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James E. Kimbro AKA Jamo: Lorain Ohio’s Secret Predator, Rapist & Womanizer (Lorain, Ohio)


James E. Kimbro, also known as “Jamo”, “Oldschool” & “Jaymo Ice”, is a 55 year old single, recently divorced predator & womanizer from the city of Lorain.  On any given day he can be found scouting the local area for young women.  Specifically, women who have issues with any form of addiction that he can use to his advantage.

Mr. Kimbro will intentionally get women strung out on drugs.  He does this by befriending them and turning the occasional partier into a serious addict.  Once he has them addicted he will use them to his advantage, forcing them to have sex for money, forcing them to have sex with him and even having sex with minors (as young as 15).

Jamo has admitted on numerous occasions to drugging and raping women and freely admits this.   He’s a stalker and doesn’t even care if their are witnesses or not.  He told someone I know at the end of 2017  “I raped you when you were passed out bitch” and even blatantly went on to inform her as to how it happened.  “Oh, I drugged you”.

Jamo often slips sleeping pills in unsuspecting females drinks.

That same friend, also a resident of Lorain County, has been followed on multiple occasions.  When he’s ignored, he becomes so angry and will try to get a hold of people that he knows, mutual friends or family members of the person he is stalking & attempts to contact his victim and then resorts to intimidating individuals.

He’s gone as far as to shatter windshields and even stooped as low as keying cars.  He’s been seen going outside of his house in Lorain and just shooting his gun off at nothing.  He doesn’t care if it’s a minor or if or what they are doing, he’s liable to shoot you for just walking your dog at the wrong time of night.  He has a serious complex about other men.  Even if a girl isn’t dating him, he has a psychopathic complex.  “I remember going to see Debra when he was dating her and I had a friend with me, who was a nephew of his and he asked to go in and use the restroom – and he flipped out and started yelling and screaming at everyone and started throwing stuff around and I don’t know what happened to Debra that night in that situation.”

He’s a womanizer and will put his hands on a women at anytime.  Smacking, punching and even kicking them.  One lady had to stab him, yes that’s right, she actually had to stab him.  The woman’s name was Nancy, and she stabbed him because they were arguing and he was literally trying to strangle her.  He wound up going to jail a couple of times when he was with Nancy for domestic situations.  She didn’t even get into trouble for stabbing him, that was because of the ligature marks that were visible around her throat from when he tried to kill her.

He deals drugs in plain sight from his home.

He sells cocaine, both the powder and hard.  He even had his ex-wife selling cocaine for him and he also had a girl named Debra selling weed for him.  He sells it out of his home and there’s quite a bit of traffic coming through there.  He usually has people come to the back door and he’ll have them meet him off the West Side by Lexington and they will just do the transaction there.  It’s convenient for him because that’s where he goes to re-up and he doesn’t really like to drive with what he has.  He also hides his supply in his cars, those can be found behind his house in the alley. 

He offers this 18 year old girl Crystal small amounts of money for sex (she is his brothers step daughter for crying out loud).  She has gone down hill so much since she started messing with him.  Also, he was having sex with her when she was a minor as well.

There is another girl, she’s 15 years old (I forget her name) and she ended up in DH numerous times for drug related incidents.  Him and his friend were both fucking her.  They would have her come over and strip at his friends house who has a stripper pole, give her drugs and all sorts of horrible things would be done to her.  There was also an 18 year old that passed out one time, this was his friends daughter and he raped her while she was sleeping and left in the middle of the night.

COBRA Says:  After reading this submission I would wager that there’s even more to be submitted from our readers.  Bodies stuffed in walls?  Girls handcuffed in basements?  Child porn on devices?  Dude is above & beyond a Scumbag, pathetic.

Personal Information

Kimbro’s house can be easily spotted with his white truck.

Address:  2108 East. 30th St. in Lorain, Ohio

Vehicles:  A black BMW, a dark colored black/blue older model Cadillac, a blue older model Ford van with curtains & a tv w/vcr,  a white truck & a black Chrysler 300.

Criminal History

Readers Note:  Although Jamo’s legal history is brief, he does have some charges, all of which stem from violence perpetuated against women.  It’s the charges that he hasn’t been caught for that should truly raise alarms about individuals moving amongst our communities undetected.

12/18/2002 (Case# 2002CRB04944) Elyria Domestic Violence – an unknown woman was assaulted at his home.

11/20/2006 (Case# 2006CRB04425) Elyria Criminal Damaging – destroyed his wife’s car during an argument.

6/27/1999 (Case# 1999CRB02526) Lorain Domestic Violence vs. Minerva Kimbro – Physically assaulted his wife by punching her in the head repeatedly.

2/18/2006 (Case# 2006CRB00493) Lorain Domestic Violence vs. Minerva Kimrbo – Physically assaulted his wife again by kicking her in the stomach and punching her in the back.

3/18/2011 (Case# 2011CRB00882) Lorain Domestic Violence vs. Nancy Davila – Physically assaulted her by choking her when she was trying to leave his home and threatening to kill her.

The Bottom Line:  This individual has thus far been able to avoid detection and prosecution from the local authorities.  We sincerely hope that your post sheds light into both the community and the various (there’s quite a bit) members of law enforcement who visit our site on a daily and help aid them in cleaning this guy off of the streets.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re a woman and are approached by this individual, it would be safe to say that you should immediately go in the other direction.  Any man who does these sorts of things and behaves in this manner isn’t a man at all.





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