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Imari Maldonado – Lost & Confused Girl Goes Live (Lorain, Ohio)


Imari Maldonado of Lorain, Ohio lives in a fantasy world.  One that consists of riding around smoking blunts, living a dazed and confused life from the depths of despair tucked away quietly (unless she’s on Facebook live) in section-8 housing.  Most recently, Imari side-swiped a vehicle when it came time to throw down hands and then boasted about how she had gotten into a fight.  She also stated numerous times “Gang-Gang Nigga” on video which is commonly known as illegal schemes or gangbanging.

Regarding the alleged fight and how she was responsible for a beat down.  Such was not the case…  “I was there and seen what happened.  Imari drove her vehicle into the other girls car and the girl then jumped out the car and grabbed her by her hair.  Imari drove off as the girl ripped out her hair and tried to fight.  Imari is a soft ass white bitch who would love to have been born black.”

Article Update:  A new user submission with another video documents somewhat of a conflicting story with this submission.  In the new article (with video) it can clearly be seen that Imari is indeed yanked out of the car and roughed up on the streets of Lorain.  We actually urge the readers to view the new video in this article here first:  https://scumbagged.com/2018/04/25/the-beatdown-caught-on-tape-imari-maldonado-gets-whooped-lorain-ohio/ and then backtrack to this article to watch the video here.  Two entirely different tales…

“Imari drove off As the girl ripped out her hair and Tried to fight”

According to Imari Maldonado’s own words on Facebook she actually side-swiped the other girls car and then proclaimed to have “beat her ass”.  Not a single broken nail (which they are fairly long) or mark could be found on her – other than a few patches of her over dyed hair being torn out.

“she’s out there hitting licks, selling pussy for a couple bucks.”

“She’s got one smart mouth, she’s out riding around and selling pussy, look at all of her Facebook posts and the different cities that she’s in, she’s out there hitting licks, selling pussy for a couple bucks.  Girl is the epitome of trash”.

ERRATIC Says:  I watched about half of this video and just called it a day.  Not going to waste anymore of my time on it, it’s hilarious though.  She’s not even high yet and she’s retarded.  This girl is the true scumbag & degenerate here folks…

Watch The Video


The Bottom Line:  Haven’t people learned to not document and record their criminal doings yet?  Time and time again people have gotten jammed up on legitimately turning themselves in on videos for the dumbest of things.  Don’t be shocked if her mugshot appears on Lorain County Arrest Reports in the following days/weeks.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re friends with this girl your character and daily agenda sincerely needs to be analyzed.  I mean the lack of IQ and straight up scumbagism of this girl is outrageous.  She really thinks she’s something, a someone…  Sheesh, stay in Lorain – you belong there (no offense lol).


  1. Normally you loose brain cells from smoking the pot, but in my case I lost brain cells looking and listening to her retarted ass (No offense to anyone) lol.


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