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OPINION: Ridgeville’s Last Rites: Save Center Ridge Rd. From The Mayors Mosque (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


The City of North Ridgeville is officially entering its “last rites” stage.  Ridgeville, one of the fastest growing cities in Northeast Ohio, at one time had a tremendous amount of lucrative zoning possibilities located off of Lorain & Center Ridge Rd.  Those plans and their visions were quickly snubbed time and time again by the cities Mayor, Mayor David Gillock.  Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse regarding Ridgeville’s legendary plans, they most certainly do, as they always have.  The Mayor’s Mosque is coming to Center Ridge Rd., in North Ridgeville, very soon…

In the latest round of decision making and zoning blunders on behalf of the Mayor, this time it’s to feature an expansive Mosque on Center Ridge Rd.  The Mosque, if approved (which according to the Mayor it should be met with swift approval) would be directly across from the Century Tavern Bar, CarStar and smack dab in the middle of Valley Storage and the Mills Creek Plaza.

On March 19th, 2018, Cleveland.com reported on a variety of issues stemming from within North Ridgeville.  The primary focal point of which regarded the city having disastrous potholes and the inability to effectively put an end to them.  However, the Mayor couldn’t help but sneak a word in at the end of the session regarding the incoming Mosque.

Mayor Gillock said he expects the project to “sail through.”

“He also noted that a mosque is likely to locate across from Century Tavern on Center Ridge Road. The developers of the mosque are coming to the Planning Commission in March. Gillock said he expects the project to “sail through.”

Also See:  Cleveland.com’s article here.

The proposed Mosque off of Center Ridge Rd. in North Ridgeville.

David Gillock has made one bad decision after another for the city of North Ridgeville.  Unbeknownst to most residents, the Mayor allowed the city of Avon to pawn off it’s huge eye-sore of a water tower right on the edge of the city, located off of Mills Rd., adjacent to several businesses and shops located on North Ridgeville property.  The mayor also is responsible for refusing Ridgeville Commons (which ultimately became known as Avon Commons), the Super Walmart – which is now featured on the border of Elyria and North Ridgeville, and for even failing on the Recreation Center that so many NR residents want to see built.

If you’re a resident of North Ridgeville and you don’t want to see the Mosque built on a prime road in your town, then now’s the time to speak up.  Everyone is urged to contact the Mayor’s office at (440) 353-0819.   Below are several resident and business owner complaints from around town.  If you would like your comment to be added, please text your complaint to the Scumbagged Tip Line at (440) 252-8318.

“There are plenty of other streets and roads that could easily host the new Mosque, why does it have to be built on Center Ridge Rd.” – North Ridgeville Resident

“I’ve heard there’s going to be some seriously rich doctors and Allah followers coming to this place, but it’s a business zone.  It shouldn’t have a Mosque there, not there.” – North Ridgeville Business Owner

“Stupid ass North Ridgeville, so done with this city” – North Ridgeville Business Owner

“No way to the mosque.  There is no place for these things.  This is America.  WHy won’t you keep us safe (Gillock)?!!!” – North Ridgeville Resident

COBRA Says:  Hey Mayor!  Why the hell do you want to put the Mosque off of Center Ridge Rd., of all places?  Why do you keep ruining the land that Ridgeville can use for attractions?   Push it somewhere else, like off of Lear Nagle., or JayCox or anywhere else but prime zoning areas.  My god guy….  

The Mayor has also been featured in other articles stemming from his (what should have been illegal) hiring of his grandson’s father, which lead to the city being sued and a host of other issues.  All of those articles can be found below.

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The Bottom Line:  A Mosque coming to the city of North Ridgeville isn’t the problem.  It’s once again all boiling down to the placement of the Mosque.  Why in the world would the Mayor say it’s okay to have a Mosque in this area of the city and to approve the zoning for such a thing?  I would think perhaps one needs to dive deeper into who owns the property and the potential kickbacks that both could be receiving (if there are any, just throwing that out there).

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Don’t just sit there Ridgeville.  If you don’t want this to happen, then you better get mobilized and active about it.  Propose other lands (as Ridgeville has many) and areas where this Mosque can go.  Otherwise you’re going to have yet another wasted opportunity.  Tic toc…




  1. I seriously don’t get the mosque thing. How many churches are there on Center Ridge? Or can only Christian / Catholic houses of worship be on the main road? Note – I dislike all religion equally.


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