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Bikers Against Heroin USA Exposed: A Criminal Non-Profit Organization (Lodi, Ohio)


Bikers Against Heroin USA, a non-profit organization out of Lodi, Ohio, has a long criminal history stemming from sexually based offenses revolving around the companies owner to mail fraud and even embezzlement by its President.  In addition, Bikers Against Heroin USA claims that they are a chapter, when in reality they are the national.  The real group, Bikers Against Heroin (minus the USA) is established out of New York and they are avidly attempting to fight the heroin epidemic.

The 501(c)(3) holder for Bikers Against Heroin USA is a man named Scot Alan Neufer. Mr. Neufer is a registered sex offender stemming from a 2006 incident where he was found guilty of “Gross Sexual Imposition” with a minor. The money man who runs the show is yet another convict, his name being Lacy Tilley.  Mr. Tilley was sentenced to 110 months in federal prison for embezzling more than $300,000 along with a host of other charges in 2011.

Recently, Bikers Against Heroin USA released a corporate statement from last years run showing the breakdown of operating costs and other various financials.  Nowhere in their statement does it show where they have helped anyone from the donations that they generated, outside of cutting the Chief of the Lodi Village Police a check in the amount of $3,800.00.  Even with the $3,800 donation to the Chief, it wasn’t enough to keep the law at bay as law enforcement officials in both Lodi and Medina have said that they want nothing to do with the group. 

Fun Fact:  It’s been rumored that Scot Neufer’s home in Lodi was raided by the FED’s related to drugs and that he is currently awaiting an indictment.

In all fairness, a local heroin advocate sent Bikers Against Heroin USA an addict by the name of Alisha Fairbanks.  Fairbanks needed air fare in order to get to the rehab that she was placed in – which was out of state.  Bikers Against Heroin USA provided her with an expense free ride.  Individuals in the rehabilitation community feel that this was done purposefully in an effort to distract from the lackluster implementation of thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations that have gone unaccounted for. She is the only person I know of that they have helped.  When questioning this group about the funds they simply say the program is not up and running and won’t be fully in effect until October of 2018.  Yet, they are continuously boasting about how much they give back to local area addicts…

scot neufer
Ohio business registration showing the owner of the non-profit.

Take a look at the bikersagainstheroinusa.org website – I have never seen so many pieces of paper explaining redundant, recirculated garbage in my life & I’ve been in this profession going on more than 20 years.  Now, they have posted people punching people in the face if you get out of hand on their Facebook page.  Needless to say this appears to be a t-shirt selling scam to make even more money and increase interest in their “Biker Run Against Heroin” event which is taking place on June 30th, 2018.

HAWK Says:  Will they fund heroin addicts and be transparent in their funding?  Or… Will they keep up their 300k houses, boats, jet skis, racing bikes and Harley’s instead?

The Bottom Line:  Scumbagged.com is not the truth police, remember that folks.  However, there are many individuals, non-profits and corporations that operate under the false pretense of helping the sick and addicted whom are in the game simply for immense profits.  From medicare scams to huge insurance payouts for placements to profit sharing programs.  The art of body brokering in this industry is beyond maddening and repulsive.  The irony behind the high costs of inpatients and treatments is to purely milk insurance companies in an effort to enrich people through others suffering.  Whether or not Bikers Against Heroin USA falls into this group is entirely up for discussion… If you’ve had direct interraction with this company and would like to share your experience with them, please feel free to leave a comment below.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:   It would be wise to fully inquire as to where and how your monetary donation will be spent with this group (or any other).  Individuals who frivolously give to non-profits waste valuable opportunities to help those around them.  If you’re a donor, be a pro-active donor.  Get involved, ask to see the results.  That’s the only way to ever ensure that your money is being invested appropriately, with this non-profit or any other.

Heroin Addiction Information:  If you, or anyone reading this has drug related issues of any kind you can check into a rehab for free courtesy of the Wellington Police Department.  You can call them: (440) 647-2244 or contact them via messenger on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wellington-Police-Department-759508177392915/



  1. The president has never been busted for embezlment. And is NOT A registered sex offender!!! You are the acumbag that posts no true shit!!! Come look at the books instead of guessing. Most of it is co-founders money where are you coming up with we are bring in thousands??. You are the liar and the new York group which has no public disclosure and has no id and no website.
    Want the truth??? Then come get the truth!!
    And yet Lacy has no access to the money and does not run the show where are you getting this from??

  2. As a member of the original Bikers Against Heroin here in NEW YORK . I like to say is it true about the sex Offender charge? If so that person should not be associated With the BAH name. And to just put USA at the end of the logo sucks . There is no need for all this negative Crap . Usa is putting a bad stain so to speak on what we are doing here in NEW YORK. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube and for him to call people out. Well let’s just say Addicts putting down drug is one thing . Changing addict behavior is what is imp. I always say “ How ya livin when no ones lookin” and btw here’s my number contact me Anytime 631-707-2197 . I’m Scooter.. how you doin…!!

    • I have never put down your organization. And recently only put you on blast because what Linda is trying to do.Better get your facts straight. a year ago when we started this someone in your organization contacted us . And we tried working with them . But they want credit not to help. We were told two months after our annual poker run was announced. That you guys were going to have one on same date! I personally thought that was awesome! And tried finding out about sponsorship. I am sorry your group runs under a DBA. Using someone else’s 501. That might come to bite them in the butt. We are not a club like you guys that where full patches etc. I thought we were on the same team. We found out who wrote the post on scumbag. It’s ashame that we wanted to help your poker run too. Because that is one of our goals . To have them all across country at same time. So you are missinformed my friend . We want to be on the same side . Because we have done more in one year because of our volunteers is not a reason to get negative . We should be working in harmony. But your group wants recognition not the same goal as us. We still would be proud to fight this Epidemic with your group!! But this thing is hurting my six children and some of my older grandchildren. Our books can be looked at at anytime. When we asked if we can get some public disclosure from them . They banned us on the messanger. Who are the fakes?? Do you even know?
      Peace Out Brother

  3. The fact remains that this article is filled with lies. If you removed the lies all you’s have left is a story about personal criminal histories with no basis of how that effects the integrity of the organization. Instead we have this splathering of information designed to inflame people – but not inform them of anything meaningful to the cause. If you, Scooter, have an opinion of who should and should not contribute to the cause that’s fine. Why don’t you write an article about that? Does your organization do background checks on every contributor of money, of labor or registration fees? Just who may and may not have a positive contribution to make. Will you turn down a $5,000.00 donation if I have a criminal history? I see no website, no disclosure… no information at all as to what your organization does. Any reason you guys are so secretive about your financial transactions and organizational policies? My point is not to put you down – you might me a fine organization but it’s easy not to be judged when you do not disclose. Keep it positive and support the cause.


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