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Jarrod “The Moron Mechanic” Miller – The World’s Worst Auto Mechanic (Lorain, Ohio)


Jarrod Miller is by far, hands down, one of the worlds worst auto mechanics.  So much so in fact, that he has officially been dubbed as Jarrod “The Moron Mechanic” Miller due to his cluelessness while performing jobs that have ultimately lead to breakdowns and even accidents.  Most recently Jarrod worked for Willy’s Auto & Tire located at 3500 Broadway in Lorain.  While at this auto repair shop, Jarrod would unintentionally sabotage vehicle after vehicle that he worked on.  Whether they were Willy’s Auto customers or Jarrod’s own word of mouth referrals, one by one the cars he serviced would leave in worse shape than when they entered.

Mr. Miller states that he is a do-it-all mechanic, one with vast experience on car repairs from bumper to bumper, when in truth, he cannot even install breaks, rotors and pads properly on your car.   In addition, he is directly responsible for vehicular crashes and irreparable damage done to the vehicles he’s personally worked on.

In 2015 when doing a routine brake and rotor changeout, he failed to lubricate the caliper slider pins on a customers car.  As a result, after the brake job was completed – a few short days later the motorist had his calipers seize up which caused his vehicle to crash into a nearby embankment.

whoever wired this didn’t have a clue what they were doing

jarrod miller
Jarrod “The Moron Mechanic” Miller

In 2016 when a faulty headlight needed to be replaced on a 2015 Chevy Malibu, he charged $50 for the new headlight bulb install.  A week later, the same bulb blew.  The customer then called Jarrod and paid him another $50.  A new headlight bulb was re-installed and the light worked for approximately 2 weeks.  A call was dispatched to Mr. Miller a third time once the light stopped working and yet another $50 was rendered and a new light bulb was installed.  Upon installation of the lightbulb Mr. Miller noticed that the wiring directly in plain sight and view of the headlight was frayed.  Hence, the light bulb wasn’t causing the issue and a simple wiring kit needed to be soldered.  After soldering the new wiring, the headlight worked fine.  Approximately 3 weeks later, the headlight stopped working again and the soldering job had come undone.  The client decided to take his vehicle to a GM factory to have the work done.  At the factory they stated “whoever wired this didn’t have a clue what they were doing”.

In 2017 when an individual needed a new axle placed on their vehicle.  Jarrod inspected the car and informed the client that the vehicle only needed a left drivers side axle.  After replacing the left drivers side axle, 1 month later, the drivers left side axle snapped on a highway and caused the driver to almost crash into other passerby’s on the highway.  Luckily that didn’t happen, but upon further inspection after the breakdown the result of the axle breaking was due to a “fastening failure”.  Ie; another botched job by Jarrod.

world worst mechanic
The World’s Worst Mechanic: Jarrod Miller himself.

COBRA Says:  This dude is a total dumbass.  He’s lucky he hasn’t killed himself or someone else via the work that he has done.  Only a scumbag would seek minimal profits to risk his and others lives.  

Again in 2017 when performing work (a wheel bearing related issue) on a vehicle, he improperly positioned the jack  under the car.  His improper positioning caused the car to collapse (nearly killing “The Moron Mechanic” himself) on top of Mr. Miller which resulted in damage being done to the clients under body side of the vehicle.  By the fate of the auto-repair gods, Mr. Miller just so happened to have to answer a phone call right as the car collapsed, if not for that call he would no longer be with us.  Interestingly enough, Mr. Miller offered zero compensation towards the damages that he had made.

In 2018 Jarrod Miller switched jobs and began working as a Tow-Truck Driver for Elyria Towing.  Since working for Elyria Towing he has maintained his appearance as a certified mechanic and continues to do side work.  He also states to clients that he will provide warranties on parts that are purchased and services that are performed.  When in reality, whenever a warranty needs to be called, being that he isn’t part of Willy’s Auto or any other auto repair shop for the matter, the warranty is muted.  He’s also not licensed or insured and as to his technical background in the field has zero certifications or training at any vocational schools that we know of.

jarrod miller
Jarrod Miller featured with his girlfriend/baby mom.

As if the poor service and dangerous installations aren’t bad enough.  Every single job that Jarrod Miller performs outside of an auto body shop, whether it be at his home or at your home will 100% always be accompanied with not just him, but his deranged wife.  If you live in a decent community, be prepared for the worlds shittiest beater and the beverly hillbilly’s to come riding up onto your property.  If it’s snowing, raining or thunder storming, there he will be, working on your car in the garage, while his family and children sit in your driveway – with blankets, bundled, shivering and shaking.  Why this procedure is done?  God only knows.  Clients are subjected to horrific service and a eye sore at the same time.

The Bottom Line:   Safety first folks.  Never hire this or any other individual who doesn’t have the technical know how for the work being performed.   Sometimes going the cheap route with car repairs really isn’t the cheap route after all.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:   (To:  The Moron Mechanic) Jarrod, perhaps you should stick to being a tow-truck operator.  After all, there’s probably a really good chance you’ll be picking up and towing the very same cars that you have previously worked on.   Maybe you can give these ex-clients of yours a nice discount for their towing fee for the damage you’ve caused them?





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