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Machine Gun Kelly Destroys Eminem: New Diss @ Eminem (Cleveland, Ohio)


Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK released a scathing rap battle diss against his fellow adversary Eminem on Monday.  A diss that legitimately destroys Eminem by exposing him for his various rat type mentalities and behind the scenes boo-hoo complaints.  The two have had slight confrontational approaches related to one another embedded within their music dating back to 2012 when MGK lambasted Eminem and his daughter.  MGK has also made small mentions and innuendo’s against Eminem in the past few years, however, most of what MGK has stated has gone unheard of, unmentioned and unnoticed.  That was until recently…

Eminem’s newest album titled “Kamikaze” dropped with some fanfare on August 31st, 2018, and in a few short days it has picked up much needed steam in a large part due to the variety of disses that he has launched at other rappers.  Most notably he’s gone after MGK, Drake, Ja Rule, Chris Brown and other groups within his newest album, however the words towards MGK surely were the most profound and direct.

“Now you wanna come and fuck with me, huh?
This little cock-sucker, he must be feelin’ himself
He wants to keep up his tough demeanor
So he does a feature, decides to team up with Nina
But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne
If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun
And I’m talkin’ to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly
I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss
But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie

MGK returned in kind within a few short days with his own diss towards Em labeled “Rap Devil”.  In Rap Devil, MGK fully exposes Eminem for a variety of scumbag (and what can be considered as ratting) ways.  The video below is the full entirety of the diss towards Eminem, be advised, it’s raw.

COBRA Says:  Machine Gun Kelly repped Cleveland as always, real loyalist here, representing the city and did an awesome job on the diss.  Keep it on repeat!

Some of the key things that MGK stated in the diss were that Eminem ratted on him to producers, to studios, to even other rappers.  When we say ratting, Eminem reportedly even went as far as to report a post on Twitter made by Machine Gun Kelly in an effort to get it taken down.  Eminem, a bad ass rapper, who many call the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) has showed some serious signs of weakness.  He’s gone after lower level rappers and attempted to and successfully ended their careers.  He’s done so maliciously, with behind the scene antics, throwing temper tantrums and cash in an effort to silence his potential competition.  Wishing to remain the only “white boy” on the scene.  Not anymore.

The Bottom Line:  In addition to Eminem’s dillusion, he’s also seemingly forgotten about Detroit Michigan.  Where the entire city is in shambles, lead in the water, poverty through the roof and crime rising.  Eminem doesn’t seem to understand that his entire neighborhood is Democratically ran, Democratically managed, that the system and the subsidies are in place as a form of modern day slavery, in an effort to keep people complacent, to keep them down, to keep things in disarray, to maintain the next cycles vote.  Instead of using his obviously intellectual mind that is filled with every word and syllable imaginable, Eminem does what Eminem has always done, and he went after President Donald Trump and drew a line.  He drew a line in the digital sand and called him and anyone that voted for or supports him a bitch.  Eminem doesn’t even know it yet, but the only bitch right now is the city of Detroit (and other high crime, high poverty Democratically ran cities), whose the ultimate bitch to the politicians who just keep taking and suppressing and using manipulative tactics to keep his 8-mile family and folk down.  Maybe one day he’ll realize just how big of a scumbag he was/is and how much opportunity he squandered utilizing his lyrics in ineffective and mundane manners.  #MAGA

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  MGK needs to go after Eminems daughter, mother, unknown father, and continue to keep the pressure on him.  He can ride Eminem for a while because Eminem is highly impulsive and will come screeching out of the woodworks like a little gutter rat chasing after a piece of dirty cheese.


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