Autumn Whitlock of North Ridgeville Ohio is one lying THIEVING walking STD. Autumn goes through life thinking the world owes her whatever she wants. She doesn’t think she should have to work for what she wants. She just steals and abuses sick and elderly women in her family.

Her grandmother who was dying and only weighed 60 lbs was tired of Autumns filthy language and told her to stop. Autumn grabbed her grandmother by her wrists as she put them up for protection and picked her up off the floor and tossed her on the couch like a rag doll. Her grandmother recently passed away and instead of mourning her death she was too busy ripping off whatever she could that the deceased had left in her home – along with all her medications.  Now that her grandmother has passed she’s turned her evil on her 87 yr. old great grandmother.

She abuses the elderly lady (her great grandmother) steals all her money and recently broke out a window to get in the home because she wasn’t home and blamed her great grandmother saying she “should have just left the house unlocked”.  She goes in and takes whatever she wants or thinks she can get money for.  She has robbed this poor woman of everything of value in her home and thinks it’s funny in front of her friends to call this 87 yr. old woman a stupid bitch and a bitch as she’s driving the lady to the bank to take her money…

Trashy Autumn Whitlock of Ridgeville

HAWK Says:  Such a sweet looking girl causing so many problems.  Scumbag of the worst form right here folks…  A nightmare in disguise…

She also abuses her mother and any adult who tries to do something about what she is doing.  North Ridgeville police say they can’t do anything. Her family has even contacted human services about elderly abuse and this girl plays the social worker.  People need to be warned about this menace to society.

She is a drug addict who will do anything it takes to get her drugs. From robbing and stealing from friends and family to abusing elderly sick, all in an effort to get what she wants.  She will put anything up her nose she can get her hands on and will even stoop to sleeping with older and married men.

“You will get it (THE MONEY) you old stupid bitch or else”

The 87 year old even had a video camera set up for protection, one that Autumn ripped down.  Prior to taking the camera down though she was however caught on video threatening her elderly great grandmother for $500.00 that she wanted for a vacation to Virginia Beach.  One the video she told her great grandma that she “Will give her that money or else”. The grandma repeatedly stated that she “didn’t have the money” to which Autumn screamed “You will get it you old stupid bitch or else”. Well she got the money then went to Nelson Ledges with a 40 yr. old man for a week to do drugs….

Used this elderly woman’s social security money that she some desperately needs to eat and live on for her week long drug fest.  This girl is a walking billboard for STDS, but that’s an entirely different story and a little too personal for me to share as to how I know that, but it’s the damn sad truth.

Readers Note:  3 of Autumn Whitlock’s photographs that were submitted have been struck from this article due to those pictures being when she was a minor.  If the submitter (or anyone) has recent or updated pictures of her or more information, please use the article submit feature to send them to us and we will append them to this article.

The Bottom Line:  Why the North Ridgeville police haven’t done anything regarding this situations raises many questions.  After all, they are the same police department who will chase kids down for being out past curfew, hunt down individuals in woods for stealing a pack of cigarettes from a store and/or individuals with even minor misdemeanor offenses pending.  Why not go after someone who abuses the elderly?  Or is she too pretty for justice?

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  If the above is true then this girl is well on her way to becoming a true nightmare for any path that she crosses.  Too many times girls get strung out on drugs and become tornado’s for everyone that they come into interaction with.  Like a ripple in the pond this girl is going to be destroying families, friends and communities for the foreseeable future unless she changes her ways.  Proceed with caution.



  1. It’s awesome to hear from someone from Ohio. However, I’m not a brad pitt but there are a couple of women that want to see me.


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