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Stephanie Mclear – The Racist Woman (Lorain, Ohio)


Stephanie Mclear, whom currently lives in Lorain, is always calling my girlfriend a spic, my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, and every time she gets mad at my brother she reaches out to me and trashes my girlfriend like I have anything to do with their relationship. I don’t even have contact with my brother due to her and she is always referring to my gf as a spic and I’m sick of her racist a** speaking about my gf like this.  My gf is the nicest woman in the world and Stephanie is a disgusting racist.

HAWK Says:  Total garbage submission right here, but there’s no place for racism so we’ll allow it.  

Stephanie Mclear Racist Comments.

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Block her number?  Ignore her?  Stop communication with her?  Not to hard of a thing to think to do eh?


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