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Video: Cookeville Tennessee Man Sets Up Friend & Gets Him 8 Years In Prison (Cookeville, Tennessee)


A Cookeville Tennessee man set up his own friend on a wire and landed him 8 years in prison as a result.  Tristan Nabors and Tyler Duke were two friends who had grown up together in Cookeville, a small Tennessee city of 30,435 residents.  Their friendship predicated on more than a decade worth of good times and brotherly like memories.  The two were work buddies, each others wing-men and they each considered themselves close, loyal and trustworthy friends.

That all changed in early 2017 Tristan Nabor made a purchase for an unspecified amount of methamphetamine from another Cookeville resident.  Shortly after the purchase Mr. Nabor was pulled over by the local authorities and a little less than a gram of methamphetamine was found in his vehicle.  He was then given an option.  To either mic up (wear a wire) or potentially face 1-3 years in prison.  Tristan Nabor decided that he would wear a wire.  It is estimated that Mr. Nabor wore wires on upwards of 5 different unsuspecting drug dealers in the Cookeville Tennessee area, where he made purchases ranging from half a gram or less to more than a quarter ounce.  His friend, Tyler Duke never even saw what was coming…

The video below comes from Tyler Duke’s motion of discovery which was released earlier this week.  From start to finish the setup process is detailed and shows Tristan Nabor getting into his vehicle and then driving to meet his friend Tyler Duke on a controlled buy.

Not So Fun Fact:  As a result of what you are about to watch Tyler Duke & his wife are now both in Tennessee State prison serving 8 year prison terms.


COBRA Says:  For a friend to do this to someone and take away approximately 10% of their life, not cool, not cool at all.  If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.  Plain and simple.  Rat scumbag here folks.

The Bottom Line:  If you’re involved in illegal business it’s best to never trust anyone.  Even your best friends can sink you.  It’s always best to be law abiding, results in much sounder sleep at night too…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Selfish people are rats, remember that.  The more selfish, the higher likelihood to turn into a nark.  Selfish people are incapable of thinking about anyone or anything other than themselves.  So when push comes to shove they will gladly turn on blood in order to save their own hide.   You’ve been warned…


  1. I originally posted this motion on Facebook, and what’s wrote in this article is all wrong. Try interviewing ppl directly instead of making up your own story or using rumors you hear.


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