Stephanie Mclear, whom currently lives in Lorain, is always calling my girlfriend a spic, my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, and every time she gets mad at my brother she reaches out to me and trashes my girlfriend like I have anything to do with their relationship. I don’t even have contact with my brother due to her and she is always referring to my gf as a spic and I’m sick of her racist a** speaking about my gf like this.  My gf is the nicest woman in the world and Stephanie is a disgusting racist.

HAWK Says:  Total garbage submission right here, but there’s no place for racism so we’ll allow it.  

Stephanie Mclear Racist Comments.

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Block her number?  Ignore her?  Stop communication with her?  Not to hard of a thing to think to do eh?


  1. Racism won’t be tolerated!!!!!! This individual cannot be blocked because even if you block her, she will literally hunt you down. You don’t know the caliber of this inhumane individual!!!!! She has been ruthless in many people’s lives!!!!!


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