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Facebook’s Dumbest Drug Dealer – Tim Brandon (Sheffield Lake, Ohio)


Facebook’s dumbest drug dealer is hands down a man who goes by the name of Tim Brandon.  Tim lives in Sheffield Lake, Ohio where he sits behind his computer screen attempting to accrue illicit pharmaceutical drug sales.  In the past month he contacted me directly through Facebook messenger and asked if I wanted to buy any of the following:  Perk tens (percocet’s), opana’s, adderall and even heroin.  I refused to reply to him and thought he was done when he told me he had contacted me by accident.  That wasn’t the case because he then continued to message me and even tried calling me via video on Facebook.

I then decided to search him on Facebook and found, coincidentally enough, that someone else had been approached by him offering pretty much the same thing.  At one point Tim Brandon said to me “Hey my connect the pharmacist got 180 perk tens $6.50 ea. you told me to tell you when she got them so I’m letting you know and she has a bunch of adderlal and a few Opana just let me know ASAP.”  Which he then followed up with an apology saying that he hadn’t meant to send me the message.

COBRA Says:  This guy has to be by far the dumbest drug dealer in the history of drug dealers.  What a scumbag…

facebook drug dealer
Tim Brandon tries to sell drugs through Facebook
facebook drug dealer
Then tries to call me and wont go away!

I then went to Tim Brandon’s own personal Facebook page, and decided to browse around his recent posts, just to see what kind of person would contact me in such a manner.  I’ve never done drugs in my life and even if I did I wouldn’t be stupid enough to buy them or sell them online through Facebook messenger.  I found an interesting post that he had made on his page in December of 2017.  In his post he said that “All drug dealers should be executed”.  I find that interesting, considering he’s a drug dealer himself…

dumbest drug dealers
Facebooks dumbest drug dealer makes an even dumber post.

The other individual who got into it with Mr. Brandon on Facebook actually responded to him and that conversation was pretty funny.  At one point Tim Brandon gives up an address, whether or not it’s his real address, I don’t know, but I’ve attached pictures of that conversation as well.  That actual Facebook post is public and can be found by clicking here.  Mason Butler is the guys name and he tore into him pretty good.

New Submission:  828 pasadena ave Sheffield Lake Ohio is his real address, found out after he scammed some friends of mine.

The Bottom Line:  It’s fairly evident that Tim Brandon was attempting to sell drugs for profit through Facebook messenger.  The method that he deployed was one that was both manipulative and highly illegal and he should be avoided at all costs.  This sort of thing generally would result in you either 1.)  Getting robbed or 2.)  Setup or 3.)  Getting addicted.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Mr. Brandon if you’re reading this, we think you should refrain from pursuing individuals in the future in such a manner.  Not only is it illegal, but you’re using a Facebook messenger application and reaching out to unknown individuals who are at different phases in life.  Some may be in the midst of recovery, some may be tempted by your communication and relapse, some might even be the police.  In any case.  You have to be the world’s DUMBEST drug dealer.


  1. This scumbag lives right down the street from me. I hope he rots in jail. I have witnessed deals being exchanged from morning to night all hours of the day. He should be like everyone else and get a real job.

  2. You know as much as a dumbass as he is, the people who got ripped off trying to buy drugs he obviously didn’t have are even dumber. The real issue is not that someone is selling drugs, it’s the terrible state of affairs that force you to deal with dumbass as like this instead of getting them legitimately.

  3. Apparently be didnt even have anything. I know someone who fell for his games. He comes and gets money and promises to come back later and never does.

    • The screenshots are probably game. I know the guy pictures and while it’s costthat’s not his real name. I was willing to accept it was a typo until i saw the Facebook posts which listed the incorrect name.

      The guy in question is a total scumbag, for real, but it’s pretty student you can’t trust this source


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