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Portage County’s Secret Drug Dealing Killer – Christopher P. Prokes (Mantua, Ohio)


Christopher P. Prokes was last in the Portage County Jail in March of 2017.   In that arrest he was charged with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony.  However, his most recent incarceration could easily be overshadowed by the poison he has secretly been dealing to many residents who reside in Portage County.  The poison, that on one fatal night in 2014 resulted in a 33 year old man by the name of “J.R.” overdosing and dying from the drugs Mr. Prokes sold him.

Chris has been selling crystal meth, pills and the highly addictive drug heroin for years.   He mixes his heroin with the extremely lethal drug known as fentanyl in an effort to accrue more profits.  When Mr. Prokes made his usual delivery to “J.R.”, he watched as the man overdosed in front of him, and instead of saving him by calling 911, he did the unfathomable…

The entire situation started when the two were at a local bar.  This is when “J.R.” purchased heroin from Christopher Prokes and overdosed in his car while parked in the lot of the bar.   Mr. Prokes watched as “J.R.” struggled to breathe and his face began turning purple.  Instead of doing the right thing and dialing 911, Chris simply went back inside the bar where he made a few frantic phone calls and waited for nearly 2 hours until his ride arrived.

In a sick and twisted move, one that would best resemble a scene from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”, Christopher and an unnamed associate put the overdosed J.R. in the passenger seat and then proceeded to drive to his home in an effort to conceal the overdose while simultaneously robbing him.  After arriving at J.R’s home they then moved him back into the driver’s seat and went into J.R’s house to rob it. 

weekend at bernies
A sick & twisted “Weekend at Bernies” plot.

The person that did call 911 was walking by and thought he was drunk, high or sleeping.  He tried to wake him up and he wouldn’t and that’s when he called 911. Chris and his friend were in the house attempting to rob “J.R.” at the time when the paramedics showed up with the police. They did not flee the scene, but they were not arrested either.

Fun Fact:  Mr. Prokes sister, Jennifer Prokes, also has an issue with abiding by the law as she is currently serving a 3 year prison term for RSP, Theft & Forgery.  You can find her inmate information by clicking here

Christopher P. Prokes has never been charged with the murder of “J.R.”.  Mr. Prokes isn’t a saint in the court system either…  In 2015 he was charged with an Assault. In 2016 he caught a myriad of charges ranging from Kidnapping to Domestic Violence and a search warrant was performed on his premise. In 2017 he was charged with Receiving Stolen Property, DUS and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  All of those charges can be found by visiting the Portage County Docket System here.

christopher p. prokes
Lengthy list of criminal history for Christopher P. Prokes.

Not So Fun Fact:  The brother of “J.R.” was paying respect at the burial site one day when Christopher Prokes actually jumped him.  The reason for him being jumped?  To keep his mouth shut about where the drugs came from. Or else…

COBRA Says:  He literally sat there and watched him die, then called his buddy, had them load him in the car to rob his house.  All of that time wasted when he could have just called 911 and saved the guys life.  Total fucking scumbag…

Christopher P. Prokes, 31, of 2791 Stanwich St., Shalersville, is worst kind of drug dealer.  He will sell you anything for a profit, watch you die and then rob you after you’ve passed away.    I hope that the Portage County Sheriff’s office seizes the opportunity and takes it upon themselves to look into the death of “J.R”.

The Bottom Line:  Christopher Prokes needs to be held accountable for his actions.  For failing to call 911, for moving the body and for selling the drugs.  This is inexcusable.  This is an atrocity.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Anyone who has a drug addiction such as heroin plays “russian roulette” each and every time they abuse this drug.  You never know what you’re getting from someone, they might not even know the levels of fentanyl that is in their product.  It is highly advisable to seek treatment immediately.  No high is worth your life.

Heroin Addiction Information:  If you, or anyone reading this has drug related issues of any kind you can check into a rehab for free courtesy of the Wellington Police Department.  You can call them: (440) 647-2244 or contact them via messenger on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wellington-Police-Department-759508177392915/


  1. I had seizures at a music festival in 2007 and rather than alerting the medical staff robbed me for over a thousand dollars. He’s a real piece of shit. And to make matters worse he tried to “friend” me on Facebook about a month ago. Good thing I accepted just long enough to send a message to go f*** himself then removing him.

  2. I submitted a revision to this because I had made a typo where I said the wrong year for the receiving stolen
    Property case and I called the portage county jail and he’s not there why wasn’t this updated when I resubmitted hours ago. So please amend it when you can, but everything I said is 100% true. He did do this to JR… everyone that knows knows.

    • Sorry but we use a caching system on Scumbagged. Your revised article was uploaded, but changes can take upwards of 4-8 hours to show. Thanks for your submission.

  3. Chris Prokes’ decision to save his own ass caused JRs death. All he had to do was call 911 n takeoff. Instead he passed up 2 Fire Departments to drive JR Crewonis Home, in JRs car n the switch seats n go in and rob him.
    A neighbor called 911 while Prokes stood at his stepfThets house watching.
    The detective told family in 2014 that what Prokes did WAS PROSECUTABLE but they couldn’t find 1 person in Portage County to stand up n testify against him.
    He was with a minor female at a bar trying to buy her drinks when the barmaid threw him n her out of the bar. He begged JR for a ride to another bar n JR ended up dead. The female Prokes was with disappeared never to be interviewed or testify.

  4. Thank you to whoever brought JRs story to the public. We, his family n friends are forever indebted to you. JR would’ve wanted people to know CHRISPROKES did this. Thank you 🙏

  5. Wow…i have literallly known chris prokes my entire life and NEVER. heard of this happening…then again i never associated with him but im surprised to just now. B finding this out!i really hope JRs family and friends can one day soon get justice from this painful and devastating tragedy!!!my prayers go out to ALL of JRs family and friends!!!its really a shame he wasnt caught on camera(im assuming the bar didnt have one!) and i hope that since this horrible tragedy that they invested in getting a security camera to try to put a stop to another tragic event like this!!!how were there no witnesses at the bar???u would think that after being there for HOURS after the overdose that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE saw SOMETHING!!n i hope that if there were any witnesses that they aren’t n fear of coming forward n fear of how chris would react!he DESERVES to have to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of his actions!i dont know how ANYONE can even live with themselves knowing they are a murderer responsible for someones death!so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….if ANYONE witnessed what truly happened to JR PLEASE come forward and help this family get JUSTICE!!!chris is obviously strung out on all kinds of drugs(and im sure u could anonymously come forward at least until he gets arrested and locked up!!!!DO THE RIGHT THING!!!if anyone is reading this and witnessed this terrible crime, by not coming forward to tell the TRUTH,u r just as bad as chris,who knows how many other people have overdosed and passed away from drugs chris served them AFTER he did this to JR…in a way by not coming forward of u were a witness that tragic night…u could say that u r contributing to anyone else he ends up murdering cuz by u not stepping up n being honest ur allowing him to stay on the streets,selling lethal drugs to more and more people!!! Sorry for the long rant..this just completely has me n shock!and i believe any witnesses that actually witnessed this happening to jr. Who refuse to come forward should also be charged!

    • Lol you dont need all that a autopsy will show the time of death and the police report will show the time that they actually arrive on scene the facts cant lie if there was a proper statement made by any of the suspects and their stories don’t match what the officer is saying that can open up an investigation into murder the only problem is proving that the heroin actually came from him which would be first-degree murder but even in the fact that they were there and never charged that could be considered manslaughter because they didn’t call the police that’s a sad sad story and it’s a sad sad story that the cops didn’t do anything from the get-go it’s pretty f***** up that our justice system is it Prosecuting cases like this and that people aren’t speaking up about this they took an oath to protect our rights and our rights are to get Justice for the crimes committed against us they are our servants and sometimes they need to be reminded of it Portage county is drop the ball on a lot of things and I honestly think that the sheriff’s department is a f****** joke they prosecute people that don’t commit crimes but then the people that do commit or riffic crimes they don’t actually prosecute it makes no sense sounds corrupted f*** and somebody is a scumbag it’s probably all the cops that worked on this case that were any relation to the Sheriff’s Department in Portage County that’s who should be investigated


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