rats & Snitches

Tanya Bledsoe, a total degenerate

On top of all of this, these scumbags still have more dirt.  Tanya is also a rat.  Two years ago when her brother robbed someone in the community over a TV, Tanya went out of her way to snitch on Robert Bledsoe (her brother) in an attempt to receive a $200 reward.  Her brother now sits in jail facing prison time and Tanya never received the $200 reward.  Tssk.  Tssk.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Someone from children services needs to just pop their heads into this residence.  Poor Fred, wanted to bust a nut and got himself into one hell of a situation, needs to just come clean with the wife and get these trailer park trash hillbilly bitches the fuck out of his home.  Stay away Akron, stay far far away.  You’ll only get dragged down into this swirling nightmare that is turning into an abysmal pit of depression, despair and drugs, right before Christmas…





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