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Cindy Knight – Friendly Do Not Rent Warning To Other Landlords (Elyria, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged!  I just wanted to submit this article on someone that I used to rent to.  She’s not a very honest person when it comes to paying the money that she owes.  I gave her and her family a chance at renting from me and it all went to hell.  Her name is Cindy Knight, and she will lie to you and tell you your going to get your rent and give you all the excuses in the book, but the rent money will never come.  NEVER!  I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve posted about another tenant who lived in one of my properties with her as well, Kadie Machovina.

Regarding Cindy though, I had to take her to court and obviously won a rightful claim against her for the amount of $2,967.00 in 2016.  The reason for this amount was because the apartment I had rented her was left in total disarray and not only was it in shambles and destroyed with ruined carpet, walls and more, but she failed to pay her rent for months on end.

Doing my research could have saved me some serious money, because according to the Elyria Municipal Court she was also evicted and ordered to pay $1,700 in August of 2000.  Sure wish I would have seen that one.  Then there was another eviction in September of 2013 where Cindy Knight and Kadie Machovina once again failed to pay rent for two months, specifically in July & August of that year totaling $1,400.  The landlord in that one had to have the premise cleaned for $150.  All in all the total judgement against them was in the amount of $1,550 for that location.  Needless to say, Kadie Machovina assumed all responsibility there, but Cindy Knight’s name was mentioned all the same.

I consider renters like Cindy as “hoppers”.  Someone who goes from place to place and it’s a huge risk and liability for any landlord, such as myself, to rent to people like this, but there’s only so many people to rent to for some of the properties that I own.

Cindy Knight of Elyria/Ridgeville Ohio.

COBRA Says:  It’s one thing to not pay your bills because you lose your job or something serious happens, but to consistently have this issue over and over again only leads to me to believe one thing.  Drug use is taking place….

I’m assuming that drugs had a role in the non-payments for me and many others.  It’s been rumored that she has been an on again off again crack smoker.  I’m also assuming that they refuse to hold consistent jobs as a result of said drug use. I would advise anyone who intends on renting to her just to be careful, maybe make it a contingency that she has to submit to a random drug test in order to get the property and also ensure that she has a job and is working.  Otherwise, you’ll wind up in the same boat as I did.

The Bottom Line:  Lot’s of people fail to pay their bills, things happen in life.  However, for a track record of one to do this over and over again just shows the lack of care or the non-intent to pay from the beginning.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  You never know who your renting to out there, in this case, you have a huge heads up whenever you come across this article.  Thanks for submitting this information – I’m sure it will come in handy for a potential landlord out there who will be making their next decision.


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