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The Copper Crack Heads: Fat Stevie and John Pettibone (Lorain, Ohio)


The copper crack heads of Lorain are none other than Fat Stevie & John Pettibone.  These bums go around and steal copper out of houses in an effort to smoke crack.  Plain and simple.   Stevie’s girlfriend cant keep her legs closed, she fucks everyone!  Many people say she has pussy pimples on her legs, herpy’s and possible HIV.  These people are some of the nastiest people who live in Lorain.  She also eats black guy asses.  Polo told me all about it – thats one 600 pound nasty ass bitch.

John Pettibone is a dope feen, needle shooting, copper stealing thief.  He’s a bum who bounces bed to bed looking to get his asshole filled with the next load of nut. These people need help – some one please guide them.

HAWK Says:  To the submitter…  Did someone steal your copper bro?  LOL.

The Bottom Line:  Fair enough to say that stealing copper is not the wisest thing to do these days.  Never know who might just resort to exposing you.  Tssk tssk…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Free copper for all Scumbagged.com readers below.


  1. “Stevie’s girlfriend can’t keep her legs closed” “herpy’s” are you high on dope again Sammy? Put the needle down love. Actually, do the world a favor & do more. ALOT more.

    Also, “she eats black guy asses”? “Polo told me”?
    1) so what? Did you ever stop to think why does that “straight” male like his salad tossed?
    2) You mean the dope dealer told you, Sammy?
    3) Why is it important to mention that they are black? Is there a problem with thar?
    4) Aren’t you a male who wears dollar tree makeup & loves to get fucked in the ass? Your opinion is null & void.

    Why don’t you do the world a favor & give it up already. You made yourself look stupid multiple times now. Just let it go junkie. John used you as a piece of ass, just for revenge. Are you really that pathetic that you can’t move the hell on?

    Samuel Ober, you truly are the definition of a scumbag. Grow the fuck up.


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