Imari Maldonado’s self proclaimed victory fight was caught live on video.  Earlier this week Mrs. Maldonado went on video proclaiming that she had “whooped that ass” and repped “gang gang” time for her would be victim.  Instead, the Facebook video embedded within this article depicts an entirely different story.  One that actually shows Imari getting manhandled and accosted in broad daylight on the streets of Lorain, Ohio.

Imari can be clearly seen in the footage taking blow after blow after blow until some nice pedestrians swoop in to save her.  If not for the friend and an unknown blocker – things would have turned far uglier for the wanna-bee gangster.  At the end of the clip you can clearly see Imari taking off as fast as she can.  That’s the thug life eh? 

This event transpired shortly after Imari sideswiped the other woman’s vehicle that she can be seen sparring with.  After the woman’s vehicle was sideswiped she jumped out of her car and yanked Imari out of the vehicle by her hair and proceeded to land haymakers on the top of her dome.  Imari was screaming at her the entire time.

ERRATIC Says:  Imari is the definition of a phone gangster, plain and simple.  Sideswiping cars doesn’t fall under the classification of “bang bang” – unless your talking about fender to fender bumps when you say that.   What a silly scum-scally-wag-bag…

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See the original article on Maldonado here:

The Bottom Line:  Needless to say if anyone see’s Imari out and about driving around, be sure to steer clear…  Who knows, she might just sideswipe your ass.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Hey Imari if you’re reading this, less smoking blunts and “bang banging” against cars.  Time to grow up or else you might not be so lucky next time as to have such nice people be there to save you.


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