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Fake Government Grant Alert: IFC Fund Scamming Thousands Of Lower Income Americans (USA)


A new nationwide fraud is taking place on Facebook and catching many unsuspecting Americans off guard this tax season.  The scam, which promises huge sums of money through grants and claims to be a government agency called the IFC Fund is not to be taken lightly.

The savvy criminals behind the IFC Fund, which stands for the “International Finance Corporation” (not to be confused with the actual Government IFC Fund that is headquartered in Washington, D.C.) gives off the impression that they are one in the same and operating as part of a real government agency.  Monique Bowens, who is the setup woman for the scam in this instance, stated that the IFC Fund exists “specifically for those who need assistance in paying bills, buying a home, starting their own business, going to school or even helping raise their children with old and retired individuals”.  Bowens also claimed that she received $15,000.00 when she first applied for the IFC Grant.

Readers Note:  This article provides documented screenshots and videos that were catalogued when a would be victim was contacted and almost swindled out of their hard earned money.

The IFC Scams Operating Procedure

Monique Bowens helps facilitate the scam.

The first phase of the scam begins with Monique Bowens (and associates) contacting random individuals across the country.  Through Facebook Messenger they boast about how amazing this new government opportunity is and then inform would be victims to contact the Agent that represents the IFC Fund.  This agent is known as Agent Williams Scott.  When the individual contacts the fake agent, the user behind that profile then begins phase two…

Phase two has the victim fill out a form that provides the Agent with their Full Name, Phone Number, Home Address, Occupation, Funding Reasons, Monthly Earnings & Email Address. Once the information has been provided the Agent then sends over additional grant details. In this case, the grant details included a Claim, Ticket, Batch & Serial Number. Once that process has been completed Agent Williams Scott then informs the individual that they have verified their information and that they qualify to receive the grant.

The final phase, the theft of your money is then set into action.  In order to receive the grant of your choice you are instructed to pay “clearance fee’s”. Depending on the grant amount a clearance fee can vary from $450 all the way to $10,200.  If a victim opts for the $10,200 clearance fee they are informed they will receive $750,000.00 from the government.

IFC Fund US Scam Promises Huge Grants.

Where The Money Goes

Two individuals receive payments for the IFC Fund.  The first being Kayla Nichole Parker of Greensboro North Carolina (United States, Zip Code: 27403).  The other name used in the scheme is Salami Toyosi of Shagamu, Ogun (Nigeria, Zip Code: 23401).  Once the payment has been rendered the victim is then instructed to provide the reference number of the payment confirmation to Agent Williams Scott or Monique Bowens.

“You will be arrested in a few hours if you don’t be careful”

In this case, after a few hours of the victim attempting to gather information on these would be scammers, Agent Williams Scott becomes frustrated and claims “You are a scam, get out of here! You will be arrested in a few hours if you don’t be careful”. When the victim asked why she would be arrested the agent replied “Because you are trying to spoil our company name.” At the end of the conversation the agent ends with saying the following: “Now we have the right to make the grant available to someone else since you are not ready for the claim, we hope you have a good day and congratulations on the winning once again even though you didn’t get the grant. Thanks.”

COBRA Says:  At one point during the attempted scam, Monique Bowens grows extremely irritated over the money not being sent from the would be victim.  She even went as far as to re-assure the victim that  “I trust the claim agent even though I just introduced this lady also to the claim agent and she has got her own grant money yesterday.”  What a scumbag…

Monique Bowens

Monique Bowens is one of the point men for the scam operation and forwards potential victims to the “Agent” that represents the fake Governments IFC Fund.  Documentation below.

Agent Williams Scott

The fake Government Agent goes by the name of “Williams Scott” and attempts to swindle would be victims out of hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.  Documentation below.

In this case the woman, a resident from North Ridgeville, Ohio, fortunately caught on to the scheme.  When she was on her way to make payment to Nichole Parker she just knew something wasn’t adding up and decided to turn around…  Furthermore, the phone number that she provided the agent was the telephone number to her local police department.

“I thought Wait, how come I have to pay money to get money?  that didn’t really make sense To me.” – Victim

The Bottom Line:  Anyone who is contacted by this group (or anyone proclaiming to offer money in return for fee’s or clearance payments) is urged to use the Internet Crime Complaint Center aka IC3.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  This has to be one of the worst scams ever devised, sadly, many people who need money are willing to spend money to receive just a little more.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is…  Don’t allow these people or anyone like them to defraud you.


  1. Yes i was contacted through facebook some one portrayed their self as my nephew hacked his facebook account and had me to believe i was on a list to receive 30,0000USD and had me to send them 850.00 dollars moneygram this IFC grant,, sent 2 checks to my bank account. Dont know how they get that information, i have a fraud investigation going on, the bank cant find the accounts that the checks are from, and the checks dont look real;

  2. I was contacted by a co worker who paid to get her $50k. So I texted the IFC 601-301-6074. Agent Thomas Palmer Scott texted back. asked if I was here for the ongoing IFC grant reply with capital YES, which I did. then proceeded to ask for referrer name. I gave it, said she WON. My co worker sent the required $1500 and did receive a $50k check and, after speaking to me about it being a scam, checked with her bank and all is well on her side. We shall see.

    • I was recently scammed by these guys. They only got $150 dollars from me by used Google Play cards that I bought. I then learned through further research is that you don’t pay for a Grant. So I cut ties. I disabled my Facebook account and changed my cell number. The agent’s name is Carter Brown; look out for this guy. He will want to be your friend and will want to be inconstant contact with on google hangouts.

  3. Thank you for the good writeup, I was ripped off by these same people on $400 and they promised me $7,500. I should have knew better, but after reading all of the things I’ve read I’m thankful that I didn’t lose more. Hard lesson learned here.

  4. a little concerned because I filled out the form, I figured my name and email address and age and phone were public info anyhow and it would do no harm. I questioned him a lot about verification that he was a legitimate business because their fb profile was new and had zero info on it. I’m an idiot for even playing along but luckily when I kept questioning him and found this article and sent it to him he said “I do not think you are ready” and immediately blocked me. He was doing business as “Life’s hard” lol.

  5. Truss Robin is also contacting individuals on facebook! Get her too! Who would believe the blatant lies? If it doesn’t make sense, IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!


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